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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 10. P. 997-1001.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Education of Children in a School Collective and through a School Collective Taking into Account Modern Educational Conditions

Shustova Inna Yurievna
Education Development Strategy Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Submitted: 04.10.2022
Abstract. The purpose of the study is to provide insight into the provisions of the theory of collective education, their relevance in modern sociocultural conditions. The task of modern education is the theoretical and methodological comprehension of the positions of collective education, education in a collective in modern sociocultural conditions. The paper sheds light on the notions of “educational collective” and “child-adult community”, the role of a collective in the education of modern schoolchildren, the peculiarities of activities of a teacher focused on students’ education in a collective. Significant ideas of collective education are outlined. Scientific novelty lies in identifying conceptual positions that are important for understanding the principle of education in a collective and through a collective, these positions began to be developed in L. I. Novikova’s school of thought and are of particular relevance today, they continue to be elaborated and refined. As a result, there is a vision of how the ideas of collective education can be implemented at the present time, in modern educational organisations, a vision of things to which a modern teacher, a class teacher should pay attention.
Key words and phrases: коллективное воспитание, школьный коллектив, современные образовательные условия, детско-взрослая общность, со-бытийная общность, ценностно-смысловое взаимодействие, collective education, school collective, modern educational conditions, child-adult community, co-existence community, value-and-meaning interaction
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