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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 7.
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Design Education in Kuzbass: Directions, Trends, Prospects: Collective Monograph / under scientific. ed. N. I. Gendina, G. S. Eliseenkov; Kemerovo State Institute of Culture. Kemerovo: KemGIK, 2022. 242 p.: Opinion Paper
Yudina Anna Ivanovna
687-688 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of a Social and Humanities Educational Strategy in Educational Institutions of the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia: Philosophical and Anthropological Foundations
Taranova Aleksandra Evgenievna, Antonov Evgeniy Alekseevich
689-694 Pedagogical Sciences
New Didactics: Academic and Post-Academic Discourse
Tarkhanova Irina Yurievna
695-699 Pedagogical Sciences
Introduction of Intermedial Analysis of a Literary Text in Literature Lessons in Senior School of the Humanities
Karabanova Nadezhda Valerievna
700-706 Pedagogical Sciences
Objective and Subjective Difficulties in the Process of Studying Russian as a Foreign Language (by the Example of the Chinese Students of the NRU “Belgorod State University”)
Mokrishcheva Veronika Sergeevna, Samosenkova Tatiana Vladimirovna
707-715 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of Students’ General Cultural Competence in Teaching Literature in the Framework of Secondary Vocational Illiberal Education
Nikolaeva Elena Anatolievna
716-721 Pedagogical Sciences
Using the Capabilities of LMS Canvas in the Point-Rating System Implementation (by the Material of the Course “Russian Language and Culture of Speech”)
Timoshenko Tatyana Evgenievna, Shtukareva Elena Borisovna
722-730 Pedagogical Sciences
Teacher’s Personal Website When Modelling the Course “English for Special Purposes” for Master’s Students
Tsvetkova Natalia Igorevna, Yablokova Tatyana Nikolaevna
731-739 Pedagogical Sciences
Optimization of Speech Therapy Work on the Diagnosis of Hypokinetic Dysarthria in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease
Berdnikovich Elena Semenovna
740-746 Pedagogical Sciences
The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Process of Forming Vocabulary in Visually Impaired Primary Schoolchildren in the Context of Inclusive Education
Zamashnyuk Elena Vadimovna, Kruglova Tamara Alexandrovna, Potemkina Alla Vadimovna
747-755 Pedagogical Sciences
Communication Skills Formation in Older Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Folk Tales
Milovanova Nadezhda Iurevna, Andreeva Alena Alekseevna
756-763 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Marketing Translation to Students of Language Faculties
Buzaeva Yana Avalievna
764-770 Pedagogical Sciences
Content-Methodological Aspects of Tutor and Mentor Support Implementation in the System of Continuing Additional Professional Education
Vorozheikina Anfisa Vyacheslavovna, Tsilitsky Vitaly Sergeevich
771-777 Pedagogical Sciences
Improving the Auditive Competence of Foreign Language Teachers in the System of Additional Professional Education
Milovanova Ludmila Anatolyevna, Tsybaneva Valentina Aleksandrovna
778-785 Pedagogical Sciences
Technology of Teaching Leaders’ Activity to Students of Pedagogical University by Means of Pedagogical Design
Sergeeva Alena Aleksandrovna, Eshkina Natalya Ivanovna
786-791 Pedagogical Sciences
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