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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 5.
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Postmodernity Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
809-813Historical Sciences and Archeology
Territorial Scope of International Commercial Customs (Lex Mercatoria) - Rolls of Ol?ron (XI-XIII) - and Their Impact on National Law of the Medieval European States: Systematic Review
Komnatnaya Yuliya Aleksandrovna, Chistyuhina Maria Viktorovna
814-822Study of Art
Issues of Trade Development in Bashkiria in 1947 - the 1950s
Antoshkin Anatoliy Vasilyevich
823-829Historical Sciences and Archeology
Parochial Libraries of Nizhny Novgorod Eparchy at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries and Their Educational Function
Arkhipova Natalya Evgenyevna
830-835Historical Sciences and Archeology
Peasant Rebellion in Yenotayevsky Uyezd of Astrakhan Province during the Civil War
Timofeeva Elena Georgievna, Tyurin Alexey Olegovich, Lebedev Sergei Vladislavovich
836-843Historical Sciences and Archeology
M?ramarossziget Processes in the Context of the Transcarpathian Slavs Orthodox Self-Identification at the Beginning of the XX Century (by Archival Materials)

Golenko Vladimir Vladimirovich
844-849Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ecclesiastical Courts in Tudor and Early Stuart England: Position and Jurisdiction
Lazarev Sergei Sergeevich
850-856Historical Sciences and Archeology
1928 "Persons Case": Place of "Famous Five" in Formation of Modern-Day Constitution of Canada
Sidorenko Viktoriya Arturovna, Lysachkova Mariya Gennad'evna
857-862Historical Sciences and Archeology
Russian Historiography of Economic Development of Sevastopol Region
Beloglazov Roman Nikolaevich, Osipovskiy Semen Nikolaevich
863-869Historical Sciences and Archeology
Place of Reports of Nizhny Novgorod Fair Administration in Document Circulation of Russia in the XIX Century
Dimitricheva Olga Ivanovna
870-873Historical Sciences and Archeology
Germanys Public Diplomacy Institutions in the United States at the Present Stage
Kuzina Oxana Evgenevna
874-878Historical Sciences and Archeology
Contradictions between Developed Capitalist Countries and Developing Countries in the Context of Globalisation
Shakirov Elchin, Penkovtsev Roman Vladimirovich
879-883Historical Sciences and Archeology
R. Ingardens Phenomenological Philosophy of Literature. Status of Aesthetic Objects and Their Relation to Reality
Mikhilovskii Mikhail Olegovich
884-890Philosophical Sciences
The XXI Century: Ontological Aspect of Freedom
Sterledeva Tamara Dmitrievna, Sterledev Roman Konstantinovich
891-894Philosophical Sciences
Religious Motives and Images in Works by Vasil Khannanov, a Member of "Genghis Khan" Art Group
Valeeva Zemfira Rizaevna, Vychuzhanova Lyalya Kamilyevna, Abdulnagimova Adel Irekovna
895-901Philosophical Sciences
Binary Oppositions in Defining Disability
Goldovskaya Alyona Viktorovna
902-907Philosophical Sciences
Loneliness during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna, Anisimov Efim Sergeevich
908-911Philosophical Sciences
Positive and Negative Sides of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna, Korneeva Anastasia Nikolaevna
912-916Philosophical Sciences
Propertology as Tool for Regulating Property Issues in the Modern Russian Society
Nikishova Natal'ya Valer'evna
917-921Philosophical Sciences
Fighting Corruption in Modern China
Prosekov Sergey Anatolievich, Golovlev Ruslan Vladimirovich
922-927Philosophical Sciences
Criteria for Distinguishing between Ethnic and National Identity
Sarkarova Naila Akhedovna
928-932Philosophical Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Models for Combating COVID-19 (by the Example of Sweden and China)
Seregina Tatiana Nikolaevna, Evlakh Arina Alekseevna, Kuzmin Savva Nikitovich
933-939Philosophical Sciences
Information Risks during the Pandemic
Seregina Tatiana Nikolaevna, Sukhova Svetlana Konstantinovna
940-944Philosophical Sciences
Main Contradictions in Development of Spiritual Traditions of the Russian Society at Present Stage
Shevchenko Olga Viktorovna, Buzhor Evgenia Sergeevna
945-950Philosophical Sciences
Russia and China: From International Cooperation to International Dialogue
Bogodukhova Ekaterina Evgenievna, Fomina Marina Nikolaevna
951-955Philosophical Sciences
Understanding Soul in Teachings of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness
Lesnyansky Denis Alexandrovich
956-960Philosophical Sciences
Poetics of Robert Sturuas Production "Waiting for Godot - Part One" of S. Becketts Play "Waiting for Godot"
Maltseva Olga Nikolaevna
961-966Study of Art
"An Optimistic Tragedy": A. Kholminovs Forgotten Opera
Kozovchinkaja Elena Anatolyevna
967-971Study of Art
Antinomies of Dramaturgy - Dramaturgy of Antinomies: Specificity of Artistic Conception of Chamber Opera "Adolf W?lfli" by Georg Friedrich Haas
Krishtalyuk Olga Aleksandrovna, Krasnova Vladislava Alekseevna
972-979Study of Art
Studying D. D. Shostakovichs Manuscripts: Issues of Textual Analysis
Luk'yanov Anton Valer'evich
980-986Study of Art
Ralph Vaughan Williams. "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" within the Framework of the English Musical Revival
Semenova Anastasia Sergeevna
987-991Study of Art
Specificity of Making, Existence and Development of Woodwind (Whistle) Instruments of the Russian Folklore Tradition in the Kuzbass Region
Solov'ev Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Solov'eva Irina Vital'evna
992-1000Study of Art
Role of International Music Contests in the Chinese Pianism Development
Fan Ziyan
1001-1007Study of Art
Developing Associative and Visual Thinking in the Process of Creating Colour Graphic Compositions
Bortnikova Natalya Vyacheslavovna
1008-1012Study of Art
Theme of the East in the Azerbaijani Artists Creative Work (in the 1950-1980s)
Valiyeva Sevinj Ismail gizi
1013-1019Study of Art
A. E. Kotzebues Creative Work in the Russian and European Art Criticism of the XIX-XX Centuries
Lyubin Dmitry Vladimirovich
1020-1027Study of Art
Hieroglyphics in the Traditional Chinese Art: Functions and Aesthetic Meaning
Mingzi Zhang
1028-1034Study of Art
Music Genre Preferences among Students of Different Ages and Genders
Le Siyu
1035-1039Study of Art
The Yakut Circle Dance ? in Publications of the 1990s - Early 2000s
Khaltanova Aleksandra Dmitrievna
1040-1047Study of Art
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