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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 9. P. 974-980.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Teaching Young Scientists to Write an Academic Research Paper in English

Popova Larisa Vladimirovna
Omsk State Pedagogical University

Submitted: 26.09.2022
Abstract. The study aims to develop a special programme to help undergraduates, graduate students and university specialists in writing an academic research paper in English to publish in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The work provides insight into the issue of creating the text of an academic research paper in English. In particular, the key aspects related to the publication of a paper ranging from the selection of a scientific journal to the presentation of the final draft of an academic research paper written in English, which is not the students’ native language, are considered. Scientific novelty lies in taking a comprehensive approach to solving the issue of teaching young scientists to write the text of an academic research paper in English, i.e. developing an author’s programme and providing methodological recommendations for young scientists on the preparation of an academic research paper. As a result, a successive description of the process of creating the text of an academic research paper in English has been proposed within the framework of the programme “Academic English on Scientific Writing: Short Course” for young scientists.
Key words and phrases: научно-исследовательская статья, обучение академическому письму, развитие научных инициатив, формирование языковых компетенций, молодые ученые, academic research paper, academic writing teaching, scientific initiatives development, language competencies formation, young scientists
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