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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 2.
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Modernity III (the Second Half of the Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
233-240Study of Art
Political Landscape Ahead of 1917 Elections to Ryazan City Duma
Abramov Yury Ivanovich
241-244Historical Sciences and Archeology
Higher Historical Education at Ussuriysk State Pedagogical Institute (USPI) in the Soviet Period (1976-1991)
Karelova Elena Viktorovna, Zaitsev Roman Mikhailovich
245-250Historical Sciences and Archeology
Polemics of the 1830-1840s on Railway Transport Role in Russias Social and Economic Development
Kolpakov Petr Aleksandrovich
251-257Historical Sciences and Archeology
Development of Russias Strategic Deterrent Forces in the 1990s
Kopaev Mikhail Yurevich, Gorbunov Oleg Alekseevich
258-263Historical Sciences and Archeology
Representation of Environmental Issues in the Pages of Corporate Newspapers of Cherepovets Industrial Enterprises (the 1970-1980s)
Sidorenkova Christina Aleksandrovna
264-268Historical Sciences and Archeology
Organization and Activity of Statistical Institutions in Turgai Region of the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Skopa Vitaly Alexandrovich
269-273Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Light Cavalry" and "Purges" of the End of the 1920s - the Beginning of the 1930s
Slezin Anatolii Anatol'evich
274-280Historical Sciences and Archeology
Scientific Provision of Activity of Komsomol Organizations and Agencies for Youth Affairs (the 1980-2000s)
Tkachenko Victor Viktorovich
281-285Historical Sciences and Archeology
Agriculture of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR in the Period of New Economic Policy
Tumurkhonova Nina Vasilyevna, Budaeva Tatyana Vladimirovna
286-292Historical Sciences and Archeology
Representation of Political Culture of the Siberian Social Democrats in the Soviet Literature of the 1960-1980s
Isachkin Sergei Pavlovich
293-301Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Modern Chinese Historiography on Religious Views of Hulunbuir Regions Ethnic Minorities
Ochirov Tsyden Solbonovich
302-305Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Russian Symbolist Poetry of the Silver Age: Philosophical Lyrics as Aesthetic Phenomenon
Petryk Yanina Yurievna
306-311Philosophical Sciences
The Buryats Culture of Empathy as Model of Traditional Communication and System of Humanising the Ethnic Group
Anandaeva Tsyndyma Tsympilovna
312-316Philosophical Sciences
"Escape from Freedom" as Universal Method of Historical Experience Understanding (in the Context of the European Society of the XX Century and the Late Antique Society)
Kukarnikov Dmitriy Germanovich
317-323Philosophical Sciences
Alter-Globalism as Anti-Crisis Social Strategy
Leontyev Gleb Dmitrievich, Leontieva Ludmila Stanislavovna
324-328Philosophical Sciences
Legal Awareness as Factor in Reducing Extremist Sentiment among the Russian Youth
Nikishova Natal'ya Valer'evna
329-334Philosophical Sciences
Design as Means of Patriotic Education
Chikaeva Tatiana Alexandrovna
335-340Philosophical Sciences
Heavenly World of Childhood
Popkova Tatyana Dmitrievna
341-347Philosophical Sciences
Analysis of Pelagian Anthropology
Antonyan Artur Romanovich
348-352Philosophical Sciences
Archive of Professor in Theology Archpriest Pavel Svetlov as Unique Written Monument of the Russian Orthodoxy of the First Decades of the XX Century
Bokov German Evgenievich
353-357Philosophical Sciences
Intellectual Cooperation of Christian Theology and Science
Devyatova Svetlana Vladimirovna
358-362Philosophical Sciences
Conciliarism Principle and Interrelation of the Clergy and the Laymen in Orthodox Parishes of the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Matushanskaya Yuliya Grigoryevna, Kutrunov Alexander Alexandrovich, Tulyanskaya Yuliya Tikhonovna
363-367Philosophical Sciences
Principles of Electronic Composition Formation in China at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries (by the Example of Zhang Xiaofus Composition "Nuo Ri Lang")
Li Bin
368-372Study of Art
Portrait from Academic Exhibition of 1804: General Survey
Gudymenko Yuri Yurievich
373-378Study of Art
New Architectural Design Style "Stream Wave"
Osmankina Galina Yurievna
379-385Study of Art
Design Strategy and Issues of Realising Tourism Cultural and Creative Products in Northeast China
Wei Xinxin, Zhang Yang
386-392Study of Art
Aristotele Fioravanti and His Role in Formation of Moscow Kremlin Ensemble in the XV-XVI Centuries
Mushtanova Oxana
393-398Study of Art
The Yakut Round Dance ohuokhai in the Soviet Literature of the 1950-1980s
Khaltanova Aleksandra Dmitrievna
399-405Study of Art
Review of the Article: Zel'nitskaya (Shlarba) R. Sh. 1829 Expedition to Mount Elbrus: Ethnic and Historical-Geographical Aspects // Manuscript. 2020. Vol. 13. Issue 5. P. 28-33
Khashirov Asker Vladislavovich
406-410Historical Sciences and Archeology
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