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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 5.
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Specificity of Narrative Structure of Yu. P. Kazakov’s Short Story "Two in December"
Baranova Margarita Sergeevna
1333-1338 Philological Sciences
Features of Depicting Chronotope in A. I. Kuprin’s Novella "The Wheel of Time"
Zhirkova Marina Anato?evna
1339-1345 Philological Sciences
Teffi: Pseudonym Role in Perception of Female Creativity in the Russian Modernism
Kim Yulia Vitalievna
1346-1350 Philological Sciences
"We Long to Be Enthralled by Pensive Sonnets": Sonnet in Creative Work of Poets Belonging to Harbin Literary and Artistic Association "Churaevka"
Koval'chuk Irina Yur'evna, Gorshunova Anna Sergeevna
1351-1355 Philological Sciences
Image of Fandom in the Novel "Ros Square, Original" by B. Zavgorodny and S. Zaitsev
Putilo Oleg Olegovich
1356-1360 Philological Sciences
Kyazim Mechiev’s Poem "Сары Къош" ("Yellow Kosh") and the Karachay-Balkar "Жортуул жырла" ("Songs about Forays"): Ethno-Semantic Parallels
Bittirova Tamara Shamsudinovna
1361-1366 Philological Sciences
Genesis and Development of the Adyghe Literature: Issues of Stage States and Periodisation
Gyazov Islam Vitalievich
1367-1371 Philological Sciences
National Artistic Traditions in Creative Work of the Modern Buryat Children’s Writers E. Dugarov and M. Batoin
Serebryakova Zoya Aleksandrovna, Isakov Aleksandr Viktorovich
1372-1377 Philological Sciences
Representation of the Chechens’ Moral-Ethical Views in M. Musaev’s Prose
Tovsultanova Dzhamilya Salavdiyevna
1378-1383 Philological Sciences
Mahammad Fuzuli’s Role in Ghazal Traditional Genre Formation in the Azerbaijani Literature
Bagirov Abuzar Musa ogly
1384-1389 Philological Sciences
Romanticism in H. de Balzac’s Novel "The Wild Ass’s Skin": Reflection of the Writer’s Creative Method in Language of Contrastive Oppositions
Vasileva Olga Anatol’evna
1390-1395 Philological Sciences
"War Was Always Here": "Frontier Myth" in C. McCarthy’s Novel "Blood Meridian"
Vikhrova Kseniya Aleksandrovna
1396-1401 Philological Sciences
Formation of Children’s Literature in China in the 1920-1930s
Zakharova Natalia Vladimirovna
1402-1407 Philological Sciences
Motif of Blindness in Margaret Atwood’s Novel "The Blind Assassin"
Isaeva Anna Nikolaevna
1408-1412 Philological Sciences
Image of Russia in Julian Barnes’s Novels "Flaubert’s Parrot" and "The Noise of Time"
Kirpichnikova Anna Andreevna, Tarasova Veronika Vladimirovna
1413-1418 Philological Sciences
"The Pillow Book" by Sei Sh?nagon and "Hopscotch" by Julio Cort?zar: Genre Peculiarities
Kurmaeva Irina Ildarovna, Khafizova Ilseyar Ilgamovna
1419-1423 Philological Sciences
Intertextual Poetics of N. Ljubi?’s Novel "Stillness of the Sea"
Linnichenko Svetlana Igorevna
1424-1429 Philological Sciences
Recontextualisation of the Detective: Transforming H. Poirot’s Image in S. Hannah’s Novel "The Monogram Murders"
Melikhov Alexey Germanovich
1430-1434 Philological Sciences
Mother Figure in the Modern Swedish Literature about Migrants as Factor of Cultural Identity Formation
Morkina Marta Aleksandrovna
1435-1441 Philological Sciences
Features of Poetics and Musical Conception of "Fu on the Panpipes" by Wang Bao (I Century BC)
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
1442-1452 Philological Sciences
Political Metaphor Functioning in the Modern Electronic Media (by the Material of the Online Newspaper "")
Wei Xiao
1453-1458 Philological Sciences
Potentiality of Norm of XIX-Century Penitentiary Law
Golikov Leonid Mikhailovich
1459-1464 Philological Sciences
Imperative Mood Forms of Suppletive Verb Pair БЫТЬ/ЕСТЬ in the Text "The Russian Primary Chronicle" (According to the Laurentian and Hypatian Codices)
Kazazaeva Marianna Alekseevna
1465-1470 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Mechanism of Comparison in Advertising Tourist Narrative
Men’shikova Ekaterina Evgen'evna
1471-1477 Philological Sciences
Main Semantic Components of the Concept IMPOLITENESS in the Russian Linguistic Culture: Lexicographic Analysis
Petrova Anastassia Arkadievna
1478-1485 Philological Sciences
Structural Types of Mythonyms in I. A. Bunin’s Poetry
Selemeneva Olga Alexandrovna, Borodina Nadezhda Anatol'evna
1486-1490 Philological Sciences
Native Speakers’ Motives to Choose Normative Lexical Variant of Lexeme
Sitsyna-Kudryavtseva Alevtina Nikolaevna
1491-1496 Philological Sciences
S. N. Zeitlin’s "Dictionary of Children’s Derivational Innovations" as Lexicographical Information Resource
Smirnova Svetlana Anatolievna
1497-1502 Philological Sciences
Representation of Information on Communicants’ Social Status in Educational Service Promo-Texts
Streltsova Olga Igorevna
1503-1508 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units - Synonyms with the Component "Псэ" ("Soul") in the Kabardino-Circassian Language
Abazova Marita Mukhamedovna, Unatlokov Vyacheslav Khautievich, Khutezhev Zaudin Galievich
1509-1513 Philological Sciences
Anthroponymy in the Evenki Language and Cultural Traditions
Varlamov Alexander Nikolaevich, Varlamova Julia Alexandrovna
1514-1518 Philological Sciences
Orthographic Variability in the Yakut Language: Hyphenated and Non-Hyphenated Spelling
Vasilyeva Nadezhda Matveevna
1519-1523 Philological Sciences
Nominative Field of the Concept ХОРЗ/GOOD in the Ossetian Language
Dzakhova Veronika Tambievna, Bagaeva Anna Albertovna
1524-1528 Philological Sciences
The Bilingual Buryats’ Language and Mindset (by the Results of Associative Experiment)
Dyrkheeva Galina Aleksandrovna
1529-1536 Philological Sciences
Features of C. Funke’s Individual Style (by the Material of the Novel "Dragon Rider")
Vahrusheva Marina Ivanovna, Larkina Polina Yevgenyevna
1537-1541 Philological Sciences
Grammatical Peculiarities of the English Schoolchild’s Gaming Discourse
Garanina Natal’ya Viktorovna
1542-1547 Philological Sciences
Means for Expressing Verbal Aggression in the English Football Fans’ Discourse (by the Material of Dougie Brimson’s Books)
Denisova Anastasia Valerievna
1548-1553 Philological Sciences
General Grounds for Studying Names of Groups of People in the Modern English Language
Katorgina Daria Yurevna
1554-1558 Philological Sciences
Stereotype of Female Politician in the American Mass Media Discourse
Koval Aleksandra Arturovna
1559-1564 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Means for Creating V. V. Putin’s Image in English (by the Material of D. J. Trump’s Twitter Account)
Kochergan Alexandra Mikhailovna, Rodina Ekaterina Igorevna
1565-1569 Philological Sciences
Hermeneutic Model of Literary Translation of Intertextual Signs from Russian into English
Ryabko Yelena Igorevna
1570-1575 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Mechanisms of Epigraph Regulativity in D. Tartt’s Novel "The Goldfinch"
Simonova Elena Petrovna
1576-1582 Philological Sciences
Ways for Implementing Communicative Strategies in Collective Speech Portrait of the Modern German Politicians (by the Material of Ceremonial Speeches Texts)
Tsvetkova Ekaterina Borisovna
1583-1587 Philological Sciences
Lexicalisation of Concept Spheres "Sky"/"Небо" in V. Nabokov’s English and Russian Idiolects
Bakoumenko Olga Nikolaevna
1588-1595 Philological Sciences
Early Self-Identification Model of K. Kinchev’s Cognitive-Pragmatic Programme: "Prophet of Heroic Quasi-Religion"
Ivanov Dmitry Igorevich
1596-1601 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Defence Attorney’s and Prosecutor’s Indirect Communicative Influence on the Jurors during Trial (by the Material of English-Language Feature Films)
Ilyukhin Nikita Igorevich
1602-1607 Philological Sciences
Relationship between Manipulative Tactics and Speaker’s Extrapersonal Attitudes (by the Material of the English Everyday Dialogues)
Konovalenko Tatiana Georgievna, Kashirskaia Kseniia Sergeevna
1608-1615 Philological Sciences
Structural and Content Features of Military-Political Discourse: Theoretical Aspects (Based on the English Language)
Moshkina Yulia Valerievna, Kramarenko Olga Leonidovna, Bogdanova Oksana Yurievna
1616-1620 Philological Sciences
Phonetic Features of the Japanese Dialectisms in Fairy Tale Texts (by the Material of the Yamagata Prefecture Dialect)
Rufova Elena Stepanovna, Ignatieva Yuma Leonidovna
1621-1625 Philological Sciences
Markers of Reducing Epistemic Responsibility in German Popular Science Discourse: Lexical-Syntactic Level
Chepurnaya Alena Ivanovna
1626-1630 Philological Sciences
Urban and Rural Landscape in Thomas Hardy’s Novel "Tess of the d’Urbervilles" and Difficulties of Its Translation into Russian
Abacharaeva Diana Abdulkadirovna, Shakhemirova Svetlana Vagidovna
1631-1635 Philological Sciences
Ethnolinguocultural Aspect in Representation of the Concept VIRTUE / Х?РЗУАГДЗИНАД in the English and Ossetian Phraseology
Balikoeva Marta Ibragimovna, Gubaeva Nina Gennadiyevna, Bekoeva Irina Davidovna
1636-1640 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Psychosemantics of Colour Lexemes "Белый" and "White" (by the Example of Novels of Demonic Nature)
Bondarenko Irina Viktorovna, Sakharova Natalia Gennadievna
1641-1646 Philological Sciences
Elimination of Lacunae in Simultaneous Interpretation (by the Material of Simultaneously Interpreted Speeches of the UN Security Council)
Ibragimova Karine Grachievna, Rykova Pelageya Andreevna
1647-1653 Philological Sciences
Linguoculturological Features of Metaphorical Models of Terms Belonging to the Sphere "Old Russian Architecture" (by the Material of the Russian and English Languages)
Kraevskaya Irina Olegovna, Mikhaylova Irina Vladimirovna
1654-1659 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Translating Phraseological Units Subjected to Lexical Transformation from English into Russian
Mirgalimova Liliia Marselevna
1660-1665 Philological Sciences
Expressive Concretization as Translation Technique to Transfer Author’s Style and Intention (by the Example of Ozzy Osbourne’s Autobiography "I Am Ozzy")
Sakhapova Mariya Alexandrovna
1666-1670 Philological Sciences
Concepts TRUTH and LIE in the Russian and Ukrainian Languages: Linguo-Cognitive Comparative Analysis
Sergienko Natalya Anatolyevna, Tsarskaya Tatyana Sergeyevna
1671-1677 Philological Sciences
Reportative Evidentiality in the Turkish and Japanese Languages
Khafizova Ilseyar Ilgamovna, Shafigullina Liliya Shamilova
1678-1682 Philological Sciences
Functional Features of Borrowings in the Czech and Russian Languages (by the Material of Newly Appeared Lexical Units)
Cherchuk Olga Igorevna
1683-1687 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Using Professional Terminology in Scientific Articles and Reviews (by the Material of the English-Language Texts of the Subject Area "Shipbuilding")
Dubinina Ekaterina Yurievna
1688-1694 Philological Sciences
Historical Background of Formation of Terminology Belonging to Subject Area "Water Supply": Corpus-Based Research
Novikova Aleksandra Alekseevna
1695-1701 Philological Sciences
Opinion Paper: Academic Edition: Slavic Microphilology / ed. by Aleksandr D. Duli?enko, Motoki Nomachi. Sapporo - Tartu, 2018. Slavica Tartuensia XI - Slavic Eurasian Studies XXXIV. 453 p.
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
1702-1703 Philological Sciences
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