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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 12.
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Syntax features of German frontline (archival) documents
Baykova Olga Vladimirovna, Bukharov Valery Mikhailovich, Zhilina Yulia Sergeevna
4103-4109 Philological Sciences
Expeditionary activity of A. S. Lukovtsev on the research work “Hunting and fishing terms of the Yakut language”
Borisova Yuliya Mikhailovna
4110-4115 Philological Sciences
Allusive proper names as a means for expressing content-related and subtext information in English-language literary texts (based on the text of the novel “The Magus” by John Fowles)
Ananyina Marina Aleksandrovna
4116-4123 Philological Sciences
The category of comparison as an object of linguistic research: A theoretical and analytical review
Atlashova Irina Andreevna, Klyushina Alena Mikhailovna
4124-4132 Philological Sciences
Addressing as a manifestation of dialogicity in N. N. Evseev’s lyrical poetry
Gizhe Elena Dmitrievna, Zheltova Natalia Yurievna
4133-4138 Philological Sciences
Vladimir Mayakovsky in the journalistic writings of the Harbin poet Vasily Loginov
Loshchilov Igor Evgenjevich
4139-4144 Philological Sciences
Intermedial techniques of representing an artist’s image in the stories “Glittering Pie” by H. Miller and “A Working Day” by Ch. Bukowski
Markovnenkov Dmitry Victorovich
4145-4152 Philological Sciences
Axiological conflict as a potential trigger for the discourse practice of cancel culture (based on the updated dictionary entries “woman” / “man” in the Cambridge Dictionary (2022))
Dubinina Irina Ivanovna
4153-4159 Philological Sciences
The ЦIЫХУХЪУ (MAN) concept in the Adyghe linguistic worldview
Kodzokova Zareta Valerievna
4160-4165 Philological Sciences
Russian urbanonymy and its lexicographic representation: Problems and prospects
Razumov Roman Viktorovich
4166-4171 Philological Sciences
Methods of artistic cognition of American postmodern poets
Linnichenko Svetlana Igorevna
4172-4182 Philological Sciences
The novel “Valkyrie, or The One I’m Always Waiting For” by M. V. Semyonova as a folklorized quest
Akhmedzianova Almira Rashidovna
4183-4188 Philological Sciences
Contrast and contradiction and the ways of their expression in English and Bulgarian proverbs
Ershova Nadezhda Borisovna
4189-4196 Philological Sciences
The semantics of unity in the ethnopolitical media discourse (based on the material of the official Telegram channels of government bodies and civil servants of the Russian Federation)
Golikov Leonid Mikhailovich
4197-4202 Philological Sciences
Deviant female images in Charles Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations” (based on the example of the first meeting with Miss Havisham and Estella)
He Jiafu
4203-4207 Philological Sciences
Poetics of everyday life in the creative work of S. Dovlatov
Anisimova Alexandra Naumovna, Efremova Yulia Ivanovna
4208-4212 Philological Sciences
Haptemic attraction in the textual informative code of a cognitive script (based on the material of the novels “Inferno” by D. Brown and “Black Water Lilies” by M. Bussi)
Ogneva Elena Anatolievna, Beketova Alina Olegovna
4213-4219 Philological Sciences
Linguistic features of representation of the value orientations of Russian and American youth in social networks
Patrusheva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Kamensky Mikhail Vasilevich, Kalinovskaya Elena Aleksandrovna
4220-4225 Philological Sciences
Pre-metric units of length in the works of Russian and German writers and their translation
Gataullina Veronika Lyubimovna, Nikolaeva Nataliya Gennadyevna
4226-4232 Philological Sciences
The mystery of (non)Russian names in the novel “Futility: A Novel on Russian Themes” by William Gerhardie
Koroleva Svetlana Borisovna, Kovaleva Marina Yurievna
4233-4240 Philological Sciences
Typological parallels in the aesthetics of Ivan Goncharov and Søren Kierkegaard
Ivanova Irina Nikolaevna, Kuznecov Artyom Vladimirovich
4241-4247 Philological Sciences
The cognitive strategy of laudation in the advertising tourism narrative
Men’shikova Ekaterina Evgen’evna
4248-4254 Philological Sciences
Semantics of phraseological units as an object of psycholinguistic description (by the example of set expressions from ancient Greek myths with a proper name component)
Rudakova Alexandra Vladimirovna
4255-4261 Philological Sciences
“Native Land” by A. I. Sofronov and “River” by A. E. Kulakovsky: Literary translations in the formation of Yakut poetry
Romanova Lidia Nikolaevna
4262-4270 Philological Sciences
Formation of newly scripted Yukaghir literature in the context of the literary process of Yakutia in the 1930s
Okhlopkova Zhanna Valerievna
4271-4276 Philological Sciences
Representation of the legal concept of PROBATION in English legal terminology
Druzhininskaya Olga Vasil’evna, Titova Olya Zokirovna
4277-4282 Philological Sciences
Ways of implicit expression of the emotion of discontent and the speech act of accusation in the English-language advertising discourse in the context of brand confrontation
Shuyskaya Yuliya Viktorovna, Drozdova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
4283-4288 Philological Sciences
Precedent names of Soviet politicians in the poetic texts of T. Yu. Kibirov
Reznikov Daniil Romanovich, Parshina Olga Dmitrievna
4289-4296 Philological Sciences
Identification of possible translation solutions based on comparative stylistic studies (using the material of English and Russian parallel newspaper texts)
Abdulmanova Adelia Khamitovna, Vyunova Ekaterina Kirillovna, Lekomtseva Irina Alekseevna
4297-4304 Philological Sciences
System of discursive concepts of Taiwanese reality. Creating a short glossary
Kurdyumov Vladimir Anatolievich
4305-4316 Philological Sciences
The precedent name “A. S. Makarenko” as a value unit of F. A. Vigdorova’s anthroponymicon (based on the material of the trilogy “This Is My Home”, “Road to Life”, “Chernigovka”)
Kulicheva Evgeniya Viacheslavovna
4317-4323 Philological Sciences
Onomasiological characteristics of zoonyms in New Zealand lexical substandard
Trifanova Svetlana Sergeevna, Titova Olya Zokirovna
4324-4329 Philological Sciences
Collocability of the word будущее (the future) as a linguocognitive tool for studying the figurative semantics of a poetic concept
Khalikova Natalia Vladimirovna, Shatalova Olga Viktorovna
4330-4336 Philological Sciences
Remythologization in the 20th and the 21st century and its role in understanding the nature of modern myth (based on news texts in the English-language media)
Kuligina Ekaterina Alekseevna
4337-4343 Philological Sciences
Linguistic means of stereotyping Russia and Russians in German mass media texts
Shamanskaya Maria Anatolyevna, Sharmanova Oksana Sergeevna
4344-4350 Philological Sciences
Culture and linguoculture codes: A theoretical review
Savitskij Vladimir Mikhailovich, Cherkassova Elena Valeryevna
4351-4358 Philological Sciences
Consideration of extralinguistic factors in interpreting (by the example of a speech by the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron in French and its translation into Russian)
Spynu Larisa Mikhailovna
4359-4363 Philological Sciences
Lexico-semantic explication of the notional component of the conceptual triad MERCY – INDIFFERENCE – CRUELTY in Russian and English
Klepalchenko Igor Alekseevich, Osadchaia Olga Nikolaevna
4364-4370 Philological Sciences
Nart epic in Ossetian children’s drama: Specificity of inter-genre interaction
Britaeva Angela Borisovna
4371-4376 Philological Sciences
Role of project activities in the professional development of philologists – future native language and literature teachers (by the example of the Mordovian State Pedagogical University)
Naldeeva Olga Ivanovna, Naturalnova Galina Andreevna
4377-4382 Pedagogical Sciences
Comparative characteristics of the Kubachi and Itsari lects of the Dargin area: Phonetic data
Mutalov Rasul Osmanovich
4383-4388 Philological Sciences
Quantifier signs in the pandemic discourse (based on English-language publications on the coronavirus epidemic)
Lavrukhina Anastacia Vitalievna
4389-4395 Philological Sciences
Theonymic vocabulary of the Ossetian language
Takazov Fedar Magometovich
4396-4401 Philological Sciences
Intertextual and interdiscursive nature of well wishes with the component ‘желаю’ (I wish)
Kremshokalova Marina Chaflenovna, Bizheva Zara Chagimuratovna, Gelyastanova Asiyat Lvovna
4402-4406 Philological Sciences
Teaching foreign language communicative grammar to students in non-linguistic training programs: Problems and solutions
Khafizova Leysan Yunusovna
4407-4412 Pedagogical Sciences
The GI ethos as a part of the US cultural code (as exemplified by precedent texts of the military sublanguage)
Romanov Alexander Sergeevich, Dmitry Vladimirovich Balaganov, Muravleva Valeria Romanovna
4413-4420 Philological Sciences
Structural and compositional features of parallel fragments in Du Fu’s poems “Night in the Chambers” and “I Heard That the Imperial Troops Had Returned the Territories Located North and South of the Yellow River”
Skvortsov Arseny Vladimirovich, Shtennikova Dar’ya Vital’evna
4421-4432 Philological Sciences
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