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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 6.
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I. A. Bunin and the Journal "Sovremennye zapiski": On the History of Publication of "The Life of Arseniev"
Azarov Yuri Alexeevich
1707-1711 Philological Sciences
Benvenuto Cellini’s Image in I. A. Brodsky’s Supertextual Unity
Buraia Mariia Anatol’evna
1712-1717 Philological Sciences
Role of Narrator as Key Instance in Dramatic Events Development in Fiction Text
Wijdan Adnan Mohammed
1718-1724 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Family Theme Refraction in Author-Narrator’s Creative Mind in N. V. Gogol’s "Dead Souls"
Zhavoronkova Maria Yurievna
1725-1730 Philological Sciences
Ethnography of the Orient in N. A. Baykov’s Works by the Example of Zoomorphic Images, Sacred Loci and Mythological Chronotope (on the Issue of Preserving Traditions in the Context of Migration Processes in the Russian Far East)
Kirillova Elena Olegovna
1731-1743 Philological Sciences
"Bashkir Text" in S. P. Zlobin’s Prose
Kulsarina Irena Galinurovna, Rad Elsa Anisovna
1744-1748 Philological Sciences
Metaphors of Movement in Narrative Structure of Works from the Collection "In Search of the Truth" by Ya. V. Abramov
Monakhov Alexander Aleksandrovich
1749-1754 Philological Sciences
Clothing as Polyfunctional Element in M. A. Sholokhov’s Novel "And Quiet Flows the Don"
Plaksitskaya Nataliya Aleksandrovna, Kutafina Yulia Nikolaevna, Zaitseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna
1755-1760 Philological Sciences
Analysis of Village Description in the Story "Mitya’s Love" by I. A. Bunin from the Point of View of "Heterotopia" Spatial Theory
Peng Yongyu, Chen Hui
1761-1766 Philological Sciences
R. I. Rozhdestvensky’s Poem "Waiting (Woman’s Monologue)": Philosophical Categories of Love and Happiness
Sipkina Nina Yakovlevna
1767-1771 Philological Sciences
Metaphysical Conflict Evolution in Ivan Vyrypaev’s Dramaturgy
Spirina Kristina Stanislavovna
1772-1777 Philological Sciences
Hafiz Shirazi in Rasul Gamzatov’s Creative Work
Alibekova Patimat Magomedovna
1778-1782 Philological Sciences
Elements of Androcentrism in Modern Karachai Poetry (by the Material of M. Duraev’s Creative Work)
Berberova Liana Burkhanovna
1783-1788 Philological Sciences
Ideological Transformations in Evenki Folklore in the 20-60s of the XX Century
Varlamov Alexander Nikolaevich
1789-1795 Philological Sciences
A. Teppeev’s Innovative Searches in the Novella Genre (by the Material of the Novella "A Nine-Day Trip")
Sarbasheva Alena Mustafaevna
1796-1801 Philological Sciences
Peritext Role in Strengthening Naki Isanbet’s Authority in Society
Khabutdinova Mileusha Mukhametsyanovna
1802-1806 Philological Sciences
Artistic Understanding of "Bondage" Theme in Dilya Bulgakova’s Stories
Khaliullina Albina Gabitovna
1807-1811 Philological Sciences
Chronotope as Means of Fiction Prose Subjectivization (Based on Virginia Woolf’s Novel "To the Lighthouse")
Belozerova Nataliya Vladimirovna, Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna, Lugovoi Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
1812-1817 Philological Sciences
Narrator’s Technique in J. Heller’s Novel "Catch-22": Impartiality, Illusion and Contrast
Gevorkyan Silva Samvelovna
1818-1824 Philological Sciences
Creative Reception of O. Wilde's Masculine-Feminine Gender Dichotomy in T. Stoppard’s Play "The Invention of Love"
Markova Alyona Igorevna, Merkulova Mayya Gennadievna
1825-1829 Philological Sciences
Adventurous and Magical Discourse in the Novel "Metamorphoses, or The Golden Ass" by Lucius Apuleius
Samarin Dmitry Alexandrovich
1830-1834 Philological Sciences
History Remythologisation in Geoffrey Girard’s Novel "Truthers"
Shalagina Olga Vadimovna
1835-1839 Philological Sciences
Classification of Parallelism of Tang Quatrains Containing Five Syllables in a Line according to the Direction of Parallel Fragments
Skvortsov Arseny Vladimirovich
1840-1848 Philological Sciences
Manifestation of the Extreme in Russian Linguoculture: An Analytical Review
Klyushina Alena Mikhailovna
1849-1855 Philological Sciences
Elite Linguistic Personality: Background of the Issue
Arefeva Anna Mikhailovna
1856-1860 Philological Sciences
Features of Semantisation of Dialect Lexical Units (by the Material of the "Dictionary of Russian Subdialects of the Amur River Region")
Korobova Victoria Nikolaevna
1861-1866 Philological Sciences
Synonymy in Oil and Gas Business Terminology of the Modern Russian Language
May Chan Myae Zaw, Alpatova Polina Nikolaevna
1867-1871 Philological Sciences
Association Field of the HEALTH Concept in the Language Consciousness of Students during the Pandemic
Salnikova Vera Vladimirovna, Kudisova Elena Andreevna
1872-1876 Philological Sciences
Ambivalent Evaluativity of Russian Vocabulary: The Lexeme "интеллигент" against the Background of the Chinese Language
Yang Haiyan, Vasilieva Galina Mikhailovna
1877-1882 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities and Ways of Word Formation of Representatives of the Concepts ХУЖЬ (WHITE), ПЛЪЫЖЬ (RED), ГЪУЭЖЬ (YELLOW) in the Kabardino-Circassian Language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna, Oshroeva Karina Vyacheslavovna
1883-1886 Philological Sciences
Structure and Semantics of Causative Forms -тыр and -т in the Khakass Language
Kyzlasova Inga Ludovikovna
1887-1892 Philological Sciences
Social Markedness of Words with Specific Meanings in the Tatar Language of the Late ХIХ - Early ХХ Century (Thematic Group "Human Being")
Mirkhayev Rifat Firdinatovich
1893-1897 Philological Sciences
Current State and Trend of Plural Noun Formant Unification in the Abaza Language
Pazov Sergey Umarovich, Pazova Lilia Kashifovna
1898-1904 Philological Sciences
Representation of Value Dominants in English Lexical Formations with Focus Seme REALITY and Their Translation into Russian (Based on A. Murdoch’s "The Bell")
Zhirova Irina Grigorievna, Dmitrieva Olga Petrovna, Anashkina Elena Valer’evna
1905-1912 Philological Sciences
English-Language Influence on the Process of New Words Emergence in the Modern German Language (Based on Dictionaries of Neologisms Related to the Coronavirus Pandemic Theme)
Ivanchenko Tatiana Anatolevna
1913-1919 Philological Sciences
Black Humour in Informal Academic Discourse (by the Material of the Modern German Language)
Kuzovnikova Ekaterina Gennadyevna, Nefedova Lyubov Arkadyevna
1920-1926 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Hypertext Transitions in the Online News Polytext Narrative (by the Material of Web Versions of English-Language Newspapers)
Paramonova Marina Ilyinichna
1927-1934 Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Features and Cognitive-Pragmatic Potential of Neological Names in Women’s Cosmetics Advertising (Based on the German Language)
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
1935-1941 Philological Sciences
Linguocognitive Means of Manipulation in English-Language Media Texts
Ryabukha Olga Vladimirovna, Shlopakova Daria Leonidovna
1942-1947 Philological Sciences
Features of Terminological Abbreviation in English Scientific and Technical Text
Shaglanova Elena Andreevna, Badmaeva Elena Sodnomovna, Chepak Olga Aleksandrovna
1948-1953 Philological Sciences
Ways of Adding New Words to the Vocabulary of the English Language in 2021 and 2022 (by the Material of the Electronic Dictionary "Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary"): Word-Formation and Lexico-Semantic Features
Sheveleva Irina Alexandrovna, Mitina Olga Alexeevna
1954-1958 Philological Sciences
Role of Precedent Anthroponyms in the Evaluation of the Political Elite (by the Material of the Modern French Press)
Telegina Victoria Alexandrovna
1959-1962 Philological Sciences
Structure of Thematic Sphere "Computer Technologies" in the Russian and English Languages (Based on Specialized Lexicographic Sources)
Balashova Darya Yurievna
1963-1968 Philological Sciences
Redirected Aggression as a Disruptive Tactics in Pedagogical Discourse
Volkova Yana Aleksandrovna, Panchenko Nadezhda Nickolaevna
1969-1974 Philological Sciences
Specifics of Image and Text Interaction in Creolized Meme (by the Example of Memes Based on the Harry Potter Film Cycle)
Vorobets Tatyana Alekseevna, Gerdt Elena Valerievna, Lobkova Elena Vladimirovna
1975-1981 Philological Sciences
Particularities of the Use of Deictic Gestures in the Evasion Strategy
Isaeva Snezhana Nikolaevna
1982-1986 Philological Sciences
Lexical and Grammatical Means of Reducing Speech Impact Intensity in Russian- and English-Language Socio-Political Debates
Kulabukhov Nikita Vladimirovich
1987-1993 Philological Sciences
Structure, Functioning and Language Realization of Artistic Fractals in Robert Irwin’s Novel "The Arabian Nightmare"
Linnichenko Svetlana Igorevna
1994-2000 Philological Sciences
Hyper-Hyponymic Relations in Computer Linguistics Terminology
Polshchykova Olga Nikolaevna
2001-2005 Philological Sciences
Realisation of the Linguocultural Type "Physician-Surgeon" in the Russian Linguistic Consciousness (by the Material of Internet Comments)
Rostovtseva Svetlana Andreevna
2006-2011 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Means of Implementing Attractiveness in Pretext Formations (Based on the French and Russian Languages)
Ryanskaya Elvira Michailovna, Fomenko Elena Andreevna
2012-2016 Philological Sciences
Mixed Texts: Creolised vs Polycode vs Multimodal
Sabadin Santos Talaveira Medina Jo?o Paulo
2017-2023 Philological Sciences
G. D. Grebenshchikov’s Epistemic-Cognitive Thesaurus as a Part of the Eurasian Cultural and Linguistic Space
Khrebtova Tatiana Sergeevna
2024-2028 Philological Sciences
Terminological Problems, Definition and Characteristics of Discursive Markers (by the Material of the English Language)
Eshieva Tanzila Zaynalbekovna, Tasueva Seda Isaevna
2029-2033 Philological Sciences
Strategies and Tactics of Translating Gastronomic Guides: Communicative and Functional Approach (by the Material of the Russian and English Languages)
Mamedov Said Zaurovich, Bolotin Yuri Evgenyevich
2034-2039 Philological Sciences
Difficulties in Translating Legal Terms in the Texts of "General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Sale" (by the Material of English to Russian Translation)
Radikova Tanzilya Insafovna, Tretyakova Maria Vladimirovna
2040-2045 Philological Sciences
Typology of Mistakes in Audiovisual Translation of Subtitles from English into Russian
Rozhkov Roman Aleksandrovich, Zubkova Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Fedorova Irina Kimovna
2046-2050 Philological Sciences
Metaphors of the Ancient Chinese Philosophical Text "The Analects" by Confucius and the Particularities of Their Translation into Russian
Chen Liang
2051-2055 Philological Sciences
Gender-Marked Asymmetry in the Russian and Chinese Languages
Yao Xiaoyi
2056-2061 Philological Sciences
Didactic Potential of Using Multimedia Visual Aids When Learning a Foreign Language in the Classroom and Independently (by the Material of the Multilevel Textbook "Cutting Edge")
Semerdzhidi Valentina Nikolaevna
2062-2066 Pedagogical Sciences
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