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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 4.
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Perception in V. Nabokov’s short prose (on the material of the stories “The Return of Chorb” and “The Potato Elf”)
Bazhanova Elena Anatolevna
983-988 Philological Sciences
“A disoriented individual”, or “A hero of his time” in the literature of the late XX century
Klimova Tamara Yurievna
989-995 Philological Sciences
Literary representation of an autistic teenager’s consciousness in the modern national prose for teenagers
Svitenko Natalya Viatcheslavovna
996-999 Philological Sciences
Image of Marianne Coulagot in the context of the theme of Russia in V. P. Aksyonov’s novel “The Burn”
Ulyanova Anna Vladimirovna
1000-1007 Philological Sciences
Image of Chinese poetry in V. Pereleshin’s translations
Jia Yongning
1008-1015 Philological Sciences
Female characters in V. M. Shukshin’s prose
Shao Sijia
1016-1021 Philological Sciences
Synthesis of Eastern and Chuvash poetic traditions in the poetry of Peder Yakkusen
Sofronova Irina Vladimirovna, Vladimirova Olga Gennadiyevna
1022-1027 Philological Sciences
Genres of Denis Diderot’s literary works: Essays, dialogues, tales, literary essays
Gerasimova Svetlana Anatolievna
1028-1037 Philological Sciences
N. Abgaryan’s novel “Three Apples Fell from the Sky”: An attempt at discourse analysis
Kuchukova Zukhra Akhmetovna, Dalieva Eset Khusejnovna, Dolgieva Madina Borisovna
1038-1043 Philological Sciences
Intermedial markers in the transformation of characters’ images (on the material of T. L. Peacock’s novel “Gryll Grange”)
Merkulova Mayya Gennadievna, Pudova Olga Alexandrovna
1044-1049 Philological Sciences
Artistic originality of M. Ravenhill’s monodrama “The Experiment”
Tropina Natalia Alekseevna
1050-1055 Philological Sciences
Specifics of realisation of the motif “apotheosis” in E. O’Neill’s play “The Emperor Jones”
Fedorenko Olga Yaroslavovna
1056-1061 Philological Sciences
“Female initiation” in G. Martin’s novel “A Game of Thrones”
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna, Safronova Arina Igorevna
1062-1066 Philological Sciences
Poetry as the overcoming of death in the essayistics of F. Werfel and E. Canetti
Shastina Elena Michailovna, Seibel Nataliya Eduardovna
1067-1071 Philological Sciences
Abakumova O. B. Linguoculturological aspects of translation (based on the material of the Russian and English languages). Oryol: Oryol State University named after I. S. Turgenev; Kartush, 2022. 120 p.: Book Review
Izotova Anna Alexandrovna
1073-1075 Philological Sciences
Semantic field “Anti-politeness” and its manifestation in online communication
Wang Yue, Goncharova Liubov Markovna
1076-1081 Philological Sciences
Internet slang in virtual communication as a linguistic phenomenon
Guo Jingyi
1082-1088 Philological Sciences
Gender specifics of the MILITARY MAN associative field in the non-professional Russian linguistic consciousness
Prokudina Irina Sergeevna, Kuks Anna Victorovna
1089-1097 Philological Sciences
Functional-semantic status of the verbal prefix пред- in the linguistic consciousness of native speakers of the Russian language (in the comparative aspect of corpus and psycholinguistic research)
Serysheva Yuliya Vacheslavovna, Sukhorukova Yuliya Aleksandrovna
1098-1104 Philological Sciences
Diffusiveness of the attributive and statal semantics of the predicative
Toporkov Piotr Yevgenyevich
1105-1109 Philological Sciences
Semantic and functional features of diminutive word formation in women’s speech
Yang Lei
1110-1116 Philological Sciences
Pragmalinguistic and syntactic features of interjections in the Kabardian-Circassian language
Afaunova Andgela Anatolevna
1117-1121 Philological Sciences
Karachay-Balkar microtoponyms with the colourative къызыл ‘red’
Khubolov Sakhadin Magametovich, Tekuev Mussa Maskhutovich, Miziev Akhmat Magometovich
1122-1127 Philological Sciences
Modern Crimean Tatar literary language: Problems of orthology
Emirova Adile Memedovna
1128-1133 Philological Sciences
Euphemisms in the ecological discourse of the modern English language
Basinskaya Maria Vladimirovna
1134-1139 Philological Sciences
Structural and semantic features of linguistic units of the English-language linguocultural scenario “Products”
Belyakova Ol’ga Vladimirovna, Pyrkina Natalia Alexandrovna
1140-1144 Philological Sciences
Features of neologisms translation in the economic discourse of the English language
Vasbieva Dinara Giniyatullovna
1145-1149 Philological Sciences
Structural-semantic ways of gender labelling of legal terms in the United Kingdom and the United States of America
Volgina Elena Valerievna, Lazovskaya Natalya Vladimirovna
1150-1155 Philological Sciences
Manipulation of the interlocutor in business communication situations (based on the material of German cinema)
Gazizov Rafael Arkadjevich, Dilmukhametova Arina Valerjevna
1156-1161 Philological Sciences
Status of the verb ‘mögen’ and its grammatical form ‘möchte’ in German
Egorova Olga Michailovna
1162-1166 Philological Sciences
Micro-field “Wines” of the lexico-semantic field “Food” in E. Hemingway’s work “A Moveable Feast”
Kurenkova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Strekaleva Tatyana Vladimirovna
1167-1173 Philological Sciences
Speech tactics and techniques for the implementation of the strategy of information reveal in the German-language political interview (on the material of the programme “Markus Lanz”)
Lezhnina Anna Sergeevna
1174-1180 Philological Sciences
Realisation of the concessive construction ‘zwar …, aber …’ in oral doctor-patient communication
Osipenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna
1181-1186 Philological Sciences
Functional-semantic and pragmatic specifics of instructional texts in the German language
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
1187-1193 Philological Sciences
Colour signs-symbols in the artistic discourse as components of the cultural semiosphere (on the material of the ethnic literature of the 20th-century USA)
Polshchykova Olga Nikolayevna, Polshchykova Alisa Konstantinovna
1194-1200 Philological Sciences
Verbalisation and structural representation of the phenomenon of “Sustained Development” (on the material of “The Independent” newspaper reports)
Sarkisyan Mariana Robertovna, Davydova Anna Robertovna
1201-1208 Philological Sciences
Discursive markers of the category of addressing in English-language news media texts
Syresina Irina Olegovna, Korzova Elena Nikolaevna, Goldman Anna Vladimirovna
1209-1215 Philological Sciences
Features characterising the lexical units of the terminological system of the special field “Hydrotechnical construction” or “Hydrotechnical engineering”
Galankina Inna Ivanovna, Perfilieva Natalia Vladimirovna
1216-1221 Philological Sciences
Complex anaphor as a structural element of speech and textual strategies (on the material of the German language)
Danilova Elena Romanovna
1222-1228 Philological Sciences
Semiosis in a literary text: Authenticity and irreality
Dzyubenko Anna Igorevna
1229-1235 Philological Sciences
Degree of agnonymity of the word медиация ‘mediation’ in the linguistic consciousness of modern students
Kinderknekht Anna Sergeevna
1236-1241 Philological Sciences
Anti-value categories of English-language neologisms of the business discursive sphere
Krivoruchko Irina Sergeevna
1242-1247 Philological Sciences
Linguo-rhetorical reconstruction of the elocutive strategy of text formation in media texts of turbulent times
Morina (Golyshkina) Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
1248-1254 Philological Sciences
Linguosemiotics of philosophical discourse: The linguistic personality of Baruch Spinoza
Sedykh Arkadiy Petrovich
1255-1263 Philological Sciences
Specific nature of the communication strategies of military-political discourse in the information environment (on the material of the English and Russian languages)
Fedotov Ilia Igorevich, Kovalev Leonid Nikolaevich
1264-1273 Philological Sciences
Means of feedback expression in the German language
Shurupova Tatiana Yurievna
1274-1279 Philological Sciences
Conveying implicit meanings in the translation of Louise Glück’s poetry (on the material of the collection ‘The Wild Iris’)
Ivanova Svetlana Anatolievna, Makhmudova Khilola Erkin kizi
1280-1286 Philological Sciences
Gender identity and issues of political correctness in Chinese linguoculture against the background of the English and Russian languages
Kozhemyakina Valeria Alekseevna
1287-1293 Philological Sciences
Semantic organisation of thesauri of Russian-speaking and English-speaking photographers
Mikhaylova Margarita Andreevna, Ilduganova Gulnara Minshakirovna, Vakhitova Ruzilia Irekovna
1294-1298 Philological Sciences
Phonetic interference in the speech of the Vietnamese studying Russian
Novospasskaya Natalia Viktorovna, Phan Nguyen Hanh
1299-1304 Philological Sciences
Functioning of the Progressive forms of the English verb as an intercultural component of professionally oriented foreign language teaching
Bocharova Marina Nikolaevna
1305-1310 Pedagogical Sciences
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