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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 3. P. 321-327.
SCIENTIFIC AREA:    Pedagogical Sciences
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Scaffolding as a specific pedagogical support for students studying a foreign language in university e-learning environment

Mirontseva Svetlana Sergeevna, Pavlova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Rogovenko Natalia Sergeevna, Semenkina Irina Arturovna
Sevastopol State University

Moscow Polytechnic University

Submitted: 31.01.2023
Abstract. The aim of the study is to reason the usage of scaffolding as a specific kind of pedagogical support in university e-learning environment. The research paper describes the essence, functions, strategies and forms of pedagogical support of students learning a foreign language. The special features of foreign language training e-course based on scaffolding principles of e-learning environment are considered. The efficiency of teaching students according to scaffolding principles to develop foreign language communicative competence is examined by the example of using the e-learning course ‘Empower A2-B2’ in university e-learning environment ‘’. The novelty of this study consists in the definition of the three main forms of scaffolding – individual scaffolding, affiliate scaffolding and computer-based scaffolding. As a result, the e-learning foreign language course ‘Empower A2-B2’ was worked out on scaffolding principles and introduced into the educational process of Sevastopol State University.
Key words and phrases: скаффолдинг, обучение русскому языку как иностранному, электронная образовательная среда вуза, scaffolding, foreign language teaching, university e-learning environment
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