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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 3.
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Modernity III (the Second Half of the Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
411-419Study of Art
Leisure Sports in Soviet Persons Value System (by the Materials of Sports Films of the 1930s - Early 1950s)
Kalendarova Viktoriia Vladimirovna
420-427Historical Sciences and Archeology
Musical-Educational Activity as Component of Spiritual Culture Development in Omsk in the 1920s
Sotnikova Elena Vyacheslavovna
428-432Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation and Development of Museum Space in Tatarstan
Suslov Aleksei Yuryevich
433-437Historical Sciences and Archeology
Geographical Localization of Memorial Objects Associated with the Korniliev-Mendeleev Family (Village Verkhnie Aremzyani of Tyumen Region)
Turova Natalya Petrovna, Danilov Petr Grigorievich
438-443Historical Sciences and Archeology
Symbolics and Functions of Autumn Festival Ritual Food of the Karachay-Balkar People (the XIX - Early XX Century)
Khadzhieva Madina Khamitovna, Adzhieva Laura Alievna
444-451Historical Sciences and Archeology
Comparability of Nizhny Novgorod (Makaryev) Fair Reports of 1813-1917
Dimitricheva Olga Ivanovna
452-456Historical Sciences and Archeology
Domestic Historiography on Legal Basis for Multistructurality of the Soviet Economy in the Period of New Economic Policy
Shishkin Gleb Igorevich, Shishkin Igor Gennadievich
457-461Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Concept Formation in Social Sciences and the Humanities: Modern Paradigm
Guseva Irina Ivanovna
462-466Philosophical Sciences
Phenomenological Understanding of Values
Pavlovskij Aleksej Igorevich
467-472Philosophical Sciences
New Hypothesis to Solve the Fermi Paradox
Sterledeva Tamara Dmitrievna, Sterledev Roman Konstantinovich
473-477Philosophical Sciences
Concept of Mans Transformation According to Nietzsche and Vladimir Solovyov and Its Influence on the Russian Religious Philosophy
Buzhor Evgeniya Sergeyevna, Buzhor Vadim Ivanovich, Shevchenko Olga Viktorovna
478-484Philosophical Sciences
Transformation of Historical Narrative within Development of the Russian Philosophical and Historical Thought of the XVIII-XIX Centuries
Eldarion Artur Arturovich
485-489Philosophical Sciences
Science and Education for the Future: Trends in Ecologisation
Smirnov Sergey Vladimirovich
490-494Philosophical Sciences
From Traditional Culture to Global Community: Personality Aspect
Demyasheva Lyudmila Sergeevna, Ryazanov Alexander Vladimirovich
495-499Philosophical Sciences
Communication as Social Phenomenon
Erokhin Vladimir Sergeevich, Erokhina Natalya Viktorovna
500-504Philosophical Sciences
Conceptualization of the Notion "Social Security in Border Regions" in the Russian Scientific Discourse
Kononov Sergey Viktorovich
505-510Philosophical Sciences
Transformation of Education Actor amidst Epidemiological Instability: Social and Philosophical Analysis
Orlov Mikhail Olegovich, Syusyukin Vladimir Alekseevich
511-514Philosophical Sciences
The Soviet Intelligentsia as Social Phenomenon
Rudakova Irina Viktorovna
515-518Philosophical Sciences
Metaphor of Dead City in Musical Art (by the Example of Iraida Yusupovas Composition "Kitezh-19")
Vanchugov Anton Vladimirovich
519-523Study of Art
Mass Music and Metamorphoses of Aesthetic Categories of Sublime and Beautiful
Goryacheva Tatyana Anatolyevna, Shtennikova Elena Gennadievna
524-528Study of Art
Form-Making of Finale of G. G. Vdovins Vocal-Choreographic Suite " " ("Maiden House of Beer") as Reflection of Ritual Performance Dramaturgy
Kinyakina Lyudmila Viktorovna
529-536Study of Art
Approaches of the Chinese Composers Huang Tzu and He Luting to Problem of Synthesis of the Western and Chinese Musical Traditions
Lu Shengxin
537-542Study of Art
Krasnoyarsk Musical Theatre Orchestra in the Context of Modern Musical and Theatrical Performance
Shayakhmetova Alfiya Kamelievna, Krotkova Ekaterina Sergeevna
543-548Study of Art
Military-Historical Exhibitions in the European Monarchs Residences in the XIX Century: Concepts, Composition and Mutual Influence
Lyubin Dmitry Vladimirovich
549-554Study of Art
Applied and Decorative Art of the North Caucasus Peoples (the Karachays and the Balkars)
Sultanova Aminat Muradinovna
555-559Study of Art
Siberian Regionalism in Artistic Life of Pre-Revolutionary Tomsk
Khristolyubova Tatiana Pavlovna
560-566Study of Art
Mechanisms of Cultural Meanings Transmission in Art
Mikitinets Olga Ivanovna, Elkan Olga Borisovna, Duvanova Natalya Viktorovna
567-571Study of Art
Aristotele Fioravanti: Renaissance Genius in the Context of Medieval Russia
Mushtanova Oxana
572-578Study of Art
Spiritual Meanings of F. M. Dostoevskys Works in I. S. Glazunovs Painting and Graphics
Skorobogacheva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
579-584Study of Art
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