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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 7.
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The role of Russian-language and English-language university educational programs for foreign students in expanding the opportunities of Russian education export
Rybakova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
671-680 Pedagogical Sciences
The model for the formation of the pedagogical readiness to participate in the inclusive educational process at school among parents of preschool-aged children
Shevtsova Tatiana Alexandrovna
681-691 Pedagogical Sciences
Intercultural competence: Interpretation vectors, related notions (theoretical foundations)
Wang Shi, Sheglova Inna Vladimirovna
692-698 Pedagogical Sciences
Essential and content-related characteristics of the axiological approach to intercultural competence formation among foreign students (theoretical foundations)
Wang Shi, Sheglova Inna Vladimirovna
699-704 Pedagogical Sciences
Literary quiz as a form of involving technical university students in extracurricular activities
Vorobets Tatyana Alekseevna, Gerdt Elena Valerievna, Lobkova Elena Vladimirovna
705-711 Pedagogical Sciences
Using flipped classroom and the “Case study” method in teaching a professionally oriented foreign language to students in non-linguistic training programs in the distance learning setting
Korneeva Larisa Ivanovna, Luzganova Anastasia Alekseevna, Zhdanova Daria Evguenievna
712-720 Pedagogical Sciences
Neurodigital technologies in inclusive education: A theoretical review
Malinichev Dmitriy Mikhailovich, Arpentieva Mariam Ravilievnа, Khoteeva Raisa Ivanovna, Koptyaeva Svetlana Vladimirovna
721-731 Pedagogical Sciences
Audio description as a linguodidactic method of developing creative abilities among students of the humanities at non-linguistic universities in the process of teaching foreign languages
Samorodova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Bakaeva Sofia Andreevna
732-739 Pedagogical Sciences
Selection of pedagogical tools based on the efficiency indicators for methodological practices of teaching mathematics to middle school students with academic failure risks
Tumasheva Olga Viktorovna, Shashkina Mariya Borisovna, Aeshina Ekaterina Andreevna
740-745 Pedagogical Sciences
Atypical errors of graduate students in scientific texts in English: Ways of elimination and prevention
Khrebtova Tatiana Sergeevna
746-751 Pedagogical Sciences
The potential for the holistic development of research culture among technical university students based on generalized competencies
Lebedeva Nataliya Aleksandrovna
752-760 Pedagogical Sciences
Lines of research in the area of educational data mining in higher education: A theoretical review
Semyonkina Irina Arturovna, Prusakova Polina Valentinovna
761-770 Pedagogical Sciences
Organization of character-building work at university: An attempt at analyzing the formation of the institute of curators (by the example of the Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University)
Volgusheva Alla Olegovna, Vorobieva Svetlana Аleksandrovna, Zavershinskaia Nataliya Аleksandrovna, Сhernych Tatiana Fedorovna
771-779 Pedagogical Sciences
The intercultural potential of the textbook: Bazina N. V., Ionova A. M., Kashenkova I. S. German? It is really cool! – Deutsch? Ist echt cool!: Levels A1-A2 / ed. by N. N. Saklakova; MGIMO University, Department of the German Language. Moscow: MGIMO-University, 2019: Book review
Khosainova Olga Sergeevna
780-781 Pedagogical Sciences
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