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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 2.
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Language Skills of Children with Severe and Multiple Developmental Disorders Including Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Theoretical Review
Mednova Maria Evgenievna
121-128 Pedagogical Sciences
Emotional Intelligence of Students as an Object of Study of Linguistic Disciplines: An Analytical Review
Sizova Ekaterina Victorovna, Safronenko Olga Ivanovna
129-137 Pedagogical Sciences
Possibilities of Using Didactic Games in the Development of Russian Preschoolers’ Speech Skills in the Process of Teaching the Chinese Language
Darinskaia Larisa Alexandrovna, Wei Linlu
138-146 Pedagogical Sciences
Professional Self-Determination as a Mechanism for the Development of Educational Independence of a Profession-Oriented School Student
Fomicheva Nadezhda Vasiljevna
147-153 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of Reading Skills in a Foreign Language among Primary Schoolchildren Using Online Educational Books
Gamil Karina Ihab, Krylova Irina Aleksandrovna
154-163 Pedagogical Sciences
Elective Course “Entertaining French” in the System of Foreign Language Vocational Education in the Training of Future Teachers of the French Language
Golovchanskaya Irina Ilinichna, Dudushkina Svetlana Viktorovna, Luchina Elena Viatcheslavovna
164-170 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology of Teaching Multicomponent Japanese Characters to Future Specialists in the Field of East Asian Languages and Culture and Teachers Specialising in East Asian Studies
Strelnikov Igor Anatolevich
171-182 Pedagogical Sciences
Emotive-Reflexive Approach to the Formation of Phonetic Competence in Russian among Foreign Students
Yan Qiaoyan
183-186 Pedagogical Sciences
Extracurricular Activity of Schoolchildren with Significant Intellectual Disabilities in Russia: A View from Within
Parfenova Veronika Vladislavovna
187-197 Pedagogical Sciences
Assessment of Readiness for Professional Self-Development of Students in the Direction of “Special (Defectological) Education”
Galkina Vera Alexandrovna
198-204 Pedagogical Sciences
Forms and Methods of Performing Activity Formation among Future Teachers-Musicians in the Process of Piano Training of Students at University
Didenko Diana Leonidovna
205-210 Pedagogical Sciences
Methods and Techniques of Professional Education in Professional Mobility Formation among Vocational School Students
Karelina Nadezhda Anfinogentovna
211-216 Pedagogical Sciences
Foreign Language for Special Purposes in the Development of Professional Identity of International Lawyers
Samorodova Ekaterina Alexandrovna, Simonyan Tatiana Armenovna
217-223 Pedagogical Sciences
Involvement of Students Majoring in Advertising and Public Relations in Academic Research Activities
Taranenko Anna Vladimirovna, Kushvakha Khurshud Nezhdat kyzy
224-228 Pedagogical Sciences
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