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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 9.
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Formation of foreign-language lexical skills among grade schoolers using the method of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) in a language camp
Barkova Anna Fedorovna, El’kanova Yana Sergeevna
891-897 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical support for preschool children from military families in the conditions of military conflict
Sycheva Marina Vladimirovna, Kulikova Anna Sergeevna
898-903 Pedagogical Sciences
Integrated learning as a promising form of organising literary education at a university
Biryukova Olga Ivanovna
904-909 Pedagogical Sciences
Infographics as a digital educational technology for implementing e-learning at the university (by the example of the authors’ e-course “Latin for dentists” in LMS Moodle)
Shirokolobova Anastasia Georgievna, Larionova Julia Sergeevna, Chistyakova Galina Victorovna
910-917 Pedagogical Sciences
Implementation of constructive speech behaviour of a teacher in a conflict educational environment
Sergeeva Tatyana Vyacheslavovna, Samsonova Nadezhda Vladislavovna
918-925 Pedagogical Sciences
Continuity in the formation of professional foreign language competence of researchers at advanced training courses
Mikhailenko Natalia Vladimirovna, Zharkova Yulia Olegovna
926-935 Pedagogical Sciences
Technology of training future foreign language teachers on how to use the techniques for correcting students’ errors in foreign language oral speech (by the example of the German language)
Poluykova Svetlana Jurievna, Kiseleva Nadezhda Michailovna, Chicherina Nadezhda Nikolaevna
936-941 Pedagogical Sciences
Speech therapy support for the development of the syntactic component of language ability in grade schoolers with severe speech disorders
Fur Ekaterina Petrovna, Kuz Nataliya Alexandrovna, Yakovlev Sergei Borisovich
942-951 Pedagogical Sciences
Civic identity formation among grade schoolers through the implementation of the extracurricular activities programme of literary orientation
Peresada Oksana Valeryevna
952-959 Pedagogical Sciences
Determining the effectiveness of peer feedback in foreign language teaching from the perspective of a student receiving feedback
Zarutckaia Ekaterina Vitalievna
960-966 Pedagogical Sciences
Exhibition projects in Chinese art and pedagogical universities as a means of activating students’ creative independence
Wu Si
967-971 Pedagogical Sciences
Technology for teaching foreign students to use Russian paroemias in Russian as a foreign language classes
Spivakova Elena Michailovna
972-978 Pedagogical Sciences
The role of an interpreters’ club for improving the professional and discursive competence of future interpreters at university
Moshchanskaya Elena Yuryevna
979-985 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of creativity as a supra-professional skill in adult learners in business English classes
Kopylova Natalia Vladimirovna, Domysheva Svetlana Arkadievna
986-992 Pedagogical Sciences
Foreign language education in the formation of students’ civic identity in the Russian pre-revolutionary gymnasium of the 19th and the early 20th century
Bulygina Margarita Victorovna
993-1000 Pedagogical Sciences
Improving vocational education in the cognitive economy
Grishaeva Yulia Mikhailovna, Gagarin Alexander Valerievich, Agraponova Natalia Leonidovna
1001-1007 Pedagogical Sciences
Technology of project-based teaching of linguists in the course “Russian language and speech culture”
Timoshenko Tatyana Evgenievna, Shtukareva Elena Borisovna
1008-1014 Pedagogical Sciences
Assessment of teacher readiness for mentoring in a general education organisation
Fomitskaya Galina Nikolaevna, Bazarova Tatyana Sodnomovna
1015-1022 Pedagogical Sciences
The problem of interaction between the class teacher and modern parents in the context of professional teacher training
Sorokovykh Galina Viktorovna, Staritsyna Svetlana Grigoriyevna, Morozova Viktoriia Igorevna
1023-1032 Pedagogical Sciences
Linguodidactic potential of news texts in professionally oriented teaching of Russian as a foreign language to military university cadets
Prokudina Irina Sergeevna, Shilova Gul’nara Gadzhimuratovna
1033-1043 Pedagogical Sciences
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