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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 11.
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Traditions and Innovations in the Modern Cultural and Educational Space: Conference Proceedings. Moscow: MPSU, 2022. 259 p.: Opinion Paper
Baklanova Tatiana Ivanovna
1099-1101 Pedagogical Sciences
Toktarova V. I., Fedorova S. N. Adaptive System of Mathematical Training of Students in the Conditions of the Information and Educational Environment of the University. Yoshkar-Ola: Mari State University, 2020. 488 p.: Opinion Paper
Khabibullina Flera Yakhyatovna, Ivanova Iraida Gennadievna
1102-1105 Pedagogical Sciences
Interactive Methods of Contextual Learning as a Way to Enhance the Cognitive Activity of Students in the Process of Studying Non-Core Disciplines at the University: Implementation Experience
Biryukova Natalia Vladimirovna
1106-1113 Pedagogical Sciences
Preschool Ethnocultural Education of the Udmurt Republic: Current State and Development Factors
Borodina Anna Evgenevna, Nikolaeva Elena Arkadevna
1114-1122 Pedagogical Sciences
Regional Conference as an Effective Tool for All-Russian Identity Formation among Higher Education Students in the Pedagogical Space of Culture
Motornaya Svetlana Evgenievna
1123-1129 Pedagogical Sciences
Cognitive Component of the Pedagogical Readiness to Participate in the Inclusive Educational Process at School among Parents of Preschool-Aged Children
Shevtsova Tatiana Alexandrovna
1130-1138 Pedagogical Sciences
Discursive Competence Formation among Language University Students in Foreign Language Practical Classes
Davydova Yulia Grigorjevna
1139-1145 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of Working with Authentic News and Journalistic Texts in Professional Foreign Language Training of International Relations Students
Zolina Olga Mikhailovna
1146-1152 Pedagogical Sciences
Training Non-Linguistic Students for Participation in Foreign-Language Academic Competitions
Kanunnikova Natalia Vladimirovna, Lebedenko Olga Nikolaevna, Vigna-Taglianti Jacopo
1153-1159 Pedagogical Sciences
Criteria for Selecting an Authentic Audio Text in the Interview Genre for Preparation for Russian as a Foreign Language Testing: Second Certificate Level (the “Listening” Subtest)
Karagodin Alexandr Alexandrovich, Karagodina Inna Andreevna
1160-1166 Pedagogical Sciences
Improving Students’ Pronunciation Skills When Teaching English at a Non-Linguistic University
Korshunova Elena Sergeevna
1167-1175 Pedagogical Sciences
The Issue of Developing Subtests to Determine the Basic Level of Russian as a Foreign Language Proficiency (A2)(Vocabulary. Grammar. Reading. Listening)
Markina Polina Vladimirovna, Voronets Maria Vladimirovna, Avvakumova Evgeniya Aleksandrovna
1176-1185 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Communicative Reflection Skills in the Process of Teaching English in Grade 6 of the Secondary School
Razuvaeva Tatiana Aleksandrovna, Shurygina Yulia Aleksandrovna, Shchankina Olga Sergeyevna
1186-1192 Pedagogical Sciences
Modelling the Process of Performing Activity Formation of a Future Music Teacher in the System of Professional Education
Didenko Diana Leonidovna
1193-1198 Pedagogical Sciences
Structural Components of the System for the Formation of Readiness for Professional Cross-Cultural Communication among Military University Cadets
Itkulova Alena Andreevna
1199-1205 Pedagogical Sciences
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