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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. Ļ 12.
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Modernity II (Middle of the ’’ Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-17Study of Art
World War I in Peripheral Mirror of History: Perception of War by Dagestan Oblast Population
Abdulaeva Madina Izamutdinovna, Khalidova Olga Borisovna
18-23Historical Sciences and Archeology
Artefacts of the Second Half of the I Millennium A.D. Discovered at Isker Settlement (Analysis of Available Materials)
Adamov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
24-30Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation of Caucasian Vector of the Russian Foreign Policy (the Second Half of the XV Century)
Gadzhimuradov Murad Tagirovich
31-35Historical Sciences and Archeology
Health Condition Influence on Revolutionariesí Activity (by the Example of Biographical Memoirs of the First Third of the XX Century)
Ishchenko Oksana Vladimirovna
36-42Historical Sciences and Archeology
"I Am Still Alive": From Everyday Life of Nazi Concentration Camps (by the Material of Dagestan Prisonersí Memoirs)
Kaimarazov Gani Shikhvalievich, Kaimarazova Leila Ganievna
43-51Historical Sciences and Archeology
Discussion on Zemstvo Chiefs in the Pages of "Herald of Europe" Magazine at the End of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century
Kalyuzhnaya Olga Vasilievna
52-56Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Russian Federation Museum Policy in the 1920s - at the Beginning of the 1930s (by the Example of Expositional-Educational Activity of the North Caucasus Regional Museums)
Karapetyan Lev Alexandrovich, Ratushnyak Valeriy Nikolaevich, Ratushnnyak Oleg Valerievich
57-64Historical Sciences and Archeology
Anti-Corruption in the Russian Empire in the Second Half of the XIX - Early XX Century
Martynenko Alexander Valentinovich, Mileshina Natalia Alexandrovna, Potapova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
65-70Historical Sciences and Archeology
History of Building the First Womenís Gymnasium in the City of Chita
Pryazhennikova Marina Vladimirovna, Yaremchuk Olga Anatolevna, Kuznetsov Victor Vladimirovich
71-79Historical Sciences and Archeology
Administrative and Territorial Transformations in the Adyghe Autonomous Region in the Soviet Period and Their Influence on Population Size and Structure
Rakachev Vadim Nikolaevich
80-86Historical Sciences and Archeology
Features of Higher Medical Education Formation in the Far East in the 1950-1970s
Trifonova Galina Aleksandrovna
87-91Historical Sciences and Archeology
Organization of the Soviet Collective-Farm Trade in the 1930s (by the Material of the Kuban Region)
Chuprynnikov Sergey Alekseevich
92-96Historical Sciences and Archeology
The NATO Policy of the 1990s in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Metohija: The European Researchersí Views
Badretdinova Svetlana Anatol'evna
97-102Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ethnic Identity of the Ukrainians and Descendants of the Ukrainian Immigrants to Siberia in Research Works of the 1990-2010s
Lyulya Natalya Victorovna
103-108Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Online Representation of Kabardino-Balkaria Peoplesí Youth Subculture
Mashukov Hizir Vyacheslavovich
109-114Historical Sciences and Archeology
Sanatorium-Resort Activity in the Mongolian Peopleís Republic in the 1920-1930s
Miyagasheva Surjana Borisovna
115-119Historical Sciences and Archeology
Traditional Conceptions of Tiger and Leopard of the Indigenous Peoples of the Lower Amur Region and Sakhalin as Historical and Ethnographical Source
Podmaskin Vladimir Viktorovich
120-126Historical Sciences and Archeology
Specificity of Traditional Gender Role Realization by the Modern Udmurt Males
Pozdeev Igor Leonidovich, Russkikh Tatiana Nikolaevna
127-133Historical Sciences and Archeology
Philosophical Aspects of Micro- and Macro-Approaches in Historical Science
Kaziev Eduard Viktorovich, Sudakova Tatyana Grigoríevna
134-139Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interaction of Russia and the North European Countries in the Sphere of Sport: Historical Aspect
Tiunov Viacheslav Aleksandrovich
140-144Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ontognoseological Meaning of Anthropic Principle and Issue of Reasonable Reality
Ognev Alexander Nikolaevich
145-150Philosophical Sciences
Science in the Age of Post-Globalism: Current Trends and Contradictions
Savchenko Irina Alexandrovna, Ageeva Nina Aleksandrovna
151-156Philosophical Sciences
The Russian Narodnik Movement Philosophy and Nihilism: Approaches to Personal Autonomy Problem
Vyazinkin Aleksei Yur'evich
157-161Philosophical Sciences
Heidegger I and Heidegger II: On Micro-Paradigms in Historical and Philosophical Science
Pertzev Alexandr Vladimirovich, Tsiplakova Yulia Vladimirovna
162-169Philosophical Sciences
Problem of Personal Freedom in M. A. Bakuninís and P. A. Kropotkinís Socio-Philosophical Conceptions
Sayapin Vladislav Olegovich
170-174Philosophical Sciences
Phenomenon of Death in M. Foucaultís Work "The Birth of the Clinic: An Archaeology of Medical Perception"
Fakhrudinova Elmira Restemovna, Suvorov Valery Vladimirovich
175-178Philosophical Sciences
Ontological Status of Art in R. Ingardenís Philosophy
Makovetskaya Maria Vladimirovna
179-183Philosophical Sciences
Evolution of Alexander Zhurbinís Musical Theatre: From "Orpheus and Eurydice" to "Loveís Metamorphoses"
Matusevich Alexander Petrovich
184-189Philosophical Sciences
Ethical Component of Architectural Education (International Experience)
Nazarova Yuliya Vladimirovna
190-194Philosophical Sciences
Russian Caucasus: Challenges for Ethno-Political Safety
Abdulkadyrov Yusup Nurmagomedovich
195-199Philosophical Sciences
Modern Russian Discourse on Death: Socio-Philosophical Analysis
Moskalenko Daria Nikolayevna
200-204Philosophical Sciences
Acceleration of Life Pace as Socio-Philosophical Problem and Tendency of Modern Social Development
Nafikova Alisa Ildarovna
205-208Philosophical Sciences
Subjectivity in Modern Management
Nigomatullina Rezida Maskhutovna
209-213Philosophical Sciences
Consumerization as Dominant Tendency in Post-Industrial Society
Sabirov Askadula Galimzyanovich, Sabirova Lilya Andreyevna
214-218Philosophical Sciences
Urban Overflow as Socio-Economic Factor Influencing Industry 4.0 Development in the Russian Federation
Smirnov Roman Kamilevich
219-223Philosophical Sciences
Identity Concept Functioning in Jacques Lacanís Discourse
Lezer Victoria Alexandrovna
224-229Philosophical Sciences
Concept of Guilt in Biblical Narrative as Tool for Forming Individual and Collective Identity
Idrissov Azamat Zhambulatovich
230-234Philosophical Sciences
Quranic Ontology
Rakhmatullin Rafael Yusupovich, Semenova Elvira Razifovna, Uraev Rail Raufovich
235-238Philosophical Sciences
Worship and Command of Faith within the Framework of Theological Voluntarism: Maimonides and Crescas
Sleptsova Valeriya Valerievna
239-243Philosophical Sciences
M. Omurkanovaís Vocal Art in the Context of Current Efforts to Preserve Traditional Music
Abetekova Altynai Boronchuevna
244-248Study of Art
Meaning and Approaches to Studying Musical Meaning Formation in the Russian Musical Science
Korolevskaya Natalya Vladimirovna
249-255Study of Art
Genre Aspects of Performance Interpretation of F. Chopinís Mazurkas
Reznikova Lidia Alexandrovna
256-261Study of Art
Role of Percussion Instruments in G. Dmitrievís Orchestral Works
Sarzhant Alexander Vladimirovich
262-266Study of Art
The Role of French Musical Culture in the Development of Russian Romance: Poetical Component and Performance Tradition
Stepanidina Ol'ga Dmitrievna
267-277Study of Art
Dizzy Gillespieís Creative Portrait in the Context of "Be-Bop Revolution" of the 1940-1950s
Fisher Angelica Nikolaevna
278-282Study of Art
Periodisation of the Bayan-Accordion Art Development in China
Zhao Ming
283-288Study of Art
Higher Musical Education in Izhevsk: History and Modernity
Shtennikova Elena Gennadievna, Nurieva Irina Murtazovna
289-294Study of Art
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