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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 3.
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“Researcher’s World. Z. S. Paperny. A. P. Chudakov”. M.: Publishing Center of the Russian State University for the Humanities, 2022. 409 p.: Opinion Paper
Skibina Olga Mikhailovna
667-669 Philological Sciences
Translation Practices of Ivan Bunin (the Short Story “The Magi”)
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Liu Minjie
670-674 Philological Sciences
“Provincial Literature” in a Situation of Cultural Transition
Nikonova Tamara Alexandrovna, Ternova Tatiana Anatolyevna
675-680 Philological Sciences
Geopoetics of Siberia in S. I. Kartsevsky's Prose of the Early XX Century
Pershina Alyona Igorevna
681-687 Philological Sciences
Functions of the Trickster Archetype in the Novella “The Jester” by Yu. P. Vyazemsky
Svitenko Natalya Viatcheslavovna
688-692 Philological Sciences
History of Translations of My Past and Thoughts by A. I. Herzen in China
Ji Panxin
693-700 Philological Sciences
Niennism as an Attempt at Alternative Conceptualization of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Works in Russia
Shustova Ellina Viktorovna
701-706 Philological Sciences
Expansion of the Typology of the Bashkir Novel in the 1960s-1980s
Gareeva Gulfira Nigamatovna
707-712 Philological Sciences
Range of Problems and Poetics of the Novella "Man and Stone" by A. Teppeev
Sarbasheva Alena Mustafaevna
713-718 Philological Sciences
Rhyme in Adyghe Versification: The Specifics of “Double Rhyming” and the Development of End Rhyme
Khavzhokova Lyudmila Borisovna
719-724 Philological Sciences
Romanticism: The Typology of Artistic Bi-Worldness Models (on the Material of Foreign Literature of the XIX Century)
Berberova Liana Burkhanovna, Kuchukova Zukhra Akhmetovna, Mankieva Eset Khamzatovna
725-730 Philological Sciences
“The Serious Writer” John B. Priestley: Strategies for Creative Success as a Writer
Makarenko Larisa Victorovna
731-736 Philological Sciences
Author’s Strategy of G. Flynn’s Detective Novels (by the Material of the Novel “Sharp Objects”)
Osmukhina Olga Yurievna, Bogatova Maria Andreevna
737-741 Philological Sciences
"We Will Not Leave the Memory of the People, / Descendants Will Remember Us…": The Theme of Memory in the Lyric Poetry of the Pridnestrovian War Veteran Poet Igor Ilyin
Pazina Natalia Vasilyevna
742-747 Philological Sciences
The Problem of “German Guilt” in the Military Prose of H. G. Konsalik and E. M. Remarque
Frolov Dmitry Mikhailovich
748-753 Philological Sciences
The Multiculturalism of the Initiation Novel in Modern US Literature: The Hero’s Journey
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna
754-759 Philological Sciences
The Symbolic Images of the Epoch of Changes in the Poetry of A. Blok and Xu Zhimo: Typological Parallels
Lu Zing
760-763 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Manipulative Influence: A Theoretical Review
Agadzhanyan Ruben Vladimirovich
765-772 Philological Sciences
Theory of Mundane Linguistics: Systematic Review of the Current Research Direction
Kravchenko Mikhail Aleksandrovitch
773-779 Philological Sciences
Morphogenesis of Macroand Microcosm Figurative Parallelism in Russian Folk Riddles
Dobrova Svetlana Ivanovna
780-788 Philological Sciences
Lexicographic Portrait of the Word Дядя (Uncle) in Secondary Naming
Koss Evgeniya Valerievna
789-795 Philological Sciences
Expression of the Category of Simultaneity by Participles in the Russian Language
Lutfullina Gulnara Firdavisovna
796-801 Philological Sciences
Metaphorical Concept of WATER in the Advertising Tourist Narrative (by the Example of Lake Baikal)
Menshikova Ekaterina Evgenevna
802-808 Philological Sciences
Rare Lexical Units with the Meaning of a Person in the Records of the Kazan Region of the XVI-XVII Centuries
Nikolaeva Nataliya Gennadyevna, Khusainova Rimma Raisovna
809-813 Philological Sciences
Function Neologism "Если говорить…" (If We Talk…): Morphological Status and Communicative-Pragmatic Potential
Semenova Inna Vladimirovna
814-818 Philological Sciences
Means of Elocution for Creating Images of the New Testament in the Speech Genre “Interpretation of the Gospel”: Theolinguistic Aspect
Smirnov Evgeny Sergeevich, Kolobaev Pavel Alekseevich
819-829 Philological Sciences
Semantic Status of Predicatives in the Phraseological System of Language
Toporkov Piotr Yevgenyevich
830-834 Philological Sciences
Lexical Means of Expressing the Category of Space in the Ingush Language
Ausheva Elza Alikhanovna
835-839 Philological Sciences
Analogy as the Mechanism of Creating Occasionalisms in Value Judgements of the Modern German Language
Akkuratova Irina Borisovna
840-845 Philological Sciences
Ways of Adding New Words and Phrases to the Vocabulary of the Fashion Sphere in the English Language
Anikeeva Tatiana Radievna
846-851 Philological Sciences
Reflection of National and Regional Identity in the German-Language Advertising Text
Guz Maria Nikolaevna, Pigina Natalia Vladimirovna
852-859 Philological Sciences
Text Model of Massive Open Online Courses in German
Katalkina Natalia Anatolyevna, Ripacheva Elena Anatolyevna, Korablyova Svetlana Albertovna, Zelinskaya Julia Alexandrovna
860-866 Philological Sciences
Discourse Markers and Speech Strategies (on the Material of the German Language)
Serebrova Olesia Felixovna
867-873 Philological Sciences
Explicit and Implicit Self-Presentation in the German Scientific Texts
Yakovleva Tatyana Anatolyevna
874-880 Philological Sciences
National and Cultural Specificity of the AMI/FRIEND Concept in French: Objectified and Subjectified Content
Sukhorukova Yulia Sergeevna
881-886 Philological Sciences
Constructive and Destructive Strategies and Tactics of Protestant Discourse
Balakin Sergey Vladimirovich, Moskvina Yuliya Alexandrovna
887-892 Philological Sciences
Small Plot-Containing Discursive Forms of Digital Communication: Definition and Characteristics
Voyakina Elena Yurievna
893-900 Philological Sciences
Specifics of Representation of Conceptual Opposition in the Aspect of Political Discourse Consideration (by the Example of the Dichotomy СОЗИДАНИЕ/CREATION ‒ РАЗРУШЕНИЕ/DESTRUCTION in the Russian and English Languages)
Zdanovskaya Lidiya Borisovna
901-906 Philological Sciences
Deviations from the Language Norm: Linguo-Ecological Aspect (by the Material of the German-Language Microblog)
Kolesnik Tatiana Ivanovna
907-912 Philological Sciences
Images of Specific Realities as a Means of Representing the Concept (by the Example of the Concept КРУГ (CIRCLE) in the Russian Linguistic World View)
Reznikova Ekaterina Valerjevna
913-917 Philological Sciences
Studying the Conceptual Sphere of the Russian Language through the Search for a Universal Basis for Its Formation
Suvorova Elena Vladimirovna, Romanova Yuliya Gennadyevna, Mikhailov Vladimir Vladimirovich
918-924 Philological Sciences
Political Discourse as a Meta-Discourse in the Taxonomy of Discursive Practices (Linguistic Aspect)
Tumanova Ekaterina Olegovna
925-931 Philological Sciences
Grammaticalization of the Nouns ‘Side’ and ‘Stelle’ into Prepositions in English and German
Avagyan Asmik Armenovna
932-936 Philological Sciences
The Peculiarities of Translating “Foreign Realia” from English into Russian in the Text of the Story “Don’t Look Now” by Daphne du Maurier
Korshunova Elena Sergeevna
937-942 Philological Sciences
Common and Culture-Specific Linguocultural Features of Paroemias with the Components Naming Tools of a Blacksmith, a Joiner and a Carpenter in Russian and Chinese
Liu Yue
943-949 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as a Tool of Media Rhetoric in the Chinese-Language and English-Language Mass Media of China (on the Material of 环球时报 and The Global Times)
Nikolaeva Olga Vasilievna, Bai Xue
950-955 Philological Sciences
The Comparison of Metonymic Motivation in the Russian-Language and the Chinese-Language Commercial Ergonyms
Wu Juan, Liu Lifen
956-960 Philological Sciences
Features of the Naming Units of Tactile and Visual Acts, Realized under the Influence of Highly Intense Emotional Condition, in Stage Remarks (on the material of the English language)
Bezrukov Vadim Arkadyevich
961-968 Philological Sciences
Specifics of Teaching Foreign Language Speaking to Students at a Non-Linguistic University in the Distance Learning Format
Bocharova Marina Nikolaevna
969-975 Pedagogical Sciences
Training of Quick Retrieval and Understanding of Specific Information from a Foreign Authentic Text by the Students of Non-Linguistical Universities (on the Material of the German Language)
Managarov Roman Viktorovich, Milovanova Elena Sergeyevna
976-981 Pedagogical Sciences
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