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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 1.
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Issues and Research Perspectives of Health Protection in the University Educational Environment: A Theoretical Review
Bermus Aleksandr Grigorievich
1-12 Pedagogical Sciences
Kinderknekht A. S. Peace-Making Rhyme: A Folklore Text, Game, Social Practice. Perm, 2022. 99 p.: Opinion Paper
Popova Tatyana Valentinovna
13-15 Pedagogical Sciences
Professional Orientation Self-Assessment of the Personality of Students - Future Teachers in Practical Training
Veretennikova Veronika Borisovna, Shikhova Olga Fedorovna
16-27 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Conditions for Soft Skills Formation among Younger Schoolchildren Based on the Cooperative Learning Method
Ilaeva Railya Anisovna
28-36 Pedagogical Sciences
Scientific Volunteering as a New Area of Volunteering Activities for Students and Schoolchildren (by the Example of the “Volunteer Naturalist” Platform)
Fursov Sergey Viktorovich
37-45 Pedagogical Sciences
Environmental Awareness Promotion as a Basis for People’s Ecological Culture Formation at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries
Nesterova Anna Aleksandrovna
46-53 Pedagogical Sciences
K. D. Ushinsky as an Editor of the “Journal of the Ministry of Public Education” (on the 200th Anniversary of His Birth)
Pomelov Vladimir Borisovich
54-63 Pedagogical Sciences
Role-Playing as a Way to Expand Vocabulary in English Classes in Conditions of Social Deprivation
Vasilyeva Irina Alexandrovna, Bogdanova Anna Gennadyevna, Lemskaya Valeriya Mikhaylovna, Kazak Olga Gennadyevna
64-70 Pedagogical Sciences
Theory and Practice of the Development of a Ural Linguo-Regional Dictionary Aimed at Forming Communicative Competence of Foreign Students
Evtyugina Alla Aleksandrovna, Tueva Ksenia Igorevna
71-77 Pedagogical Sciences
Business Game as a Method to Increase Medical Students’ Motivation to Study Clinical Disciplines
Zheleznyakova Natalia Alexandrovna, Gafanovich Elena Yakovlevna, Sokolov Ivan Mihaylovich
78-84 Pedagogical Sciences
Interactive Techniques of Teaching Business Communication to Students of Technical Training Programmes in Higher Education
Isaeva Nataliya Vasiliyevna, Chirich Irina Viktorovna, Shtukareva Elena Borisovna
85-91 Pedagogical Sciences
Structural and Content Model for Ecological Culture Formation among the Subjects of the Educational Process at School in the Context of the Idea of Modern Ecology
Tyumaseva Zoya Ivanovna, Shmakova Lyudmila Anatolyevna, Shindina Tatyana Leonidovna
92-98 Pedagogical Sciences
Conceptions of Continuous Professional Development of a Modern University Teacher
Alekseeva Polina Mikhailovna
99-105 Pedagogical Sciences
Structure and Content of University Students’ Experience of an Emotional-Value Attitude to Objects and Phenomena of the Surrounding World
Vasina Olga Nikolaevna
106-111 Pedagogical Sciences
Theoretical Model for Improving the Professional Competence of Primary School Teachers Implementing Chess Education Programmes
Povzun Vera Dmitrievna, Konevskikh Olesia Vladimirovna
112-119 Pedagogical Sciences
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