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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 5.
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Post-Romanticism Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-15 Study of Art
Protest Movement in the Czechoslovak Corps and Irkutsk Extraordinary Congress at the Final Stage of the Russian Civil War
Vasil'chenko Maksim Anatol'evich, Panin Evgenii Valer'evich
16-19 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Historical Role of Fortifications in the Process of Russia’s Assertion in the North Caucasus at the End of the XVIII - in the First Half of the XIX Century
German Roman Eduardovich
20-24 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Annexation of the Crimea by Catherine the Great as a Way of Solving the State’s Historical Tasks in the Second Half of the XVIII Century
Zherebkin Mikhail Vasil'evich
24-28 Historical Sciences and Archeology
1829 Expedition to Mount Elbrus: Ethnic and Historical-Geographical Aspects
Zel'nitskaya (Shlarba) Ritsa Shotovna
28-33 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Experience of Organizing Promotion and Graduation Exams in Schools of the Central Black Earth Region in 1932/33 Academic Year
Zlobin Andrei Nikolaevich
33-40 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Development of Passenger Motor Transport in Ulyanovsk Region in 1956-1965
Mukhamedov Rashit Alimovich, Khisamov Marat Il'gizovich
41-45 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Russian North Economic Development on the Basis of Railway Construction and State-Private Financing in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Pavlova Ol'ga Konstantinovna
46-51 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Forest Protection Activity of Voronezh Provincial Administration in the Middle of the XIX Century
Semenova Elena Viktorovna
51-56 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Early History of ?baku Zen in Japan: Appearance and Assertion
Lugavtsova Alena Petrovna
57-62 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Participation in the World War I and Lester Pearson’s Views Transformation
Pokrovskaya Dar'ya Mikhailovna
62-65 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Study and Introduction into Scientific Circulation of Ethnographic Collections of Altai Krai Museums in the Context of Development of Museology and Regional Ethnography at the Turn of the XX-XXI Centuries
Gribanova Natal'ya Svyatoslavna
66-72 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Modern Urban Woman’s Costume of Dagestan Peoples as a Component of the North-Caucasian Regional Fashion
Zul'pukarova El'mira Magomed-Gereevna, Seferbekov Ruslan Ibragimovich
73-77 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Cultural Landscape as a Factor for Formation of Traditional Wooden Architecture of Northern and Arctic Territories
Permilovskaya Anna Borisovna, Usov Aleksei Aleksandrovich
77-81 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Conceptual Foundations of the Russian and European Liberalism of the Second Half of the XIX Century: Comparative Aspect
Konovalov Andrei Anatol'evich, Zhurtova Anzhela Arikovna, Kandrokova Faruza Soslanovna
82-87 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Memphite Sacerdotal Decree: Comments
Panov Maxim Vyacheslavovich
88-93 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The German Public Diplomacy Discourse (2014-2019)
Kuzina Oksana Evgen'evna
94-99 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Barack Obama’s "Pivot to Asia" and the Issue of Strengthening Transatlantic Relations
Pokudov Zakhar Vasil'evich, Kalimonov Il'dar Kimovich
100-103 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Subject-Oriented Approach as Basis for Studying Informational Conflicts
Zubkov Nikolai Andreevich
104-109 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical Foundations of Mathematical Conceptualization of Social Phenomena and Phenomena Pertaining to the Humanities
Kushnarenko Sergei Petrovich
109-112 Philosophical Sciences
Attempt of Diachronic Reconstruction of Critical Consciousness in Dogmatic Pre-Kantian Philosophy
Yurovitskaya Larisa Nikolaevna, Yurovitskii Stanislav Vital'evich
113-118 Philosophical Sciences
Socially Oriented Non-Profit Organisations and Youth Associations as Factor of Youth’s Civic Consciousness Formation
Velikodnyaya Ekaterina Maksimovna, Zadvornyak Alisa Denisovna, Cherepanova Ekaterina Sergeevna
119-125 Philosophical Sciences
Social Normativeness and Personal Identification: Correlation of Notions and Practical Realization
Erokhin Vladimir Sergeevich
125-129 Philosophical Sciences
Study of Practical Illusion Phenomenon
Salov Yurii Ivanovich, Salova Tamara L'vovna
130-133 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical-Pedagogical Potential of Virtual Museums of "Memory Spaces"
Vyazinkin Aleksei Yur'evich, Dvukhzhilova Irina Vladimirovna
134-137 Philosophical Sciences
Prospects of the Tuvan Culture’s Pedagogical Ideas Development in the Globalisation Age
Danchai-ool Ayas Anatol'evich, Mongush Salbak Oner-oolovna
138-142 Philosophical Sciences
Ethicalisation of Engineering in the Age of Digitalisation
Kal'va Inna Sergeevna, Dyagileva Tat'yana Vladimirovna
143-146 Philosophical Sciences
Gender Representation of Heroines in the "Dragon Age" Game Series
Matyushenko Ul'yana Anatol'evna
146-150 Philosophical Sciences
History of "Anthropocentrism" Notion in the Context of Modern Thinking on Man and Civilisation
Prudchenko Elena Aleksandrovna, Dyupina Yuliya Vladimirovna, Dizer Yana Eduardovna
150-154 Philosophical Sciences
Religious Identity in Foreign Research: Constructivist Approach
Idrisov Azamat Zhambulatovich
155-158 Philosophical Sciences
Song Creativity of the Yakut singer E. A. Zakharova
Grigor'eva Viktoriya Georgievna
159-164 Study of Art
Repetition as Conceptual Foundation of Renaissance Music
Molchanov Andrei Sergeevich
164-170 Study of Art
Vocal Mastery of the Northern Russian Folk Singers: Pinega Resident Zinaida Grigoryevna Pashkova
Molchanova Tat'yana Stanislavovna
170-175 Study of Art
Musical Preferences of the Modern Youth
Nemova Ol'ga Alekseevna, Svad'bina Tat'yana Vladimirovna
176-180 Study of Art
"Performer’s Request" for One-Hand Piano Compositions
Rokitskaya Polina Viktorovna
180-183 Study of Art
G. V. Chernov’s Adaptation of N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov’s "The Battle of Kerzhenets" for the Russian Folk Orchestra: Timbre and Textual Peculiarities of the Score
Romashkova Ol'ga Nikolaevna, Romashkov Anatolii Anatol'evich
183-188 Study of Art
Musical and Symbolic Model of Karol Szymanowski’s Opera "King Roger"
Saduova Aliya Talgatovna, Karpova Elena Konstantinovna
188-192 Study of Art
Piano Suite "Southern Impression" by Zhu Jian’er as Example of Integration of the Chinese and Western Musical Traditions
Xu Qingling
192-198 Study of Art
Traditional and Innovative Methods of Teaching Painting to Architectural Designers
Prokhorov Sergei Anatol'evich, Shadurin Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Prokhorov Nikita Sergeevich
199-203 Study of Art
Architectural Specifics of Iran Sunni and Shia Mosques
Aysan  Daroudi
204-208 Study of Art
Mental Models of Image Transformation in Symbolic Space of Drama-Tale (by the Material of the Plays "The Sunken Bell" by G. Hauptmann and "Ariane and Bluebeard" by M. Maeterlinck)
Alesenkova Viktoriya Nikolaevna
208-213 Study of Art
Music in Works of Ruf Ignatiev - South Uralian Historian
Karpova Elena Konstantinovna
213-216 Study of Art
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