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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2023. № 5.
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The role of allusive microplots in the structure in characters' images of F. M. Dostoevsky's early works
Knyazeva Lyudmila Andreevna
1311-1319 Philological Sciences
Transhumanism in the European literature of the 19th century: Dostoyevsky and Balzac
Kovalevskaya Tatyana Vyacheslavovna
1320-1327 Philological Sciences
“Karamzin canon” in “Letters of a Russian Officer” by F. N. Glinka
Konstantinova Natalya Vladimirovna
1328-1333 Philological Sciences
Essay genre on the pages of ‘Tomskie gubernskie vedomosti’ (Tomsk Provincial Gazette)
Tarasova Maria Vladimirovna
1334-1339 Philological Sciences
“Eternal images” in I. S. Turgenev’s writings: On the material of the story “A Lear of the Steppes”
Hao Jingjing
1340-1345 Philological Sciences
Individual and history in the novel “The Great Bloodline” by the Buryat writer D. Erdyneev
Serebryakova Zоуа Alexandrovna, Chimitova Irina Zorigtoevna
1346-1350 Philological Sciences
Specifics of the idyllic chronotope in H. L. Wagner’s drama ‘The Child Murderess’
Anisimova Alexandra Naumovna, Efremova Yulia Ivanovna
1351-1357 Philological Sciences
Techniques of violating the literary and cultural code of Christmas in Victorian England in J. K. Jerome’s short prose (on the material of the work ‘Told After Supper’)
Vorobets Tatyana Alekseevna, Gerdt Elena Valerievna, Lobkova Elena Vladimirovna
1358-1364 Philological Sciences
Implementation of Aristotle’s principles of dramatic genre in Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone”
Cherkasova Elena Valeryevna
1365-1370 Philological Sciences
Representation of the “failed initiation” in postmodern literature in the novel “Brazil” by J. Updike
Shalimova Nadezhda Sergeevna, Mogish Aleksandra Aleksandrovna
1371-1374 Philological Sciences
The Slavic world in the present and the past. In memory of Vladimir Pavlovich Gudkov: A collection of articles / ed. by E. I. Yakushkina. M.: MAKS Press, 2022. 224 p.: Book review
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
1375-1377 Philological Sciences
Role of gastronomic and culinary metaphors in the works of XX-century Russian literature (by the example of the novella “Hostess” by I. Grekova)
Al-Haideri Basim Hasan Khrebit
1378-1383 Philological Sciences
Nouns with the suffix -ость in the translation of the Corpus Areopagiticum by Moses Gumilevsky (the XVIII century)
Volskaya Anastasia Sergeevna, Nikolaeva Nataliya Gennadyevna
1384-1388 Philological Sciences
Poetic texts as a fragment of geologist’s speech portrait of the second part of the XX century
Ivanova Nadezhda Alekseyevna
1389-1394 Philological Sciences
Terminological systems of the sublanguage of medicine: A structural-typological aspect
Kazarina Svetlana Georgievna, Gulyaeva Tatyana Urevna
1395-1399 Philological Sciences
Linguo-axiological aspect of studying the correlation between dialect derivatives with the suffix -уш/а and the value paradigm of the Orthodox spirituality space
Katyshev Pavel Alekseevich, Lushpey Anastasia Alexandrovna
1400-1405 Philological Sciences
Features of Phonetic Assimilation of Arabisms in the Russian Language
Svetlova Rozaliia Mansurovna, Ibragimova Leisan Galiahmatovna, Lisina Gulnara Monirovna
1406-1410 Philological Sciences
Formation of political euphemisms: Stages, methods, dynamics
Wu Yucongzi
1411-1415 Philological Sciences
Soft and hard variants of the institutionality of service communication
Yang Can
1416-1423 Philological Sciences
Terms for dance movements of Bashkir folk dances
Вaibulov Ilnar Irnazarovich
1424-1428 Philological Sciences
Complex verbs with the multiple action suffix -хь in the Kabardian-Circassian language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna
1429-1433 Philological Sciences
Predicative conjugation of non-verbs in the central dialect of the Moksha language
Ivanova Galina Sofronovna, Butylov Nikolay Vasilievich, Saigutina Kristina Ivanovna
1434-1439 Philological Sciences
Representation of the concept MOSQUITO in the Even language picture of the world
Kuzmina Raisa Petrovna
1440-1443 Philological Sciences
Internet meme as a tool for expressing public opinion of Germans in relation to vaccination against Covid-19 in Germany
Akkuratova Irina Borisovna
1444-1450 Philological Sciences
Genre and composition features of the texts of German-language online travel guides
Bespalova Svetlana Vasilevna, Kuznetsova Lydmila Nikolaevna
1451-1457 Philological Sciences
Characteristics of communicative manipulation on the material of English TV series
Ilyukhin Nikita Igorevich
1458-1464 Philological Sciences
Features of expression of the semantics of futurality by the non-finite forms of the English verb
Kazionova Elena Nikolayevna, Pavlova Olga Aleksandrovna
1465-1469 Philological Sciences
Persuasive potential of the linguistic means for advocating migration policy in the programme of the ‘Alternative for Germany’ party
Katalkina Natalia Anatolyevna, Karyakina Julia Nikolaevna, Ripacheva Elena Anatolyevna
1470-1476 Philological Sciences
The phonetic system of the English language in aeronautical radiotelephony communications
Lysenko Sergey Vladimirovich
1477-1481 Philological Sciences
Linguistic features of the German terminological system of marketing
Petryanina Olga Valeryevna, Revina Elena Vladimirovna
1482-1488 Philological Sciences
Strategies and tactics of speech influence in the discourse of English-language TED Talks public lectures
Romanovskaia Lidiia Valentinovna, Zhernova Anna Vladimirovna
1489-1495 Philological Sciences
Role of the communicants in determining the parameters of the ecology of communication (on the material of the English-language literary discourse)
Samigullina Anna Sergeevna, Korzun Anna Viktorovna
1496-1504 Philological Sciences
Mechanisms of conceptualisation of aspectual-temporal meanings of grammatical constructions
Skvortsova Natalia Sergeyevna
1505-1514 Philological Sciences
The typical argument ‘Jörg Haider is a right-wing populist’ in the system of discursive construction of the identity of Austrians by the German mass media (on the material of the publications of the newspaper ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ in February 2000)
Spasskaya Anna Sergeevna
1515-1524 Philological Sciences
Ethnocultural distinctness of Swiss phraseological units
Chukshis Vadim Andreevich
1525-1528 Philological Sciences
Paroemias as a source of exemplification in the Spanish grammatical tradition of the XVI-XVIII centuries
Terentieva Ekaterina Dmitrievna, Bakanova Anna Valentinovna
1529-1535 Philological Sciences
Algorithm for the systematisation of synonyms in French youth argot (on the material of rap works)
Fanaryuk Ksenia Anatolyevna, Kuzmina Olga Alekseevna
1536-1540 Philological Sciences
French language of digital communication: Conditions of formation and main characteristics
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Kopelnik Vladislava Igorevna, Chebotareva Galina Nikolaevna
1541-1545 Philological Sciences
Motivation as a property of physics symbols
Danilina Natalia Ivanovna, Danilin Vitaliy Alexandrovich
1546-1552 Philological Sciences
Educational migrant discourse in Russia: Trends, communication strategies, social risks
Lysova Olga Vasilievna, Abdullina Amina Shakiryanovna, Lysov Oleg Igorevich
1553-1558 Philological Sciences
Value dominants of South Korean linguoculture and their linguistic representation
Timko Natal’ya Valer’evna
1559-1564 Philological Sciences
Frame-based representation of the DIGITAL ECONOMY concept in the English-language discursive practice
Yudina Natalya Vladimirovna, Kalugina Olga Anatolevna
1565-1572 Philological Sciences
Types of lacunarity in the translation of A. P. Chekhov’s works into Chinese by modern Chinese translators
Du Xin
1573-1578 Philological Sciences
Valence and collocability in the structure of English-language and Russian-language multi-component attributive phrases
Zagrayevskaya Tatiana Borisovna, Dubovsky Max Dmitrievich, Zagrayevskaya Stanislava Mikhailovna
1579-1584 Philological Sciences
Role of lexical and syntactic expressive means in the interpretation of the image of mountains from Russian into English in the story “Monte Verità” by Daphne du Maurier
Korshunova Elena Sergeevna
1585-1590 Philological Sciences
Translation of subject-naming units into English in A. P. Chekhov’s play “The Seagull”
Rudenko Tatiana Ivanovna
1591-1596 Philological Sciences
Punctuation grammar in the translation of a French poetic text
Sveshnikova Marina Ilinichna, Sernova Elena Igorevna
1597-1601 Philological Sciences
Russian connotative mythonyms in the mirror of Chinese culture
Zhang Hongying, Wang Kai
1602-1607 Philological Sciences
Studying the evolution of the linguoculturological concept BALANCE based on the universal and culture-specific collocations frequency analysis with the “balance” component in Russian and Anglo-American discourse
Shubina Anna Olegovna
1608-1615 Philological Sciences
Building a linguistic corpus based on natural language processing tools: Planning software solutions
Gorozhanov Alexey Ivanovich
1616-1620 Philological Sciences
Introduction of the electronic portfolio in the university course of linguistic ecology
Moiseenko Anna Valeryevna
1621-1627 Pedagogical Sciences
Use of information technologies when teaching the discipline “Russian language in official activities” at a departmental university
Ustyuzhanin Viktor Nikolaevich, Marchenko Larisa Valentinovna, Popova Olga Aleksandrovna
1628-1634 Pedagogical Sciences
Collocations as a tool of teaching vocation-oriented Russian to foreign students on the example of the frame-scenario “Fire description”
Filippova Elena Vladimirovna
1635-1643 Pedagogical Sciences
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