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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 11.
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Semantic and functional parametrisation of the idio-xenonymic set “казак – Cossack” (based on the material of British and Russian lexicographic sources and mass-media discourse)
Matveyeva Anna Anatolyevna
3633-3640 Philological Sciences
Software tools for creating and analyzing a text data bank of short electronic messages from social network users
Loginova Alina Olegovna, Gorozhanov Alexey Ivanovich, Aleynikova Darya Viktorovna
3641-3647 Philological Sciences
Reflection of the peculiarities of the semantic structure of ancient colour names in the evolution of the semantics of the Common Slavic colour terms *bronъ and *polvъ
Kozhemyakova Ekaterina Arkadevna, Kornilov Gennadiy Emelyanovich, Gubanov Aleksey Rafailovich, Demirag Diana Nyailevna
3648-3652 Philological Sciences
Russian proverbs in contemporary speech: Towards a concept of comprehensive lexicographic representation
Nikitina Tatiana Gennadievna
3653-3658 Philological Sciences
Discourse markers of the credibility category in English-language news media texts
Syresina Irina Olegovna
3659-3664 Philological Sciences
The text of memoirs as an expression of the author’s linguistic personality (by the example of I. G. Tinin’s memoirs)
Gorban Oksana Anatolyevna
3665-3673 Philological Sciences
Means of implementing the category of dialogue in the epistolary text of the second half of the 18th century
Petrukhina Anastasia Vladimirovna
3674-3681 Philological Sciences
Conceptualization of exile as a primary form of punishment in the Old English linguocultural tradition
Komkova Anastasiya Sergeevna, Anikina Anna Aleksandrovna
3682-3688 Philological Sciences
The philosophical problem of language in the novels by Walker Percy
Nikulina Alla Konstantinovna
3689-3695 Philological Sciences
Literary mystifications and the authorial use of numerals
Zenkov Andrei Viacheslavovich
3696-3709 Philological Sciences
Functions of quoted and reported speech in scientific discourse: The results of a corpus study
Chepurnaya Alena Ivanovna, Kartavtseva Irina Vasilyevna
3710-3713 Philological Sciences
Artistic aesthetics of socialist realism in Zh. Zalikhanov’s creative work
Bazieva Gulfiya Djamalovna
3714-3719 Philological Sciences
Identifying intonation features and politeness strategies in classroom language
Ivanova Julia Evgenievna, Mikhaleva Elena Igorevna
3720-3728 Philological Sciences
Linguistic features of the speech portrait of an American showman
Maletina Oxana Andreevna, Yakovlev Alexander Olegovich
3729-3734 Philological Sciences
Linguostylistic features of Hieroschemamonk Macarius of Optina’s spiritual letters
Kozheko Anna Vladimirovna
3735-3744 Philological Sciences
Transboundary dynamics of the English-language military discourse during the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine
Lupanova Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna, Balkanov Il’ya Vladimirovich
3745-3750 Philological Sciences
Linguistic features of creating the environmental attractiveness of goods (based on the material of Spanish and English)
Varlamova Olga Nikolaevna, Polyakova Alina Dmitrievna
3751-3759 Philological Sciences
Formal variation of the terms describing human infectious diseases (based on the material of the English language)
Khanina Kseniia Andreevna
3760-3765 Philological Sciences
Life and creative work of Pan Yue in the context of his “Rhapsody on the Mouth Organ”
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
3766-3777 Philological Sciences
The genesis of the battlefield image in the poetic batalistics of the Patriotic War of 1812
Potashova Ksenia Alekseevna
3778-3784 Philological Sciences
A. P. Chekhov: pro et contra. Vol. 4. Contemporary Research Aspects (2000-2020), an anthology / compiled, the introduction article, commentary by I. N. Sukhikh. St. Petersburg: RKHGA Publishing House, 2022. 800 p. (Russian Way): Book review
Skibina Olga Mikhailovna
3785-3787 Philological Sciences
The motif of miracle in the novels by F. M. Dostoevsky, I. S. Shmelev and A. F. Losev
Korneev Aleksander Vladimirovich
3788-3794 Philological Sciences
Perceptual space in the short story “Lieutenant Yergunov’s Story” by I. S. Turgenev
Ji Huixin
3795-3800 Philological Sciences
German idiomatic expressions with the names of countries, nationalities and languages: Structural-semantic and linguoculturological features
Briskina Elena Viktorovna
3801-3808 Philological Sciences
Indirect object models in the language of Old Turkic runic monuments
Kamalova Shahnaz Novruz gızı
3809-3815 Philological Sciences
Multifunctionality of the objective world of N. Musin’s novel “The Eternal Forest”
Abdullina Amina Shakiryanovna, Lysova Olga Vasilyevna, Nigmatullina Leysan Anderzyanovna
3816-3820 Philological Sciences
Features of verbal phraseological units in the Ingush language
Ausheva El’za Alikhanovna, Gandaloeva Aza Zakreevna
3821-3826 Philological Sciences
Comparison as a means of linguistic representation of the image of the country (based on the material of W. Koeppen’s work “Nach Russland und anderswohin”)
Panevina Irina Grigoryevna
3827-3836 Philological Sciences
The origins of development and the current state of Turkic mythonymy: A systematic review
Gilazova Guzaliya Sayfullovna, Demirag Diana Nyailevna, Danilov Andrey Anatolyevich, Isaev Yuri Nikolaevich
3837-3843 Philological Sciences
Precedent names and their role in creating the character of Ruth Morse in J. London’s novel “Martin Eden”
Karpukhina Tamara Petrovna, Evseeva Elizaveta Yurievna
3844-3852 Philological Sciences
Linguistic representation of the features of national mentality in a comparative aspect (Russian-German parallels)
Bojkova Irina Borissovna
3853-3859 Philological Sciences
The English-language linguocultural scenario “Legal systems”: The structural and semantic characteristics of linguistic units
Belyakova Ol’ga Vladimirovna, Shchukina Galina Olegovna
3860-3866 Philological Sciences
Objects as manifestations of the sacred and the demonic in Dostoevsky’s works
Kovalevskaya Tatyana Vyacheslavovna
3867-3872 Philological Sciences
Digitalization of Chinese characters: Classification of input methods and user preferences
Guruleva Tatiana Leonidovna, Abdrakhmanova Alina Railevna
3873-3880 Philological Sciences
The spiritual space of the Nilo-Sorsky Monastery in the book “Journey to the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery...” by S. P. Shevyrev
Alexandrova-Osokina Olga Nikolaevna, Wang You Juan
3881-3887 Philological Sciences
Extension of a standard balanced linguistic corpus built according to spaCy rules by connotative characteristics
Gorozhanov Alexey Ivanovich
3888-3893 Philological Sciences
The style-generating function of phraseological units in the novel “Onka” by G. I. Klimovskaya
Baklanova Elena Alekseevna
3894-3902 Philological Sciences
Peculiarities of wordplay in modern Samara ergonyms of the “Recreation and entertainment” sphere
Khokhlova Anna Alekseevna
3903-3908 Philological Sciences
Functional potential of expressive language means in the English-language scientific and technical text
Varlakova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Goncharova Maria Vyacheslavovna, Spiridonova Valentina Aleksandrovna
3909-3914 Philological Sciences
Analysis of intersections in the regionally marked vocabulary of the territorial units of Western Siberia
Matveeva Irina Vladimirovna
3915-3923 Philological Sciences
Nostalgic tonality of the source text as a translation problem (based on the material of the French translation of I. A. Bunin’s short story collection “Dark Avenues”)
Tarasova Nadezhda Ivanovna
3924-3931 Philological Sciences
Verbalization of the PAIN and БОЛЬ concepts in the English-language and Russian-language conceptual spheres
Ratushnaia Liudmila Gennadyevna, Kriukova Liudmila Ivanovna
3932-3938 Philological Sciences
Hair symbolism in the Russian wedding folklore of Udmurtia
Tolkacheva Svetlana Viktorovna
3939-3948 Philological Sciences
Features of using the prefixal word-formation model with the meaning of negation ‘contra-’ in the modern discourse of the English language
Pivkin Sergey Dmitrievich, Toptygina Olga Nikolaevna
3949-3955 Philological Sciences
Value meanings of a literary text in the aspect of textual modality (based on the material of A. I. Kuprin’s fairy tale “The Blue Star”)
Kuznetsova Anna Vladimirovna
3956-3962 Philological Sciences
“Rhapsody on the Mouth Organ” by Pan Yue: Music as catharsis
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
3963-3972 Philological Sciences
The prose of Yeremey Aipin: Ethnophilological perspective and historical poetics: monograph / ed. by Doctor in Philology S. A. Komarov. Moscow: Nauka, 2023. 384 p.: Book review
Khazankovich Yulia Gennadievna
3973-3975 Philological Sciences
Prediction of Russia’s future in P. N. Krasnov’s utopia
Azarov Yuri Alexeevich
3976-3980 Philological Sciences
Special aspects of representation of the MIND concept in C. Wilson’s novel “The Mind Parasites”
Petrova Ekaterina Evgenievna, Solntseva Elena Sergeevna
3981-3986 Philological Sciences
Linguodidactic potential of authentic visual meme texts in Russian as a foreign language teaching (by the example of the implementation of the SAINT PETERSBURG linguocultural concept)
Kolomeytseva Ekaterina Borisovna, Matveev Andrei Pavlovich
3987-3998 Pedagogical Sciences
The fable “The Star and the Comet” by V. A. Zhukovsky: The history of the text and meanings
Potashova Ksenia Alekseevna
3999-4005 Philological Sciences
Astyonyms in the songwriting of Mari and Tatars
Khabibullina Flera Yakhyatovna, Ivanova Iraida Gennadievna
4006-4012 Philological Sciences
George Orwell’s nonce words from the novel “1984” translated by Yu. R. Sokolov
Samokhin Ivan Sergeyevich, Nikashina Natalya Viktorovna, Nagornova Ekaterina Valeryevna
4013-4017 Philological Sciences
The lyrical works of Amable Tastu in a typological aspect
Pinkovskiy Vitaly Ivanovich
4018-4025 Philological Sciences
Functioning and semantic features of lexemes with the root -dol/duel- in the French language from the 12th to the 15th centuries
Solovieva Maria Vladimirovna, Grefenstein Sofia Aleksandrovna
4026-4032 Philological Sciences
Pluralization as a tendency in the development of grammatical norm (based on the example of appositions’ functioning expressed by toponyms)
Kuznetsova Svetlana Mikhailovna
4033-4037 Philological Sciences
Formation of the terminology of English-language dental implantology: An interdisciplinary approach
Abregova Alla Vladimirovna, Kenetova Rita Bilyalovna
4038-4048 Philological Sciences
Ways of preserving the aesthetic impact when translating the authorial style (linguistic study of a German text)
Orbodoeva Larisa Matveevna
4049-4053 Philological Sciences
Motifs and images of F. M. Dostoevsky in the novel “Cold White Sun” by the Jordanian writer Kafa Al-Zou’bi
Zarytovskaya Victoria Nikolaevna
4054-4061 Philological Sciences
Ethnic stereotypes in the materials of the CNN website in 2011-2022
Ma Tatyana Yurievna, Belan Darya Andreyevna
4062-4069 Philological Sciences
The professional jargon of the American military personnel in a gender aspect
Romanov Alexander Sergeevich, Babushkina Elena Vasilievna
4070-4075 Philological Sciences
Prefixation as a method of forming military terms (based on the material of the Finnish language)
Boiko Boris Leonidovich, Mironenko Anton Gennad’evich
4076-4081 Philological Sciences
The story “Where Sukpai Runs” by Jansi Kimonko from the point of view of ethnology: A view from the 21st century
Fetisova Lidia Evguenievna
4082-4088 Philological Sciences
Metatext of a beatnik “autobiographic text” (Jack Kerouac’s “Big Sur”)
Zhilyakov Nikita Alexandrovich, Dotsenko Elena Georgievna
4089-4096 Philological Sciences
Substandard as a marker of communicative intention in Francophone Internet discourse
Ageeva Anastasia Vladimirovna
4097-4102 Philological Sciences
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