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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 3.
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Mechanisms to Develop Trust between Educational Process Subjects in the Society of Risk and Uncertainty
Petrash Elena Aleksandrovna, Manuilova Ekaterina Andreevna
277-281 Pedagogical Sciences
Team and Interactive Methods of Teaching as Means to Form Secondary School Pupils’ Financial Competence
Shingaev Sergei Mikhailovich, Medved' Irina Valer'evna
282-288 Pedagogical Sciences
Historical and Pedagogical Analysis of Choreographic Education Development at Higher Education Institutions of Culture: Stages and Tendencies (by the Example of Perm State Institute of Culture)
Manzheles Lyudmila Viktorovna
289-296 Pedagogical Sciences
System of Working on Professionally Oriented Vocabulary with Military School Cadets in Russian as Foreign Language Classes
Antipova Irina Aleksandrovna, Sidorova Ol'ga Yur'evna
297-302 Pedagogical Sciences
Blog Technology as a Means to Develop Secondary School Pupils’ Foreign-Language Speech Skills
Kirakosyan Violetta Al'bertovna
303-309 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Value-Oriented Attitude to Academic Work as Problem of Future Primary School Teachers’ Training
Korotaeva Evgeniya Vladislavovna, Dyldina Dar'ya Viktorovna
310-314 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodological Principles of Teaching Written Foreign-Language Communication to Maritime Transport Workers
Moleva Marina Valer'evna
315-321 Pedagogical Sciences
Health-Saving Technologies in Remedial Education of Preschool Children with Speech Disorders
Pelikhova Anna Valer'evna
322-325 Pedagogical Sciences
Internet Memes as a Means to Form Learners’ Linguo-Cultural Competence when Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
Pisar' Nadezhda Vladimirovna
326-331 Pedagogical Sciences
On the Problem of Dictionaries Use while Teaching the Russian Language to Elementary Grade Students at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries
Trushina Natal'ya Petrovna
332-336 Pedagogical Sciences
Professionally Oriented Approach as Efficient Means to Raise Technical Students’ Motivation for Foreign Language Study
Khromova Elena Borisovna
337-341 Pedagogical Sciences
Structure and Content of Teacher-Designer Educational Programs in Russia and China: Comparative Analysis
Zhang Fangyu
342-347 Pedagogical Sciences
Psychological and Pedagogical Model of Using Educational Technologies in the Process of Preschool Children’s Mathematical Development
Chumakova Irina Vladimirovna, Vasina Yuliya Mikhailovna, Gaidukova Svetlana Alekseevna
348-352 Pedagogical Sciences
Efficiency of Using Translation Memory Database while Teaching to Translate Technical Texts of the Subject Area "Metallurgy" (by the Example of SDL TradosStudio)
Akasheva Tat'yana Valentinovna, Rakhimova Nuriya Mukhametovna
353-359 Pedagogical Sciences
Rendering in Modern Paradigm of Professionally Oriented English Language Teaching at Non-Linguistic Higher School
Alen'kina Tat'yana Borisovna
360-364 Pedagogical Sciences
Social Communication among the Russian Law Enforcement Officers
Guzeev Mikhail Sergeevich
365-369 Pedagogical Sciences
Teacher’s Terminological Culture Development in the Process of Professional Training
Igna Yaroslav Dmitrievich
370-374 Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Higher School Students’ Engineering Thinking in the Process of Foreign Language Teaching
Kriskovets Tat'yana Nikolaevna
375-381 Pedagogical Sciences
On Potential of Using Game Technologies when Teaching Foreign Language to Military Students
Luchinina Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Batalova Mariya Grigor'evna
382-386 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodological and Technological Principles of Providing E-Learning Software for Educational Institutions (by the Example of "Microsoft Teams" Platform)
Revunov Sergei Vadimovich, Shcherbina Mikhail Mikhailovich, Lubenskaya Mariya Petrovna
387-392 Pedagogical Sciences
Using Electronic Simulator in Professionally Oriented Foreign-Language Education of Future Bachelors in the Field of Training "State and Municipal Administration"
Sentishcheva Elena Aleksandrovna
393-396 Pedagogical Sciences
Role of Interdisciplinary Relationships Principle in the Course of Future Translators’ Professional Training
Tarkhova Lyubov' Anatol'evna, Mikhailova Evgeniya Vladimirovna
397-401 Pedagogical Sciences
Axiological and Synergetic Resources to Develop Future Engineers’ Educational Projectivity
Charikova Irina Nikolaevna
402-406 Pedagogical Sciences
Potential of WhatsApp Messenger while Organizing Distance Learning of the Discipline "Pedagogy and Psychology" at Medical Higher School
Chernyshenko Ol'ga Vasil'evna
407-411 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Psychology Students’ Subjectivity on the Basis of Reflective Skills
Shorina Anna Viktorovna
412-417 Pedagogical Sciences
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