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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 4. P. 989-995.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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“A disoriented individual”, or “A hero of his time” in the literature of the late XX century

Klimova Tamara Yurievna
Irkutsk State University

Submitted: 08.02.2023
Abstract. The research aims to describe the historical dynamics of development and the semantic content of the “hero of his time” archetype in the literature of the XX century. The scientific novelty of the paper consists in recording the conditions and patterns of projecting the name of Lermontov’s archetype onto the present, in systematising and clarifying the modern ideas about the structure of the literary image, as well as in identifying the boundaries of the variability of the “hero of the time” archetype. Considering the series of the images “Pechorin – Zilov – Lyova Odoevtsev – Petrovich”, the author of the paper highlights ambiguous complexity, giftedness, the ability for continuous revelatory self-reflection in the absence of desire and incentive to change something in himself and the surrounding world as the identifying features of the character type. The research findings have shown that the “hero of the crossroads”, having kept the core of his personality unchanged, has undergone a number of historically contingent transformations of his image and is evolving towards expanding the boundaries of what is permitted: Pechorin runs away from public morality, Zilov cynically exposes its failure, Odoevtsev covers up his infantilism with a noble origin, Petrovich justifies bloodshed with literary plots.
Key words and phrases: русская литература конца ХХ века, герой своего времени, А. Вампилов, А. Битов, В. Маканин, Russian literature of the late XX century, hero of his time, A. Vampilov, A. Bitov, V. Makanin
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