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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 5.
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Ideas of Sustainable Development of Civilization in the Context of Contemporary Ecological Education: Descriptive Review
Grishaeva Yulia Mikhailovna, Gagarin Alexander Valerievich, Kamalova Gulnaz Ilgamovna
729-738 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical and Ergonomic Conditions for Designing Personalized Educational Space
Arno Anna Olegovna
739-744 Pedagogical Sciences
Application of Internal and External Sociocultural Interaction Technology in School Work with Social Partners
Kotikova Oksana Valentinovna
745-750 Pedagogical Sciences
Theoretical Substantiation for the Model of Civic Identity Formation in the Process of Foreign Language Teaching at a Cadet School
Neustroeva Anna Andreevna
751-759 Pedagogical Sciences
Advanced Educational System as a Network of Attractors
Sviridov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Sviridova Elena Igorevna
760-768 Pedagogical Sciences
Professional Activity Practices of the Scientific and Teaching Community of the Baby Boomer Generation
Churkina Natalya Ivanovna
769-774 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of Value Attitude Formation in Internal Affairs Personnel towards Mastering Professional Foreign-Language Communication
Iakupov Filaret Abdullovich
775-782 Pedagogical Sciences
Training of Humanities Specialists with Oriental Language Skills at a Regional University: History and Modernity (by the Example of Nizhny Novgorod State University)
Grigorieva Svetlana Valeryevna, Sivkina Natalya Yurievna
783-790 Pedagogical Sciences
Study Books for Engineering Education of the Second Half of the XVIII Century
Ptitsyna Inga Viacheslavovna, Bakhtiyarova Olga Nikolaevna, Shklyanko Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, Ptitsyna Elena Vladimirovna
791-804 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Senior Pupils’ Sociolinguistic Competence When Teaching English on the Basis of Literary Texts Containing Allusive Names
Ananyina Marina Aleksandrovna
805-812 Pedagogical Sciences
On Potential of Using CLIL Method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) When Teaching English to Primary Schoolchildren
Barkova Anna Fedorovna, Rogova Valeriia Vyacheslavovna, Kim Antonina Alexandrovna
813-819 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of a System of Exercises and Test Tasks on the Assimilation of Metaphorical Models of the PATRIOTISM Concept for the Chinese Audience
Gao Tian
820-825 Pedagogical Sciences
Rhythmic-Syllabic Training as an Instrument to Develop Foreign Language Prosodic Skills
Golovchanskaya Irina Ilinichna, Aleksandrov Mikhail Mikhailovich
826-831 Pedagogical Sciences
Essence of the Notion "Communicative Approach" in the Modern Foreign Language Teaching Methodology
Davydova Yulia Grigorjevna
832-840 Pedagogical Sciences
The Problem of Foreign Language Vocabulary Attrition: Theoretical Aspects
Eliseykina Marina Igorevna, Kuprina Tamara Vladimirovna
841-848 Pedagogical Sciences
Developing University Students’ Feedback Literacy When Teaching a Foreign Language
Zarutckaia Ekaterina Vitalievna
849-854 Pedagogical Sciences
Study of Clouds in the Basic Geography Course
Korshunov Mikhail Yuryevich
855-864 Pedagogical Sciences
Specificity of Applying the Image Visualisation Method in the Process of Piano Students Training
Meleshkina Elena Anatolievna, Davydova Anna Aleksandrovna
865-870 Pedagogical Sciences
Cognitive Visualisation as a Way to Develop Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Education
Putistina Olga Vladimirovna
871-877 Pedagogical Sciences
Culinary Club as an Efficient Means to Raise Junior Pupils’ Food Culture
Volkova Olga Sergeevna, Pankova Elena Stepanovna, Kazakova Galina Nikolaevna, Shakirova Ekaterina Andreevna, Shvedchikova Zuleikha Kerimalievna
878-885 Pedagogical Sciences
Academic and Research Work of Translation-Interpretation Students in the System of Career Guidance Activities of a Multidisciplinary University
Alikina Elena Vadimovna, Demidova Ekaterina Viktorovna
886-891 Pedagogical Sciences
Monitoring Foreign Language Teacher’s Training on the Basis of Surveying Pedagogical Education Bachelors
Milovanova Lyudmila Anatolyevna, Karavaeva Alina Sergeevna
892-899 Pedagogical Sciences
Pedagogical Diagnostics of Future Preschool Teachers’ Readiness to Develop Preschoolers' Mathematical Skills
Turova Irina Valeryevna
900-907 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Future Bank Clerks Banking Innovations on the Basis of P. Y. Galperin’s Theory of Mental Actions Formation
Chernomorets Tatiana Viktorovna
908-914 Pedagogical Sciences
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