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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 6. P. 1812-1817.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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Chronotope as Means of Fiction Prose Subjectivization (Based on Virginia Woolf’s Novel "To the Lighthouse")

Belozerova Nataliya Vladimirovna, Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna, Lugovoi Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
St. Petersburg University of the State Border Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

Mordovian State Pedagogical University named after M. E. Evsevyev

St. Petersburg Law Institute (Branch) of the University of the Prosecut
Submitted: 13.05.2022
Abstract. The aim of the article is to consider the genesis and development of the "chronotope" notion definition in natural sciences and the humanities, the relationship of its elements in literary criticism. The paper reveals the significance of the subjective measurement of the space-time coordinate system in the structure of the chronotope embodied in the literature of the "stream of consciousness". The scientific novelty of the research lies in studying the means of constructing a model of the world in literary characters’ minds by the example of Virginia Woolf’s novel "To the Lighthouse", on the basis of which the most characteristic means for the writer’s idiostyle are determined revealing the observer’s subjective position in the novel (the use of lexico-semantic fields, internal monologue, polylogue, grammatical tense, etc.). As a result, it is proved that the ways of embodying the opposition associated with the concept of time are eternal/transient, the use of such stylistic means as symbolism, the use of a figurative code, allusion allow Virginia Woolf to construct a special chronotope of consciousness.
Key words and phrases: хронотоп, поток сознания, пространство, время, точка зрения, chronotope, stream of consciousness, space, time, point of view
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