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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 3. P. 342-347.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Structure and Content of Teacher-Designer Educational Programs in Russia and China: Comparative Analysis

Zhang Fangyu
The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

Submitted: 23.03.2020
Abstract. The research objective involves a comparative analysis of teacher-designer educational programs in Russia and China by the example of pedagogical universities of Saint Petersburg and Shenyang. Special attention is paid to analysing chromatic competences acquired within the framework of the discipline "Chromatics". The article describes the designer’s professional competencies relevant in the modern information environment, identifies personal qualities required in the future society, the society of interaction with artificial intelligence, provides a comparative analysis of programs on chromatics at pedagogical universities of Russia and China. Scientific originality of the paper lies in the fact that the author develops a theoretical foundation for studying specificity of the teacher-designer’s chromatic training with a view to identify obligatory professional competencies specified in the state standards and educational programs of pedagogical universities. The research findings are as follows: comparing educational programs of the Russian and Chinese universities, the author justifies the necessity for a new approach aimed to improve the quality of the student-designer’s training under the conditions of a higher education institution and to stimulate the formation of a professional chromatic competence.
Key words and phrases: образовательные программы, профессиональные компетенции в области цвета, цветоведение, педагогический вуз, студент-дизайнер, педагог-дизайнер, educational programs, professional chromatic competences, chromatics, pedagogical higher school, student-designer, teacher-designer
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