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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 5.
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Pedagogical model of the civic education of secondary school students through extracurricular activities
Kovalev Valery Valerievich
453-462 Pedagogical Sciences
Clusters of critical thinking skills of modern high school students
Lisenkova Alena Dmitrievna
463-469 Pedagogical Sciences
Theoretical substantiation of the process model of developing the competences of students’ social interaction in teaching collaboration
Rodina Olga Nikolaevna
470-476 Pedagogical Sciences
Content and organisational aspects of tutor support for the individual educational trajectory of a student at a specialised school
Fomicheva Nadezhda Vasiljevna
477-482 Pedagogical Sciences
V. E. Adodurov – the theorist and practitioner of teaching Russian as a foreign language in the first half of the 18th century
Papilova Elena Vyacheslavovna
483-490 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of values dominants of cross-cultural communication among the foreign students in the polyculture environment of multidisciplinary universities
Wang Shi
491-495 Pedagogical Sciences
Linguodidactic problems of Chinese grammar teaching at a language university and possible ways to solve them
Dubrovskaia Kristina Eduardovna
496-501 Pedagogical Sciences
Travelogue as a tool of forming cross-culture communicative competence of the students of the 10-11th forms (philological class of Humanities)
Korzun Oksana Olegovna, Shtanko Elena Victorovna
502-510 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching the ninth-form pupils to write a patriotic argumentative essay on the basis of modeling method for passing the Basic State Exam in Russian
Kuznetsova Tatyana Borisovna, Ryabchenko Natalia Nikolaevna
511-516 Pedagogical Sciences
Organisation of students’ independent work aimed at developing their publication activities using project and scientific research methods
Reshetnikova Elena Vasilevna
517-524 Pedagogical Sciences
Principles of working out the exercise system aimed at the development of speaking skills of the Chinese students learning Russian as a foreign language
Zhao Linlin
525-531 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of auditory abilities when teaching Russian to foreign students from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region
Chireikina Olga Iurievna, Chireikin Mihail Kimovich
532-538 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of function roles of brain hemispheres and teaching issues
Vizel Tatiana Grigorievna
539-546 Pedagogical Sciences
Structural and functional model of future preschool teachers’ training for the formation of economic responsibility bases of preschoolers
Vyatchinina Elena Viktorovna
547-554 Pedagogical Sciences
Mentoring as a resource of developing the future teacher’s culture of professional self-organization
Isaev Evgeny Anatolevich
555-560 Pedagogical Sciences
The model of values of the digital educational environment as a guideline for the professional education of future teachers
Yakovleva Olga Valerievna
561-568 Pedagogical Sciences
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