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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 4.
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Postmodernity Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
585-593 Study of Art
Professor A. A. Slezin and His School of Juvenile History (Tambov)
Pirozhkov Gennadii Petrovich
594-598 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Dialogue of Arts and Art Paradigms": Trends and Prospects of Research in New Publications of the Almanac (Descriptive Review)
Egorova Irina Lvovna
599-609 Study of Art
Causes of Urban Riots in Moscow State in the Middle of the XVII Century
Andreev Igor Lvovich, Ilyina Ksenia Evgenievna
610-615 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Kazan Branch of the Khvostov Dynasty and Descendants of Moscow Military Leader Aleksey Khvost: Evidence for Kinship
Botova Vera Ivanovna
616-627 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Perception of Yemelyan Pugachev’s Rebellion among His Contemporaries (by the Material of Documents of Tyumen Voivode’s Chancery of 1773-1775)
Golovanova Olga Ivanovna
628-633 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Parish Registers of the XVIII Century as Source on Genealogy of the Russian Provincial Town Population (by the Example of Kolomna)
Kirichenko Vadim Yur’evich
634-639 Historical Sciences and Archeology
General P. N. Shatilov’s Activity to Organize Resettlement of the Russian Army to the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1921
Okunev Dmitry Dmitrievich
640-648 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Development of Student Community at Gorky State Pedagogical Institute named after A. M. Gorky in the 1960s
Smirnitskiy Aleksandr Evgenievich
649-653 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Orthodox Church in Transcarpathia under Conditions of Uniatism Formation
Golenko Vladimir Vladimirovich
654-659 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Modern Multiethnic States’ Activity to Preserve and Revitalize Indigenous Languages (by the Example of Canada and Russia)
Dorzheeva Victoria Vladimirovna, Sleptsova Olga Yurievna
660-666 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Features of Economic Activities Undertaken by the Serving Mishars of the Southern Urals in the XVII-XIX Centuries
Kilmamatov Ruslan Ramilevich, Shayahmetov Fidail Fanilevich
667-671 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ethnocultural Component in Structure of Everyday Life of the Samara Oblast Peoples
Krzhizhevskiy Mikhail Vladislavovich, Solentsova Elena Alekseevna
672-677 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Social Attitudes towards the Tatars in the Russian-Speaking Network Communities (by the Example of the Social Network "VKontakte")
Makhmutov Zufar Alexandrovich
678-681 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The US Digital Diplomacy in 2009-2020 through the Lens of Evolving Innovative Technologies
Grishanina Tatiana Alexandrovna
682-688 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Sports Tourism Role in Public Diplomacy Development in the Russian Federation and the North European Countries
Tiunov Viacheslav Aleksandrovich
689-693 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Philosophical Prognosis on Interaction between Humanity and Artificial Intelligence
Sterledeva Tamara Dmitrievna, Sterledev Roman Konstantinovich
694-697 Philosophical Sciences
Nikolay Ivanovich Kareyev’s Historiosophy: the Past and the Present
Aref’ev Michail Anatol’evich, Davydenkova Antonina Gileevna, Zykin Alexey Vladimirovich
698-702 Philosophical Sciences
Freedom, Duty and Morality in S. I. Hessen’s and A. V. Veideman’s Views
Gushchin Yan Denisovich
703-708 Philosophical Sciences
"Essence" and "Existence" in Understanding of Human Nature in Scholastic Philosophy
Dyachenko Olga Nikolaevna
709-713 Philosophical Sciences
Transcendental Subject from Descartes to Husserl: Classical and Non-Classical Approaches in the Western European Metaphysics
Tsiplakova Yulia Vladimirovna, Dmitrieva Anastasia Valerievna
714-720 Philosophical Sciences
Legal Regulation of Medical Secrecy in the West European Countries at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries (by the Material of the Russian Physicians’ and Lawyers’ Works)
Pyzhova Olesya Vladimirovna
721-726 Philosophical Sciences
Euthanasia Tourism: Ethical Aspects of Legal Termination of Life
Simonova Zhanna Gennad’evna
727-731 Philosophical Sciences
"Зоной дунда ороод байха" ("Art of Being among People"): Ideals of the Buryat Intellectual Culture
Anandaeva Tsyndyma Tsympilovna
732-738 Philosophical Sciences
Man and the World: Alienation and Return to It as Existential and Socio-Philosophical Issue
Bashirov Timur Anvarbakovich
739-745 Philosophical Sciences
Plato’s and Aristotle’s Socio-Political Views in the Context of Modern Conceptions on Political Corruption Nature
Vezlomtsev Viktor Evgenievich
746-752 Philosophical Sciences
Sustainable Development of Russia and the Malthusian Trap
Gofman Aleksandr Anatolyevich, Tymoshchuk Alexey Stanislavovich
753-758 Philosophical Sciences
Social and Ontological Features of Folk Traditions
Demyasheva Lyudmila Sergeevna, Ryazanov Alexander Vladimirovich
759-763 Philosophical Sciences
Building Civic-Political Nation in Modern Russia: State of the Issue and Prospects
Srybnaya Polina Ivanovna
764-768 Philosophical Sciences
Interaction of Clerical and Secular Authorities in Medieval Western Europe
Sukhorukova Sof'ya Leonidovna, Rudaleva Margarita Andreevna
769-774 Philosophical Sciences
Methodology of Philosophy of Culture as New Approach to Studying Indigenous Cultures of China
Aniri , Fomina Marina Nikolaevna
775-779 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical Consideration of Modern Social Dance
Osintseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna
780-784 Philosophical Sciences
"Children’s Album" in "Zazerkalie" ("Through the Looking-Glass") Theatre - Artistic Experiment of Stage Director A. V. Petrov (1989)
Koprova Snezhina Stanislavovna
785-792 Study of Art
Y. Lezhneva’s Vocal Style in the Context of the Baroque Performance Practice
Bezkorovainaya Natalia Stepanovna
793-797 Study of Art
The Russian "Miller" with the French "Accent": Continuing the Traditions of op?ra-comique in the Opera "The Miller Who Was a Wizard, a Cheat and a Matchmaker" by A. Ablesimov and M. Sokolovsky
Kim Vita Miriam Georgievna
798-802 Study of Art
Relevant Forms to Introduce Classical Musical Heritage to Modern Audience
Filanovskaya Tatyana Alexandrovna
803-808 Study of Art
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