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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 10.
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Fedorova S. N., Alexandrova S. N. The Use of Electronic Educational Resources in Teaching Older Preschoolers the Mari Language: A Monograph. Yoshkar-Ola: Mari State University, 2022. 180 p.: Opinion Paper
Khabibullina Flera Yakhyatovna, Ivanova Iraida Gennadievna
987-989 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Model of Formation of Students’ Motivation to Study Non-Core Disciplines within Contextual University Education
Biryukova Natalia Vladimirovna
990-996 Pedagogical Sciences
Education of Children in a School Collective and through a School Collective Taking into Account Modern Educational Conditions
Shustova Inna Yurievna
997-1001 Pedagogical Sciences
School Education Development in Chita Oblast in the Late 1930s in the Context of the USSR Educational Policy
Yaremchuk Olga Anatolevna, Pryazhennikova Marina Vladimirovna
1002-1010 Pedagogical Sciences
Reading Skills of Pedagogical University Students: Issues and Prospects of Formation
Adaeva Olga Borisovna, Ivanenko Galina Sergeevna
1011-1019 Pedagogical Sciences
Component Composition of Intercultural Competence of Linguistics Students
Wang Shi
1020-1024 Pedagogical Sciences
Environmental Literacy Development among 5th-9th-Grade Students Based on the Content of Textbooks on the Native (Udmurt) Language
Kostina Ksenia Georgievna
1025-1031 Pedagogical Sciences
“Weekend Lessons” as a Methodological Technique for Oral Speech Skills Formation in Russian among Foreign Students in the Context of Situated-Based Latent Learning
Obukhova Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Roeva Kristina Mikhailovna, Yakovleva Lora Vilgelmovna
1032-1040 Pedagogical Sciences
Didactic Set of Exercises in Interpretation and Creation of Infographics in a Foreign Language for Military University Cadets
Rapakova Tatyana Borisovna, Alikina Elena Vadimovna
1041-1046 Pedagogical Sciences
Difficulties of Teaching Foreign Students to Report Other People’s Statements in Monologic Speech (in the Russian as a Foreign Language Aspect)
Romanova Tatyana Yurievna
1047-1053 Pedagogical Sciences
Fossilisation as a Bilingual Phenomenon of Foreign Language Acquisition among Students of a Non-Linguistic University
Starinina Olga Victorovna
1054-1059 Pedagogical Sciences
A Model of Design Activities for a Foreign Language Course in Modern Tertiary Education
Shults Olga Evgenjevna
1060-1065 Pedagogical Sciences
Training of Engineering Personnel with Higher Education from among the Local Indigenous Population at the Chukotka Branch of M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University
Alekseeva Tuyara Egorovna, Ignatiev Vladimir Petrovich, Myreev Nikolai Vasilevich
1066-1072 Pedagogical Sciences
Using TED Talks Content for Foreign Language Auditive Competence Development among Technical University Students
Zakharova Olga Olegovna
1073-1081 Pedagogical Sciences
Teacher as a Subject of the Digital Educational Ecosystem
Fedotova Vera Sergeevna
1082-1089 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Design of a Linguistic Course to Prepare University Students for Research Activities
Chistyakova Galina Victorovna, Bondareva Evgeniya Petrovna
1090-1097 Pedagogical Sciences
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