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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 8.
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Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1525-1529 Study of Art
History of Studying Private Collecting in Russia: Theoretical Review
Ignatieva Oksana Valerievna
1530-1537 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Unknown Mikhail Gnesin: Articles from the Provincial Press of the 1910s / comp., prep. for publication, comm. by S. V. Anikienko, G. Yu. Ersengel’. Krasnodar: Krasnodar State Institute of Culture, 2020. 288 p.: Opinion Paper
Volkova Polina Stanislavovna
1538-1540 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Trufanov S. N. About Crisis in Philosophy, or "Who Thinks Abstractly?" // Tsennosti i smysly (Values and Meanings). 2009. № 2. P. 126-143: Opinion Paper
Serikov Vasilii Vasilievitch, Pivovarova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
1541-1543 Philosophical Sciences
Methodological Criteria, Principles and Issues of City Chronology in the Russian Historical Urban Studies
Babiukh Vitalii Antonovich
1544-1550 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Historical Basis for Referring to Rus Population as the Rugi and the Rutheni in Medieval Western European Sources
Belokhvostov Andrey Nikolaevich
1551-1557 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Last Monarch of Russia and His Subjects: Evolution of Monarchy Self-Presentation
Kruzhalina Anastasiia Alekseevna
1558-1562 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Designer A. S. Yakovlev’s Books as Source on the Soviet History
Mamyachenkov Vladimir Nikolajevich
1563-1568 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Number, Composition and Salaries of Employees in Sverdlovsk Oblast Party Bodies in 1954-1966: From N. S. Khrushchev to L. I. Brezhnev
Mamyachenkov Vladimir Nikolayevich, Reznichenko Denis Vladimirovich
1569-1573 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Tambov Provincial Extraordinary Commission in Fight against Peasant Rebellion (1918-1922)
Parakhin Sergei Alekseevich, Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich
1574-1578 Historical Sciences and Archeology
A. N. Kuropatkin on Cultural and Historic Importance of Railways in the Russian Far East
Suvorov Valery Vladimirovich, Shumilova Lyudmila Nikolaevna, Pinchuk Yuri Sergeevich
1579-1583 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Organizational Management Principles: Historical and Methodological Aspect
Tskhadadze Nelly Viktorovna
1584-1588 Historical Sciences and Archeology
1917 Revolutionary Events in the Russian Literature Representatives’ Perception (by the Example of M. Gorky’s Creative Work)
Chikina Irina Ivanovna
1589-1595 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Dzungar Khanate as Potential Hegemon in the Mongolian World: Causes of Failure
Kushkhov Boris Khabizhevich
1596-1602 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Cavalry’s Participation in the 338 BC Battle of Chaeronea
Sivkina Natalia Yurievna, Novosilnov Andrej Sergeevich
1603-1607 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation of the UK Diplomatic Position during Preparation for Negotiations with the Emir of Afghanistan (October-November 1904)
Simonov Konstantin Viktorovich
1608-1613 Historical Sciences and Archeology
New Forms of Fight against Racial Discrimination in the United States in the XXI Century: "Black Lives Matter" Movement
Khafizova Rufina Railovna, Tukhvatullin Rustehm Rasfarovich
1614-1618 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Philosophical Consultancy: Responding to the VUCA World Challenges
Ivanova Olga Ernstovna
1619-1623 Philosophical Sciences
Life beyond Time: Non-Temporal Self-Perception in Patristic Philosophy
Dyachenko Olga Nikolaevna
1624-1627 Philosophical Sciences
Epistemological Transformations of Science in Digital Age
Platonova Svetlana Ipatovna
1628-1631 Philosophical Sciences
Patriotism as Ideological Basis of the Russian Civil Nation Formation
Abdulkadyrov Yusup Nurmagomedovich
1632-1636 Philosophical Sciences
Conflictogenity and University Academic Culture
Kabakhidze Ekaterina L'vovna
1637-1641 Philosophical Sciences
Hedonism and Education: Interrelation Dialectic
Kuleshov Valerii Ermolaevich
1642-1648 Philosophical Sciences
Influence of Gerontostereotypes on Elderly People’s Health and Communication
Pashina Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
1649-1652 Philosophical Sciences
"Free Creativity" as Means to Overcome Urgent Problem of Estrangement in the Modern World
Serikov Vasilii Vasilievitch, Pivovarova Ekaterina Vladimirovna
1653-1658 Philosophical Sciences
Image as Call - R. Barthes’s Analysis of Advertising Images in the Context of L. Althusser’s Theory of Ideology
Shalganov Roman Dmitrievich
1659-1663 Philosophical Sciences
Axiological Dimension of the Modern Chinese Culture
Duminskaya Anastasiya Valiyevna
1664-1668 Philosophical Sciences
Critical Realism in Dialogue between Science and Religion: I. Barbour and J. Polkinghorne’s Approach
Kiryanov Dmitry Viktorovich
1669-1678 Philosophical Sciences
Classical Yoga Reception in the Russian Philosophy of the Second Half of the XIX - the First Half of the XX Century
Solopov Oleg Viktorovich
1679-1686 Philosophical Sciences
Formation of Professional Musical Education in Georgia
Barkalaya Nino Ottovna
1687-1697 Study of Art
Japanning as Imitation Technique to Produce the French Rococo Furniture
Brovko Ekaterina Mikhailovna
1698-1702 Study of Art
Typology of Orthodox Church Bell Towers Built in Vyatka Governorate in the First Half of the XIX Century
Gildina Tatyana Aleksandrovna, Ralnikov Danil Nikolaevich
1703-1710 Study of Art
Colour in Installation Evolution in Architectural and Spatial Environment
Kovaleva Natalia Aleksandrovna
1711-1715 Study of Art
Russian Historical Painting at World Expositions in the United States (Late XIX - Early XX Century)
Mutia Natalia Nikolaevna
1716-1726 Study of Art
Spectator’s Emotional Response to Art Nouveau Images in A. V. Khvastunova’s Graphics
Popov Alexei Valentinovich
1727-1731 Study of Art
Miaodigou Painted Pottery: Ornaments and Forms
Zheng Qingyan
1732-1736 Study of Art
Identification of Pocket and Wrist Watches of the Second Half of the XIX - the First Half of the XX Century: Basic Methods, Recommended Algorithm
Bekker Albert Ottovich, Vorobev-Sheryshev Aleksei Aleksandrovich
1737-1744 Study of Art
Arc Image in the Early Byzantine Illuminated Gospels: Symbolism, Geometry, Genesis
Suslova Raisa Anvarovna
1745-1756 Study of Art
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