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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 9. P. 2806-2821.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Philological Sciences
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The search for new rhythmic and sound forms of Russian versification in the modernist era: From pre-symbolism to constructivism

Makarova Svetlana Anatol’evna
“LEKSRUS” Publishing House

Submitted: 14.07.2023
Abstract. The paper analyses the theoretical declarations and artistic innovations made by Russian modernist poets who carried out the versification reform at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. Metric-rhythmic and phonetic experiments turned out to be a priority for poets, thus, the aim of the study is to comprehend their versification diversity and artistic orientation. The creative search for new verse forms was of an acutely polemic nature, therefore, the scientific novelty of the study lies in a comprehensive consideration of the aesthetic intentions of pre-symbolists, symbolists, acmeists, futurists, imaginists, expressionists, formlibrists, neoclassicists, constructivists. As a result, it becomes obvious that the spread of innovative phonostylistic modifications and the establishment of non-classical metric-rhythmic varieties in the poetry of the Silver Age were aimed not only at creating a new art, but also at forming a new worldview and a new aesthetic consciousness of contemporaries. Actualising the problem of expressive possibilities of literature in the 1880s-1920s led to the revival of the acoustic existence of poetic works – in the struggle for the life-building future of the poetic word, the need for a synthesis of arts that would correlate with the deep processes of synaesthetic perception and creative thinking became more pronounced than ever before.
Key words and phrases: русский модернизм, поэтические течения, реформа стихосложения, фоника и метро-ритмика, синтез искусств, Russian modernism, poetic schools, versification reform, phonics and metrics-rhythmics, synthesis of arts
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