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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 6.
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The great potential of a small poem by J. Brodsky (“The Jewish cemetery near Leningrad...”)
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Baranova Tatiana Nikolaevna
1645-1650 Philological Sciences
Literary portraits of M. A. Vrubel and M. A. Bulgakov in the creative work of K. G. Paustovsky
Galyas Irina Anatolyevna, Rudenko Zhanetta Anatolyevna
1651-1658 Philological Sciences
Artistic features of I. Lisnyanskaya’s “final” book of poems “Echo” (2005)
Gudkova Svetlana Petrovna, Khozyaikina Anastasiya Vladimirovna
1659-1664 Philological Sciences
Speech portrait of M. Gorky: Stylistic features of written communication in his correspondence with V. Posse (1898-1901)
Karakhanyan Narine Joraevna
1665-1671 Philological Sciences
Specificity of the anti-utopian tradition interpretation in the novella “Nikolai Nikolaevich” by Yuz Aleshkovsky
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Maksinyaev Rishat Ildarovich
1672-1677 Philological Sciences
The range of problems in the story “Behind Us Is Moscow” by the Bashkir prose writer Munir Kunafin
Galina Galima Galimyanovna, Khaliullina Albina Gabitovna
1678-1682 Philological Sciences
The theme of loneliness in Tufan Minnullin’s trilogy
Zakirzyanov Al’fat Magsumzyanovich, Fatkhtdinov Fail Kamilovich, Gabidullina Farida Imamutdinovna
1683-1688 Philological Sciences
Formation of drama genres in the context of genre-mode consciousness development among the first Chuvash writers
Rodionov Vitaly Grigorievich, Kirillova Irina Yurievna
1689-1694 Philological Sciences
Distinctive characteristics of poetry translation in the context of gender differences (based on the works by R. Burns)
Bakhnova Yuliya Anatolievna
1695-1701 Philological Sciences
Subjective narrative in J. Franzen’s novel “Freedom” (2010) in the light of the paradigm of post-postmodernism
Kim Yulia Vitalievna
1702-1706 Philological Sciences
Francis of Assisi: The object of medievalist studies and a literary character
Samarina Marina Sergeyevna
1707-1711 Philological Sciences
Interpretation of the image of dance in F. Nietzsche’s creative work
Solonovich Anna Olegovna
1712-1718 Philological Sciences
The magic of the word of Oskar Loerke: In search of the authenticity of an artistic statement
Melnikova Irina Markovna
1719-1723 Philological Sciences
Ethnolinguistics. Onomastics. Etymology: Proceedings of the 5th international scientific conference (Yekaterinburg, September 7-11, 2022). Yekaterinburg: Ural University Publishing House, 2022. 292 p.: Book review
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
1725-1727 Philological Sciences
Semantics of the actional verbs accompanying words with the root -дом- in F. A. Vigdorova’s idiolect (by the example of 1950s-1960s prose)
Kulicheva Evgeniya Viacheslavovna
1728-1735 Philological Sciences
Non-finite verb taxic forms as a means of simultaneity expression in the Russian language
Lutfullina Gulnara Firdavisovna, Makhmutova Alsu Nigmatyanovna
1736-1740 Philological Sciences
Speech tactics of compliment in the Russian media dialogue (against the background of the Chinese language)
Sboeva Daria Aleksandrovna
1741-1748 Philological Sciences
Phonostylistic argumentation techniques in audio advertising
Fedotova Nina Leonidovna, Yerzheninova Snezhana Vasilievna
1749-1754 Philological Sciences
Comparison of conflicting speech behaviour in a literary text and its film adaptation: The lexico-stylistic aspect
Jazokova Julia
1755-1761 Philological Sciences
Translanguaging as a daily practice (based on the material of Russian-Tatar-Udmurt multilingualism)
Kondrat'eva Natal'ya Vladimirovna, Il'ina Nataliya Vladimirovna
1762-1766 Philological Sciences
Corpus analysis of modal words with the meaning of uncertainty in the English language
Astakhova Tatyana Nikolaevna
1767-1772 Philological Sciences
Structural-semantic characteristics of derivative verbs of motion in the German language
Akhmetova Leysan Atlasovna, Shaimardanova Milyausha Ravilevna
1773-1780 Philological Sciences
Structural and semantic characteristics of compound words in legal discourse (based on the material of the English language)
Belyakova Ol’ga Vladimirovna
1781-1787 Philological Sciences
Pronunciation and identity: Vowel and consonant tendencies in Northern English dialects
Demina Malvina Aleksandrovna
1788-1794 Philological Sciences
Verbal markers of threat in public statements of the English-speaking segment of the social network Twitter
Deeney Irina Anatolyevna, Reshetnyak Daria Alexandrovna, Drozdova Ekaterina Alexandrovna
1795-1800 Philological Sciences
Comparative phraseological units of the German language with a zoonym component (semantic and linguocultural aspects)
Ivanchenko Tatiana Anatolevna
1801-1807 Philological Sciences
Formation of the semantic paradigm of the lexeme ‘Tugend’ in modern German
Lazareva Tatiana Andreevna
1808-1814 Philological Sciences
Features of euphemization in modern ecological discourse (by the example of the German language)
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
1815-1821 Philological Sciences
Functions of precedent phenomena in German-language fictional discourse
Silaeva Ekaterina Mikhailovna
1822-1828 Philological Sciences
Varieties of a German joke about women as a media text
Ukhova Anna Sergeyevna
1829-1836 Philological Sciences
Sports terminology in the popular science text (on the material of the German language)
Filippov Konstantin Anatolievich, Filippova Nina Borisovna
1837-1842 Philological Sciences
Frame analysis of the semantics of German verbs of hearing
Khantimirov Spartak Mubarakshevich
1843-1848 Philological Sciences
The modality of certainty as a modus category of the communicative level (on the material of the English language)
Shakirova Rezeda Dilshatovna, Shcherbakova Irina Alexandrovna
1849-1854 Philological Sciences
Language transformations in the reflection of digital media reality
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Makeeva Marina Nikolaevna, Il’ina Irina Evgen’evna
1855-1861 Philological Sciences
Manipulative concepts and their representation in Joe Biden’s official speeches in 2022-2023
Vlavatskaya Marina Vitalyevna, Porechnaya Olga Georgievna
1862-1868 Philological Sciences
Simple sentence as a means of logical inference representation (on the material of the English language)
Nikitina Irina Nikolaevna, Cherkunova Marina Vladimirovna, Starostina Julia Sergeevna
1869-1875 Philological Sciences
Conceptual organization of technical knowledge as a result of the cognitive semiosis evolution
Novoseletskaya Daria Ilyinichna
1876-1883 Philological Sciences
Linguo-semiotic portrait of the Königsberg hermit: Immanuel Kant
Sedykh Arkadiy Petrovich
1884-1893 Philological Sciences
The pragmalinguistic aspect of a politician’s speech activity by the example of media statements with a humorous effect
Taktarova Anna Valer'evna, Cherkasova Marina Nikolaevna
1894-1900 Philological Sciences
Communicative-pragmatic potential of precedence in a humorous text
Tuova Ruzana Khamedovna
1901-1906 Philological Sciences
Actualization of the connotative component in the structure of a word when creating a humorous effect in an utterance
Cherkasova Elena Valeryevna
1907-1912 Philological Sciences
Semantic differential as a method for studying the image of the Sun in the linguistic consciousness of Chinese and Russian youth
Wang Zhiqiang
1913-1919 Philological Sciences
The problem of interpretation of occasional proper names in T. S. Eliot’s cycle of poems “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” and T. Pratchett’s novel “The Unadulterated Cat” and the peculiarities of their rendering in Russian translations
Vorobets Tatyana Alekseevna, Gerdt Elena Valerievna, Lobkova Elena Vladimirovna
1920-1929 Philological Sciences
The parametric worldview in American and Russian cultures in translation of the names for linear measures: The cognitive and pragmatic aspects
Kulgavova Larisa Vladimirovna
1930-1936 Philological Sciences
Trends in the translation of terms in the field of information technology: A comparative analysis of English-Russian translation dictionaries of different periods (1990 and 2011)
Makhmutova Alsu Nigmatyanovna, Yurova Maria Alexandrovna
1937-1943 Philological Sciences
Comparative analysis of the concepts ИСТОРИЯ/HISTORY on the material of lexicographic discourse
Peredrienko Tatiana Yurievna, Balandina Ekaterina Sergeevna, Chernysheva Anastasia Mikhailovna
1944-1954 Philological Sciences
Expressive language means in the speech of the Japanese and Russian heads of state (based on addresses to the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic)
Rufova Elena Stepanovna, Migalkina Marina Albertovna
1955-1959 Philological Sciences
Semantic analysis of the somatism “head” in the phraseology of the Canadian French, French and English languages
Teganyuk Valeriya Viktorovna, Konovalova Elena Nikolaevna
1960-1964 Philological Sciences
Specificity of using linguistic means to form the image of aircraft enterprises
Chernyshova Larisa Anatol'evna, Chernikova Elena Olegovna
1965-1974 Philological Sciences
Levels of conceptual correspondence between the concept and the concept scenario (based on the experimental material obtained from adolescents with normal and impaired hearing)
Kolodina Nina Ivanovna, Pobeda Anastasiya Yur'evna
1975-1986 Philological Sciences
The concept of the informative code of linguocognitive connectors in the discourse model
Ogneva Elena Anatolievna
1987-1992 Philological Sciences
Linguodidactic potential of a communicative Internet dictionary of stickers in Russian as a foreign language teaching
Kiseleva Larisa Ayratovna, Duseeva Erika Ilgamovna
1993-2000 Pedagogical Sciences
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