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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6.
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Organizational and Pedagogical Support of Home Education: Essence and Structure
Antufyeva Marina Pavlovna, Ignatyeva Elena Yurievna
915-921 Pedagogical Sciences
Typology of Multi-Age Education Theories and Practices from the Perspective of Diversity Pedagogy
Belokurova Vera Viktorovna, Ignateva Elena Yurievna
922-928 Pedagogical Sciences
Functional Literacy of School Students as a Factor of Education Quality
Dikikh Elina Radikovna, Zaripova Elena Igorevna, Makarova Natalya Stanislavovna
929-937 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of Initiativity in Senior Preschool Children Based on Volunteer Activity
Tatarintseva Nina Evgenievna, Zelinskaya Marina Grigorievna
938-943 Pedagogical Sciences
Russian Language and Literature at Short-Term Teacher Courses (Late XIX - Early XX Century)
Lazarev Yury Vasilyevich
944-948 Pedagogical Sciences
Language and Culture Co-Learning in Russian and Chinese Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies (Russian as a Foreign Language; Chinese as a Foreign Language)
Gao Yue
949-955 Pedagogical Sciences
Using Formative Assessment Methods in the Process of German Language Teaching in the Fifth Forms of General Academic School
Glukhova Alena Aleksandrovna, Razuvaeva Tatiana Aleksandrovna, Shurygina Yulia Aleksandrovna
956-963 Pedagogical Sciences
Studying Weather Types in the Introductory Geography Course
Korshunov Mikhail Yuryevich
964-974 Pedagogical Sciences
Theoretical Approaches to the Training Manual "Solfeggio" by the Material of the Khant and Mansi People’s Musical Folklore
Pavlov Denis Nikolaevich, Tsvetkova Olga Yurievna
975-980 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Reading Interest in Younger Schoolchildren through the Innovative Technologies of Book Trailer and Virtual Book Exhibition
Peresada Oksana Valeryevna, Korepina Natalia Alekseevna
981-989 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Linguistic Students’ Research Competence on the Basis of a Practice-Oriented Approach
Zhang Xuan, Shcheglova Inna Vladimirovna
990-994 Pedagogical Sciences
Dramatization Technique When Teaching a Foreign Language to 8th-9th-Grade Pupils (by the Example of the English Language)
Sheveleva Irina Alexandrovna, Yakimovich Irina Gennadievna
995-1000 Pedagogical Sciences
Introducing Children to Non-Material Cultural Heritage within Teen Clubs Activities: Socio-Cultural Aspects
Novochuk Pavel Alexandrovich
1001-1005 Pedagogical Sciences
Organizing Individual Work of Students on Drawing in Higher School
Bostanov Magomet Sosuranovich, Dereva Raia Mazhitovna
1006-1012 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Compositional Thinking Skills among Bachelors of Artistic-Pedagogical Specialities: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects
Botasheva Natalia Panteleevna
1013-1019 Pedagogical Sciences
Substantive Foundations of Future Mathematics Teachers’ Training for Mathematical Literacy Formation in Primary School Students
Bychkov Alexander Vladislavovich
1020-1026 Pedagogical Sciences
University Students’ Inclusive Literacy: General Characteristics, Ways of Formation, Influence in the Context of Professional Development
Goryunova Liliya Vasilievna, Timchenko Ekaterina Sergeevna, Timchenko Ivan Vladimirovich
1027-1034 Pedagogical Sciences
Individual Independent Work as a Means to Raise the Quality of Future Technology Teachers’ Professional Training
Dorokhin Yurij Sergeevich
1035-1044 Pedagogical Sciences
Modern LMS Platforms for Distance Education: Analysis and Comparison
Isaeva Elizaveta Sergeevna
1045-1050 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Digital Competence among the Humanities and Computer Science Students When Teaching the Description of Infographics
Kovaleva Alexandra Georgievna, Ushakova Anastasia Denisovna
1051-1057 Pedagogical Sciences
Knowledge and Skills in the System of Training Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel in the USA Postgraduate Studies
Kulikova Julia Nikolaevna, Kuts Anna Vyacheslavovna
1058-1063 Pedagogical Sciences
Issues and Experiences with Creating a Foreign Language Textbook for a Non-Linguistic University
Malkovskaya Tatyana Alexandrovna, Ryabova Tatyana Vasilievna
1064-1070 Pedagogical Sciences
Future Teachers’ Individual-Value Professional Picture as Reflection of Their Axiogenesis
Nikitina Elena Aleksandrovna
1071-1080 Pedagogical Sciences
Changes in the Functional Components of a University Teacher’s Activity in the Digital Educational Environment
Pavlova Tatiana Borisovna
1081-1086 Pedagogical Sciences
Self-Organization of Students of Non-Linguistic Specialties as a Factor in New-Formation Graduate Development
Skornyakova Elvira Rizayevna, Pinegina Anastasia Anatolyevna
1087-1095 Pedagogical Sciences
Features of Certification of Students of Artistic and Creative Directions of Training in the Context of Digital Distance Learning
Solomentseva Svetlana Borisovna
1096-1103 Pedagogical Sciences
Competence Approach to Teaching Bioethics to Medical University Students When Addressing the Agism Problem
Startseva Olga Nikolaevna, Firsov Denis Evgenievich
1104-1108 Pedagogical Sciences
Reading as a Way of Selecting Information during Information Search by Students of Higher Education Institutions
Chabanova Evgeniia Vladimirovna, Oskolkova Viktoriia Ravilevna
1109-1116 Pedagogical Sciences
Agile Project Management Methodology as a Means to Form Higher School Students’ Information and Communication Competence
Shegai Natalia Aleksandrovna
1117-1125 Pedagogical Sciences
Ensuring the Protection of Objects as a Special Direction in the Professional Training of Cadets of Military Institutes of the National Guard Troops
Shilenin Denis Alexandrovich, Gaponov Igor Olegovich, Soloshchenko Dmitry Petrovich
1126-1131 Pedagogical Sciences
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