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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 9.
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Features of the translation of advertising slogans from French into Russian (based on the material of F. Beigbeder’s novel “99 Francs”)
Abramova Elena Konstantinovna
2657-2663 Philological Sciences
Genre originality of A. Akhmetgalieva’s short stories
Sharipova Chulpan Ramzilevna
2664-2669 Philological Sciences
The role of a non-lexicographic situation in the development of the functional theory of lexicography (as exemplified by specialized dictionaries in the situation of teaching military English)
Balkanov Ilya Vladimirovich, Muravleva Valeriya Romanovna
2670-2676 Philological Sciences
Precedent toponyms in the advertising tourism discourse of Germany
Tretiakova Evgenia Valeryevna, Sharmanova Oksana Sergeevna
2677-2682 Philological Sciences
The educational function of art in English journalism and literature in the first half of the XVIII century
Simkina Olga Mikhailovna, Merkulova Mayya Gennadievna
2683-2688 Philological Sciences
Conceptual component of the COURT concept
Oskina Svetlana Dmitrievna, Shatskaya Zhanna Yuryevna
2689-2695 Philological Sciences
Functional homonymy and punctuation problems in the modern Ossetian language
Kudzoeva Anjela Fedorovna, Malieva Zalina Nokhovna
2696-2700 Philological Sciences
Documentary fiction novellas by G. A. Khodyrev in the series “Our Heroes” of Udmurt book publishing
Zaitseva Tatyana Ivanovna, Maksimova Olga Mikhailovna
2701-2706 Philological Sciences
The archetypical nature of the oral prose of the Buryats (by the example of shamanic dreams)
Danchinova Maria Danilovna
2707-2711 Philological Sciences
Collecting language material as one of the stages in the study of the argotic component of a literary text (based on the material of modern French criminal prose)
Vysotskaya Anna Sergeevna
2712-2718 Philological Sciences
Shaping perception and evaluation of sports events in the English-language sports discourse through conceptual metaphors
Argounov Vasily Vasilievych
2719-2725 Philological Sciences
Mekhtiev V. G., Pasevich Z. V., Struk A. A. Criticism and journalism of the Russian émigré community in China: A joint monograph / V. G. Mekhtiev, Z. V. Pasevich, A. A. Struk. Khabarovsk: Publishing House of the Pacific State University, 2020. 88 p.: Book review
Sysoeva Olga Alekseevna
2726-2728 Philological Sciences
Language units of subject semantics as an actualizer of the verbal and cogitative category of situationality in the Russian and English languages
Skoromolova Yuliya Vladimirovna
2729-2734 Philological Sciences
The POWER concept in the mythological culture of the English national identity (based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel “The Lord of the Rings”)
Bugrova Svetlana Evgenjevna, Kurysheva Valentina Ilynichna
2735-2740 Philological Sciences
Voice onset time in plosive occlusives in the oral speech of monolinguals in Russia
Vikhrova Anastasia Yurjevna, Lypkan Tatiana Vitaljevna
2741-2751 Philological Sciences
Human appearance through the lens of zoomorphic metaphors in Russian and Chinese
Gavrilyuk Marina Aleksandrovna
2752-2758 Philological Sciences
Derivational and dynamic aspectivity of the terminological cluster “Technics and Technology”
Novoseletskaya Daria Ilyinichna
2759-2766 Philological Sciences
Russian-Chinese idioms in political texts: A corpus-based functional and social aspects investigation
Jia Junwen
2767-2776 Philological Sciences
General language and special norms in media texts (by the example of coordinating a toponym and the appellative ‘Republic’ in the names of states)
Butorina Elena Petrovna
2777-2782 Philological Sciences
Informational matraquage and infobesity: Discourse realities of the modern media space
Sedykh Arkadiy Petrovich, Akimova Elvira Nikolajevna, Shcherbakov Andrey Vladimirovich
2783-2793 Philological Sciences
The place of religion in the life and creative work of the British poet, prose writer and literary critic of the early XX century Edward Thomas
Talyzina Elena Viktorovna
2794-2799 Philological Sciences
Images of Russians in Bazar Baradin’s works
Isakov Aleksandr Viktorovich, Dampilova Lyudmila Sanzhiboyevna
2800-2805 Philological Sciences
The search for new rhythmic and sound forms of Russian versification in the modernist era: From pre-symbolism to constructivism
Makarova Svetlana Anatol’evna
2806-2821 Philological Sciences
The range of themes in Vladislav Avdeev’s early creative work
Emelianov Igor Stepanovich
2822-2828 Philological Sciences
“The Hermit. A Pendant to Werther’s Sorrows” by J. M. R. Lenz: An early attempt at therapeutic writing
Gladilin Nikita Valer’evich
2829-2836 Philological Sciences
Tuvan language: The problems of speech culture and digital vitality (based on the material of online discussions)
Dongak Chechena Borisovna
2837-2841 Philological Sciences
“Witches” and “valkyries” of the guardian of antiquities: On the typification of female images in the duology by Yu. Dombrovsky
Kablukov Valerii Vital’evich
2842-2848 Philological Sciences
Reflection on the ethical aspects of the adoption of an analytical philosophical concept in the novel “The Tunnel” by W. Gass
Nikulina Alla Konstantinovna
2849-2855 Philological Sciences
Structural-semantic models of simple repetitions in English colloquial speech
Vorobyova Yelena Nickolaevna
2856-2861 Philological Sciences
Pragmalinguistic approach to the description of lecturers’ speech behaviour in the genre of popular science discourse “video lecture” in German and English
Lesnyak Marina Valerievna
2862-2868 Philological Sciences
A. B. Yaroslavsky’s creative work during the revolutionary transformations of 1917: From the poetic feuilleton to the origins of the poetry of biocosmism
Slivko Stanislav Vadimovich
2869-2875 Philological Sciences
Substantivisation of participles as a way for the formation of naming units for persons alternative to suffixation (based on the material of the German language)
Melgunova Anna Vladislavovna
2876-2881 Philological Sciences
Images of nature in the lyric poetry of Badrutdin Magomedov
Alkhlavova Inna Khumkerkhanovna
2882-2887 Philological Sciences
A set of tactics of the British pre-election discourse from the perspective of a self-presentation strategy
Akhmadeev Igor Ramzesovich
2888-2892 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical worldview of students as a means of conceptualising the specifics of education in the postmodern era (based on the material of an associative experiment)
Ignatieva Anastasia Sergeyevna
2893-2898 Philological Sciences
S. Johnson in Russia: Reception issues
Reinhold Natalya Igorevna
2899-2906 Philological Sciences
Artistic specifics of the lyric poetry of the Cossack poet N. A. Kelin
Gizhe Elena Dmitrievna
2907-2911 Philological Sciences
Linguopragmatic aspects of translating Kate DiCamillo’s stylistic dominants from English into Russian
Sessorova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
2912-2917 Philological Sciences
Representation of a military term and its translation equivalents in English-Russian online dictionaries
Balkanov Ilya Vladimirovich, Lupanova Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
2918-2925 Philological Sciences
Anglicisms of the thematic group “Fashion” in the Spanish media discourse
Ivlieva Elena Alexeevna
2926-2930 Philological Sciences
Typology and stylistic functions of intertextual inclusions in the Russian children’s novella of the 1920s (based on the work “The Republic of ShKID” by L. Panteleyev and G. Belykh)
Lubkina Olga Andreevna
2931-2941 Philological Sciences
Lexico-semantic features of narrative psychologisation in G. Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl”
Ramantova Olga Vyacheslavovna
2942-2951 Philological Sciences
Generation of meaning in synergistic literary discourse (by the example of V. Pelevin’s short story “The Water Tower”)
Akopova Yuliya Alekseevna
2952-2956 Philological Sciences
The role of postpositions in the construction of divisible sentences in the modern Erzya language
Vodyasova Lyubov Petrovna
2957-2963 Philological Sciences
The image of the father in the creative work of Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Morkina Marta Aleksandrovna
2964-2971 Philological Sciences
The path-road to the stars: On the specifics of transformation of the folklore magical fairy-tale tradition in A. Belyaev’s novel “Kets Star”
Ponomareva Darya Vasilyevna
2972-2978 Philological Sciences
Features of the formation of proper names and the ways of their rendering into the Russian language (based on the material of the children’s tale “Adventures of Cipollino” by G. Rodari)
Shapovalova Elena Olegovna
2979-2983 Philological Sciences
Pragmatic adaptation in film translation (based on the material of Q. Tarantino’s feature film “Pulp Fiction”)
Shcherbakova Valeria Sergeevna, Androsova Olga Evgenevna
2984-2989 Philological Sciences
Thematic groups of Russian euphemisms about alcohol consumption
Zhang Xiaofei
2990-2995 Philological Sciences
Features of using absolute participle constructions in the Italian language of the XVI century (by the example of F. Guicciardini’s treatise “The History of Italy”)
Furtsev Roman Vitaljevic
2996-3001 Philological Sciences
The creative work of Irène Némirovsky in the evaluation of Soviet critics of the 1920s-1940s
Balaban Alina Ivanovna
3002-3006 Philological Sciences
Similes in A. S. Pushkin’s poetry and prose: Structure, semantics, functions
Mamedov Akhmed Alipashevich, Ladatko Anastasiya Olegovna
3007-3012 Philological Sciences
Transition of qualitative semantics into quantitative meaning in the Kabardian language (an introduction to the subject)
Bizhoev Boris Chamalovich, Khezheva Maryana Rashadovna
3013-3018 Philological Sciences
The theory of elliptic sentences in domestic Russian philology: A systematic review
Vorobyova Yelena Nickolaevna
3019-3027 Philological Sciences
Military metaphor in English-language popular science discourse on cybersecurity: Semantic, cognitive and pragmatic aspects
Savchenko Anna Aleksandrovna
3028-3034 Philological Sciences
Lu Xun and Hu Shih: Two outlooks on the development of modern Chinese literature
Zakharova Natalya Vladimirovna
3035-3040 Philological Sciences
Analogues of the passive voice and ergativity in the Chinese and Russian languages (taking into account the experience of communication in the Guoyu linguistic environment)
Kurdyumov Vladimir Anatolievich
3041-3049 Philological Sciences
Harlequinade grotesque in D. H. Lawrence’s novel “Mr. Noon”
Kosareva Anna Aleksandrovna
3050-3056 Philological Sciences
Psycholinguistic aspect of analyzing the language personality of an English leader
Evtushenko Oksana Aleksandrovna, Ionkina Ekaterina Yur’evna, Shestakova Olga Aleksandrovna
3057-3062 Philological Sciences
Technology of using authentic foreign language film discourse in English language classes in professional language education
Voitkova Anastasia Nikolaevna, Goncharova Tatiana Vladimirovna
3063-3077 Pedagogical Sciences
Substandard in Russian-language translations at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries
Achkasov Andrei Valentinovich
3078-3084 Philological Sciences
Verbal empathy in the functional and pragmatic focus (on the material of the French language)
Ben Shushan Anna Alexandrovna
3085-3091 Philological Sciences
Axiological potential of the English words of the year 2022
Samoylova Antonina Vadimovna, Shershneva Natalia Borisovna
3092-3098 Philological Sciences
The strategy of topic introduction by presenting a causative event in analytical newspaper articles (by the example of an upcoming event)
Rakhimova Anna Leonidovna, Chvalun Roza Vladimirovna, Kizilova Natalia Igorevna
3099-3105 Philological Sciences
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