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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 11.
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Critical Reception of Mass Culture in the Creative Work of K. I. Chukovsky and the English Literary Tradition
Bakhnova Yuliya Anatolievna
3387-3391 Philological Sciences
The Mermaid World of “Rusya” (Fairy-Tale and Mythological Motifs and Images of I. Bunin’s Short Story)
Bogdanova Olga Vladimirovna, Liu Minjie
3392-3400 Philological Sciences
The Issue of Identifying the Heads of the “Osnova” Literary Circle (1925-1930)
Bodrov Vladimir Anatolyevich
3401-3405 Philological Sciences
Functioning of the Song about the Motherland “Transvaal” in Children’s Literature of the Soviet Period (1927-1987)
Krayushkina Tatiana Vladimirovna
3406-3411 Philological Sciences
Specifics of Fictional Space in V. D. Kolupaev’s Cycle “Captain of the Thunderer” (1982)
Morozova Inna Viktorovna
3412-3417 Philological Sciences
Genre Diversity of Ural Speculative Fiction of the Early XX Century
Khoruzhenko Tatiana Igorevna
3418-3422 Philological Sciences
Magomed Akhmedov’s Sketches in the Context of National Literary Process Development
Gadzhilova Shanisat Magomedovna
3423-3427 Philological Sciences
Images of Contemporary Writers in Literary Portraits of the Udmurt Prose Writer S. Samsonov
Zaitseva Tatyana Ivanovna, Maksimova Olga Mikhailovna
3428-3434 Philological Sciences
Ideas about Fish in the Traditional Culture of the Forest Yukaghir (by the Materials of Language, Ethnography and Folklore)
Prokopeva Praskovya Egorovna
3435-3440 Philological Sciences
Karkey Nerbyshev’s Journal in the Context of Studying the Writer’s Personality
Cheltygmasheva Larisa Viktorovna, Chochieva Alyona Sergeevna
3441-3446 Philological Sciences
“The Essence of Art” in the Novel “Waterland”: Graham Swift as a Successor of William Faulkner
Varyoshin Nikita Vladimirovich
3447-3452 Philological Sciences
Image of an Adventuress in Daphne du Maurier’s Novel “Mary Anne”
Vafina Alsu Hadievna
3453-3457 Philological Sciences
Vienna of the First Half of the XIX Century through the Eyes of Travelling Narrators
Loshakova Galina Alexandrovna, Smirnova Lyudmila Evgenievna
3458-3462 Philological Sciences
Structural Classification of Parallel Fragments of Du Fu’s Poem “Lament on the Defeat at Chen Tao”
Skvortsov Arseny Vladimirovich
3463-3468 Philological Sciences
Discursive Practices of Internet Communication in the Light of Linguistic Research: A Systematic Review
Voyakina Elena Yurievna
3469-3479 Philological Sciences
Matveeva O. A., Protasova A. V., Seregina E. E. The Church Slavonic Language: Practicum. M.: PSTGU Publishing House, 2021. 80 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
3480-3481 Philological Sciences
Mediatisation of Educational Discourse as a Change in Its Regulatory Rules
Butorina Elena Petrovna
3482-3486 Philological Sciences
The Discourse of State Anti-Semitism in the USSR (by the Material of 1946-1953 Documents)
Golikov Leonid Mikhailovich
3487-3491 Philological Sciences
Semiotics of Word-Forming Stems in Moscow Toponymy
Kuzyomina Yuliya Vladimirovna
3492-3498 Philological Sciences
Pronoun «такое» in Colloquial Speech: From Demonstrativeness to Indefiniteness (by the Example of the Construction «ну такое»)
Kuznetsova Svetlana Mikhailovna
3499-3503 Philological Sciences
Russian Biblical Phraseological Units with Religious Vocabulary (by the Example of the Notion of “Sin”) in the Aspect of Chinese Linguoculture
Lu Yuxia
3504-3508 Philological Sciences
Semiosis of the CITY Symbol in A. Blok’s Lyric Poetry
Spivakova Elena Michailovna
3509-3514 Philological Sciences
Shamanic Anthroponymicon in the Plots of Evenki Folklore and Historical Documents
Varlamov Alexander Nikolaevich
3515-3520 Philological Sciences
Metonymy as a Semantic Basis for the Formation of Converted Words in the Tatar Language
Kirillova Natalia Olegovna, Gareeva Rezeda Zavidovna
3521-3525 Philological Sciences
Features of the Functioning of Verbs of the Lexico-Semantic Group of Physical Impact on an Object as a Part of Comparative Constructions (by the Material of the Yakut Language)
Kharabaeva Victoriya Ivanovna
3526-3531 Philological Sciences
New German Lexemes with the Impf- Component: A Structural and Semantic Analysis
Akkuratova Irina Borisovna
3532-3537 Philological Sciences
Dialexemes in the Mirror of Translation (by the Example of the English and Russian Languages)
Aleksandrova Elena Sergeevna, Sytina Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
3538-3543 Philological Sciences
English Colloquial Vocabulary in the Novel “A Street Cat Named Bob” by J. Bowen
Volgina Olga Vyacheslavovna, Baronova Elena Vladimirovna
3544-3550 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Toponyms in Modern English-Language Discourse
Kondrashova (Kozmina) Vera Niсkolaevna, Shustrova Elena Nickolaevna
3551-3556 Philological Sciences
Discursive Space of Morality: Content, Structure, Specificity (by the Material of the German Language)
Nevolina Ksenia Viktorovna
3557-3567 Philological Sciences
Rendering Nonce Words in Modern Translations of George Orwell’s Novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (Approaches Used by D. L. Shepelev and D. N. Tselovalnikova)
Samokhin Ivan Sergeyevich, Drozdova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Demina Olga Vadimovna
3568-3572 Philological Sciences
Memoirs as a Speech Genre of Autobiographical Prose (by the Material of the German Language)
Subbotenko Svetlana Sergeevna
3573-3578 Philological Sciences
Manipulative Rhetoric of the Vaccine Discourse (by the Material of the American Online Mass Media Discourse)
Teneva Ekaterina Veselinovna
3579-3585 Philological Sciences
Colour Terms in New Zealand Prison Jargon: A Semantic Aspect
Trifanova Svetlana Sergeevna
3586-3591 Philological Sciences
Patient Nominations in Veterinary Discourse: Linguistic Reflection and Tendencies
Abrosimova Ekaterina Alexeevna
3592-3597 Philological Sciences
Features of the French Language Functioning in the US State of Louisiana
Kozhemyakina Valentina Alekseevna
3598-3603 Philological Sciences
Intertextuality Markers as a Means of Addressing Expression in German-Language Authorial Enigmatic Texts of the Late XVIII – Early XX Century
Novikova Kristina Alexandrovna
3604-3609 Philological Sciences
Symbolism of the Colour Yellow in Japanese and Yakut Poetry (by the Example of Poems by Takamura Kotaro and Ivan Gogolev)
Rufova Elena Stepanovna
3610-3614 Philological Sciences
Russophobia as a Communicative Strategy
Ryabova Marina Yurievna
3615-3620 Philological Sciences
English-French Language Contacts in Canada: Code Switching and Code Mixing
Ulianitckaia Liubov Aleksandrovna, Zlobina Maria Vladimirovna
3621-3626 Philological Sciences
Communicative Characteristics of Political, Military and Military-Political Discourses in the Category “Addresser - Addressee” (by the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Fedotov Ilia Igorevich, Kovalev Leonid Nikolaevich
3627-3635 Philological Sciences
Dysphemy of Foreign Words of the Russian Language with a Figurative Meaning
Shishova Elena Vitalievna
3636-3640 Philological Sciences
The Idea of Joy in Russian, French and Chinese Cultures
Golovanivskaya Maria Konstantinovna, Efimenko Nikolai Aleksandrovich
3641-3647 Philological Sciences
Realisation of the Qualitative Aspect of Tense in Russian and English in a Comparative Aspect
Guseva Elena Nikolayevna
3648-3654 Philological Sciences
Simple Verbs in the Ossetian and Persian Languages in a Comparative-Contrastive Aspect
Kudzoeva Anjela Fedorovna, Changizi Ehsan, Abdollahi Musa
3655-3663 Philological Sciences
Symbiosis of Linguistic and Cultural Approaches in Literary Text Analysis and Translation (by the Material of Realia Translation in V. Nabokov’s Novel “Camera Obscura” / “Laughter in the Dark” / “Smekh v temnote” («Смех в темноте»))
Lebedev Leonid Vladimirovich
3664-3671 Philological Sciences
Compatibility of Arguments from Different Functional Groups in Scientific Texts
Pimenov Ivan Sergeevich
3672-3680 Philological Sciences
A Literary Text in the Aspect of Linguoculturological Competence Formation among Philology Students When Teaching the Russian Language
Kulsarina Irena Galinurovna, Makhmutova Alfiya Sabirovna, Khisamova Galiya Gilmullovna
3681-3686 Pedagogical Sciences
Improving Cross-Cultural Communication Skills among Chinese University Students through the Mastery of the Zoological Code of the Russian Language
Cui Lulu
3687-3693 Pedagogical Sciences
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