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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 10.
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Epidemiological Situation in Tambov Province in the Mid-1920s
Akol'zina Marina Konstantinovna
7-10Historical Sciences and Archeology
Abolition of Surplus-Appropriation System and Rebellion Movement in Tambov Province
Bezgin Vladimir Borisovich
11-14Historical Sciences and Archeology
The First in the RSFSR: The 1922 Irbit Fair
Dianov Sergey Aleksandrovich, Dianova Yuliya Viktorovna
14-19Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interagency Conflict as Representation of Internal Political Crisis in the Period of Transition to New Economic Policy
Dianova Elena Vasil'evna
20-25Historical Sciences and Archeology
First Raids of the "Light Cavalry"
Ippolitov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Slezin Anatolii Anatol'evich
25-30Historical Sciences and Archeology
Struggle against Juvenile Delinquency in Yeniseysk Province in the 1920s
Kattsina Tatyana Anatolievna, Mezit Ludmila Edgarovna
30-34Historical Sciences and Archeology
Young Generation in Constructing New Political Identity in the 1920s in the Countryside of the Southwest of Central Russia
Mishchenko Tatyana Alexandrovna
34-40Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Folksy" Party Members of the 1920s: Socio-Economic Characteristic of Rural Communists by the Example of Kozlov District of the Central Black Earth Region
Petrishina Irina Dmitrievna
40-45Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Red Army Commanders Views on the Rebellion Movement in the Volga Region at the Beginning of the 1920s
Posadskiy Anton Viktorovich
45-50Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Yakut Branch of the All-Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks) before and during Transition to New Economic Policy
Radchenko Natal'ya Nikolaevna
50-55Historical Sciences and Archeology
Material Provision of the Komsomol Workers in Omsk Province during the First Half of the 1920s
Rybakov Roman Valer'evich
55-60Historical Sciences and Archeology
New Economic Policy and the 1921-1922 Peasant Rebellion: Study of the Issue
Safonov Dmitrii Anatol'evich
61-68Historical Sciences and Archeology
Work on Introducing Food Tax in Petrograd Province in 1921
Starovoitova Evgeniia Nikolayevna
68-72Historical Sciences and Archeology
Democracy as Distinctive Feature of Quasi-Judicial Institutions of the 1920s in the Period of New Economic Policy
Fakurdinova Alla Gennadievna
72-76Historical Sciences and Archeology
Orphanages of Tambov Province in the Period of New Economic Policy
Shcherbinin Pavel Petrovich, Shikunova Inna Alexandrovna
77-81Historical Sciences and Archeology
Young Pioneer Organization of Tambov Province under Conditions of New Economic Policy
Yakimov Kuzma Aleksandrovich
81-86Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation and Development of Credit Cooperatives in Siberia at the Beginning of the XX Century
Bocharova Tatyana Anatolievna
87-91Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Health Care Development in the Gorny Altai Autonomous Region in 1965-1985
Goncharova Olga Aleksandrovna, Lozhkina Nadezhda Nikolayevna
92-95Historical Sciences and Archeology
International Contacts of Tobolsk Province Museum at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries
Zagorodnyuk Nadezhda Ivanovna, Konovalova Elena Nikiforovna
96-103Historical Sciences and Archeology
Mortgage Lending System Formation in Ryazan Province in the Second Half of the XIX Century: Historical Aspect
Kostyleva Elena Nikolaevna
103-107Historical Sciences and Archeology
History of the Ural Regional Statistical Committee: Specificity of Formation and Basic Activity Trends at the End of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century
Skopa Vitaly Alexandrovich
107-111Historical Sciences and Archeology
Bread Crisis and Grain Monopoly in the Transbaikal Region (March-October 1917)
Tumurkhonova Nina Vasilyevna
111-116Historical Sciences and Archeology
South Ural Railway Intelligentsia in the Pages of Regional Periodicals (the Second Half of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century)
Shmidt Zlata Anatolyewna, Sidorenko Nadezhda Semyonovna
116-120Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interpretation and Adaptation of Maoism in Latin America by the Example of Peru
Goryachev Nikolay Nikolaevich
121-126Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specific Features of the Kyrgyz Peoples Ethnic Etiquette
Botokanova Gulnara Topchuevna, Nurdinova Asel Kamchybekovna
127-131Historical Sciences and Archeology
Reproductive Intentions of the Modern Russian Population of the Republic of Tatarstan (by the Material of Ethno-Sociological Survey)
Titova Tatiana Alekseevna, Krot Nadezhda Sergeevna
131-134Historical Sciences and Archeology
Pre-Revolutionary Military-Historical Studies on the Kuban Cossacks Participation in the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878
Burdun Vladimir Nikolaevich
135-140Historical Sciences and Archeology
Modernity II (Middle of the Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
147-154Study of Art
Ethical and Humanistic Interpretation of Anthropological Problem in I. T. Frolovs and B. G. Yudins Philosophy
Pisarchik Leonid Yurievich, Nedorezov Vadim Georgievich
155-166Philosophical Sciences
Problem of the Russian Civilizational Identity in Philosophy of Classical Eurasianism and in A. S. Panarins Philosophy of Neo-Eurasianism
Isaeva Oksana Sergeevna
167-171Philosophical Sciences
Rational Understanding of Time in Medieval Culture
Penionzhek Evgeniia Vladimirovna
172-175Philosophical Sciences
Reality Effect as an Aspect of Filmic Experience
Strugova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
176-180Philosophical Sciences
Forensic Ethics and Professional Ethics: Problem of Differentiation
Masleev Andrey Germanovich
181-185Philosophical Sciences
Role of Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Social-Philosophical Analysis)
Korzina Maria Igorevna
186-192Philosophical Sciences
Ecologization of Communication amidst "Anthropological Catastrophe"
Lobova Tat'yana Gennad'evna, Razhina Natal'ya Yur'evna, Makovetskaya Elena Nikolaevna
192-196Philosophical Sciences
Digitalisation of Education: Myth of Multitasking
Polikarpova Elena Vitalievna
197-203Philosophical Sciences
Urban Space and Clustering of Memory
Bezzubova Olga Vladimirovna
204-208Philosophical Sciences
Problem of Defining the Notion "Philosophical Anthropology" according to M. Scheler
Vyzhletsov Pavel Gennadievich
209-215Philosophical Sciences
Correlation between the Ethical and the Aesthetic in Artistic Culture: Versions of New Moralism, Autonomism and Cognitivism in Modern Anglo-American Philosophy of Art
Gomes Karolina-Dzhoanna
216-221Philosophical Sciences
Cult of Sport in England: History of Formation
Zhuneva Ekaterina Sergeevna
221-226Philosophical Sciences
On the Cusp between Science and Religion: Historical Transformation of Consciousness Structures as Move towards Freedom
Izvekov Arkadiy Igorevitch
226-231Philosophical Sciences
Musical Interpretation of Rembrandts Paintings
Sycheva Tatyana Anatolyevna, Shtrigel Tatyana Yurievna
232-236Study of Art
History of the Kyrgyz National Instruments Reconstruction in the State Orchestra named after Karamoldo Orozov
Turumbaeva Cholpon Mukashovna
236-241Study of Art
Psychological Aspects of Musical Education
Chi Ching
241-245Study of Art
Cultural Revolution Influence on the Chinese Orchestras
Zhao Xiaolin
245-250Study of Art
Problems of the Chinese Piano Education
Yang Zhongguo
250-254Study of Art
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