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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 8.
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Modern women’s poetry of St. Petersburg: The creative work of T. S. Tsarkova
Wang Chunhui
2327-2332 Philological Sciences
Stylistic features of fear-mongering in the literature of the horror genre and ways of their translation into Russian (by the example of S. King’s works in English and Russian)
Aleksanyan Anna Robertovna
2333-2338 Philological Sciences
Linguistic examination of texts publicly justifying terrorism and/or extremism
Korolkova Anzhelika Viktorovna, Alekseeva Maria Igorevna
2339-2343 Philological Sciences
Discursive personality of a politician in the genre of American political debates: Intertextual references as a means of actualising discrediting tactics
Stepanova Nataliia Valentinovna
2344-2349 Philological Sciences
English textbook as a creolised hypertext: Structure and pragmatics
Shamshina Antonina Igorevna
2350-2357 Philological Sciences
Urzha A. V. The foreground and background in the narrative text: Narratology, linguistics, cognitive studies, translation studies. Moscow: FLINTA, 2022. 288 p.: Book review
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2358-2360 Philological Sciences
Discrediting strategy as a tool of anti-Russian propaganda in the speeches of German politicians
Churikov Mikhail Petrovich
2361-2367 Philological Sciences
Linguistic means expressing the acceleration and slowing down of time in various types of literary speech (based on the novels by Anglo-American authors)
Demina Elena Anatolyevna
2369-2373 Philological Sciences
Features of the adaptive translation of aerospace texts from English into Russian
Novoselov Ilya Viktorovich, Ulitkin Ilya Alekseevich
2374-2381 Philological Sciences
Morality as a subject: Variability of evaluativeness and transformation of meanings (based on the material of the electronic corpus of the German language DWDS-Korpus)
Khakhalova Svetlana Alexeyevna, Nevolina Ksenia Viktorovna
2382-2388 Philological Sciences
Morphological and syntactic features of Bashkir advertising texts (based on the material of periodicals)
Ganieva Zulfiya Yurisovna, Abdullina Gulfira Rifovna
2389-2394 Philological Sciences
Mixanthropic characters and their role in the graphic novel ‘Angel Catbird’ by M. Atwood
Isaeva Anna Nikolaevna
2395-2400 Philological Sciences
E. F. Rosen as an employee of the “Moskovsky vestnik” magazine and a promoter of Russian literature in the Ostsee region
Kuts Nikolai Victorovich
2401-2406 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural features of the anthems of Germany’s states
Blokhina Elena Nikolaevna
2407-2415 Philological Sciences
Figurative-semantic and structural features of the German phraseological units and composite idioms with the zoonym components “Hund” (dog) and “Katze” (cat)
Briskina Elena Viktorovna
2416-2424 Philological Sciences
Reduplicated constructions with the verb буол- ‘to be, to become’ in the Yakut language: Structure and semantics
Samsonova Ekaterina Maksimovna
2425-2431 Philological Sciences
Semantic universals in the evolution of colour terms in the Proto-Slavic and Proto-Turkic languages
Kozhemyakova Ekaterina Arkadevna, Isaev Yury Nikolaevich, Gubanov Aleksey Rafailovich, Petukhova Mariia Evgenevna
2432-2436 Philological Sciences
Functioning of the Mari language in the school education system in the past and the present
Kondrashkina Elena Alekseevna
2437-2442 Philological Sciences
Actualization of the English lexeme “food” as a key cognitive unit of a gastronomic discourse in the Russian linguistic digital space of Internet communication
Dediukhina Anna Gennadievna
2443-2449 Philological Sciences
Prescriptive and descriptive translation of idiomatic expressions from Russian into English
Zhirova Irene Grigorjevna
2450-2455 Philological Sciences
Intertextuality as a device of poetics in Ilgiz Zainiev’s tragedy “Madina”
Makarova Venera Faizievna
2456-2461 Philological Sciences
Ways of conveying the imagery of phraseological units with the meaning of “laziness” (based on the material of the Russian and Kabardian languages)
Sherieva Nina Gumarovna
2462-2466 Philological Sciences
Article in thetic German sentences
Averina Anna Viktorovna
2467-2472 Philological Sciences
Features of English-language argotisms in the speech of modern French youth (on the material of the “Glossary of French Rap Verlan” by V. M. Debov)
Kudriavtseva Natalia Anatolievna
2473-2477 Philological Sciences
Linguistic representation of the emotional state of the subject in Russian and English phraseology
Kulichenko Yulia Nikolaevna, Korolevskaya Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Belonozhko Nadezhda Dmitrievna
2478-2483 Philological Sciences
Neologisms of the coronavirus pandemic era: The lexeme корона (corona) as a productive element of coroneologisms
Semerdzhidi Valentina Nikolaevna
2484-2489 Philological Sciences
W. von Humboldt’s language antinomies in the aspect of translation (based on the material of the originals and translations of E. A. Poe’s short stories)
Gazizov Rafael Arkadjevich, Morozkina Evgeniya Aleksandrovna
2490-2495 Philological Sciences
Synonymy in the English terminology of human viral diseases
Khanina Kseniia Andreevna
2496-2503 Philological Sciences
Correlation between religious and military vocabulary in the Armenian text: A quantitative approach
Andreev Sergey Nickolayevich
2504-2510 Philological Sciences
The Bildungsroman “Waterland”: Graham Swift as a follower of Charles Dickens
Varyoshin Nikita Vladimirovich
2511-2517 Philological Sciences
The mythology of the Far Eastern frontier in S. V. Maksimov’s book “In the East. A Trip to the Amur (in 1860-1861)”
Vasilyeva Tatyana Vladimirovna
2518-2523 Philological Sciences
Artistic interpretations of Genghis Khan’s image in the English-language literature of the XX and XXI centuries
Egorova Olga Gennadievna, Belyakov Dmitry Aleksandrovich
2524-2529 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural concepts as a tool of speech manipulation of consciousness in modern German-language political discourse
Chabannaya Anastasiya Gennadyevna
2530-2535 Philological Sciences
Lach (= Czech-Silesian = Ostrava) language in a practical textbook and in an author’s travelogue text: Vocabulary
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2536-2543 Philological Sciences
Teaching how to use English articles based on a cognitive approach at non-linguistic faculties in advanced level groups (B1+)
Pertsev Evgenii Mikhailovich, Shmaraeva Anastasia Aleksandrovna
2544-2550 Pedagogical Sciences
Language implementation of persuasiveness in political discourse (by the example of parliamentary debates in the German Bundestag)
Printsipalova Olga Vyatscheslavovna
2551-2557 Philological Sciences
Ways of conveying cultural and aesthetic value when translating “The Ballad of the Salt-Water” by F. G. Lorca into Russian
Pushkina Anna Vladimirovna, Krivoshlykova Liudmila Vladimirovna
2558-2564 Philological Sciences
The most frequent translation transformations in the rendering of onomastic realia (by the example of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels)
Rokhlina Arina Igorevna
2565-2570 Philological Sciences
Moral values of the people in the novella “The red island floated on the ocean” by the modern Bashkir prose writer Munir Kunafin
Khaliullina Albina Gabitovna, Galina Galima Galimyanovna
2571-2576 Philological Sciences
Metaphoric models representing the LOVE concept in the English and Spanish song discourse
Dubrovskaya Veronica Vladimirovna, Kabanova Irina Nikolaevna, Romashkina Tatyana Sergeevna
2577-2582 Philological Sciences
Genre nature of the master class
Bezukladnikova Sofiya Sergeevna
2583-2591 Philological Sciences
A new project of a semantic classification of the verbal vocabulary of the Russian language
Kostitsina Raisa Vladimirovna
2592-2599 Philological Sciences
Feminitives in the usage of new media
Butorina Elena Petrovna
2600-2506 Philological Sciences
Language, society and the state in the changing world / edited by Stanley D. Brunn, Roland Kehrein, Switzerland. 398 Pp. ISBN 978-3-031-18146-7: Book review
Milyaeva Larisa Vyacheslavovna, Kushnarev Andrej Nikolaevich
2606-2608 Philological Sciences
Comparative analysis of Russian-language and French-language advertising slogans in the context of their communicative and pragmatic features
Bolotina Natalia Ivanovna
2609-2614 Philological Sciences
The demonic theme in the anonymous English poem “Richard Coer de Lyon” of the late 14th century: Origins and functions
Semenov Vadim Borisovich
2615-2623 Philological Sciences
Linguistic features of English-language negotiations in the conditions of hostage-taking (based on the material of the film “The Negotiator”)
Shikhalkina Tat’yana Grigor’evna
2624-2632 Philological Sciences
Summarized lexicographic definition as an important component of an experimental study
Daidaeva Marina Viktorovna
2633-2637 Philological Sciences
The somatic code “head” in Chinese phraseology
Sidorova Ayta Anatolievna, Filippova Sargylana Vasilievna
2838-2642 Philological Sciences
Speech portrait of a blogger-narrator of “true crime story” (linguistic and stylistic aspect)
Kozheko Anna Vladimirovna, Mamedova Zumrud Ilnurovna
2643-2647 Philological Sciences
Sound-symbolic figurative parallelism in the folklore text
Dobrova Svetlana Ivanovna
2648-2655 Philological Sciences
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