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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 8.
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Modernity I (Early ХХ Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-16 Study of Art
Railway Battleships in Defence of Ryazan Combat Site during the Battle of Moscow of 1941-1942
Agarev Alexander Fyodorovich, Shevchenko Andrey Alexandrovich
17-21 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Deviant Behaviour in Towns of Western Siberia in the Second Half of the XIX Century
Akberdeeva Dinara Ilgizarovna, Aksarin Vyacheslav Valerievich
21-27 Historical Sciences and Archeology
A. I. Galanin as a Regional Ethnographer and Educator (on the History of Togliatti Regional Studies)
Buraya Inna Viktorovna
27-36 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation of a Model of State Management of the Yakut Economy in the First Years of New Economic Policy (1921-1922)
Burnasheva Natalia Ivanovna
36-40 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Memoirs" of D. A. Zasosov and V. I. Pyzin as Source to Study Saint Petersburg Everyday Life in the 1890-1910s
Mamyachenkov Vladimir Nikolajevich, Shvedoff Vladislav Vitaljevich
40-44 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Interaction of the Mennonite Agricultural Cooperatives in Russia and Ukraine in the Years of New Economic Policy
Redkina Olga Yuryevna, Nazarova Tatyana Pavlovna, Morozova Natalia Vladimirovna
44-47 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Measures of Yakutsk Municipal Government to Supply Population with Basic Consumer Goods in the Years of the First World War (August 1914 - February 1917)
Savvinov Pavel Olegovich
48-55 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Northern Expedition of the Yakut Cryosolic Research Station Team of 1947-1948
Suleymanov Alexander Albertovich
55-59 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Contribution of the National and Russian Intelligentsia to Development of Education in Karachay in the XVIII - at the Beginning of the XX Century
Chotchaev Dakhir Dzhansokhovich, Borlakova Fatima Aslanbekovna
60-63 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Disfranchisement as an Element of Marginalization Process in the Society of the 1920-1930s through the Destinies of Tobolsk City and Tobolsk District Residents (Historical and Anthropological Aspect)
Yunina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
64-75 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Mass Anti-Catholic Protests of 1688: Revolutionary Excesses or Struggle with Counter-Revolution in England?
Sidorenko Leonid Vladimirovich
76-80 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Studying Mythological Space: Trickster, Transgression and "Transmuted Forms"
Ershov Mikhail Fedorovich
81-86 Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Martyrdom of John of Phanidjoit" as Historical Source
Frangulian Lilia Rubenovna
87-92 Historical Sciences and Archeology
China’s Influence on the Course of the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905
Kutsenko Boris Olegovich
93-98 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Meaning of Suffering in the Orthodox Theology and the Russian Religious Philosophy
Orlov Mikhail Olegovich, Mochinskaya Kseniya Aleksandrovna, Toryanik Yulia Alekseevna
99-102 Philosophical Sciences
Understanding as Cognitive Procedure in the Humanities: Historical and Philosophical Analysis
Romaschenko Maria Alexandrovna, Romaschenko Alexandr Alexandrovich
103-106 Philosophical Sciences
Meaningful Content of the Notion "Care"
Volodin Vladimir Vladimirovich
107-110 Philosophical Sciences
"Event": From Everyday Concept to Scientific Category
Ivanova Mariya Evgen'evna
111-119 Philosophical Sciences
Viewer’s Perspective Problem in G. Leibniz’s and G. Deleuze’s Philosophy
Akulinin Viktor Nikolaevich
120-123 Philosophical Sciences
Content of Civilised Self-Consciousness and Possibility of Its Transformation in Present-Day Conditions
Butenko Nadezhda Alekseevna
123-126 Philosophical Sciences
Return of Homo Politicus under Neoliberal Governmentality
Zvolev Nikolai Pavlovich
127-130 Philosophical Sciences
Relevance of Studying Sociolinguistic Aspect of Old Age and Aging
Pashina Lyudmila Alexandrovna
131-134 Philosophical Sciences
Temporal Component of Social Myth as Socio-Formative Structure
Ryabtsev Sergei Viktorovich, Kirillov Pavel Evgen`evich
135-139 Philosophical Sciences
Scientific Dynasties Role in Sociocultural Development of a Region
Saprykina Ekaterina Vladimirovna
139-143 Philosophical Sciences
On Interrelation of Value and Meaningful Orientations of Residents and Non-Residents of Creative Spaces and Human Potential Indexes of the North-Caucasian and Southern Federal Districts Cities
Sukhovskaya Dar'ya Nikolaevna
143-151 Philosophical Sciences
New Age Network and Its Regional Representation in Modern Society
Khvastunova Julia Viktorovna
151-156 Philosophical Sciences
Methodology to Define the Category "Motherland"
Chikaeva Tatiana Alexandrovna
156-159 Philosophical Sciences
Artefact Man: The Problem Statement
Dimitrova Svetlana Vasil’evna
160-163 Philosophical Sciences
Political Silence: Forms, Meaning, Ways of Inclusion in Political Speech
Popov Dmitry Vladimirovich
164-169 Philosophical Sciences
Civil Service Examination System (Keju) in Imperial China
Shogenova Lyana Akhmedovna
170-174 Philosophical Sciences
Buddhist Religious Cult as Autopoietic System
Krinskaia Zoia Andreevna
175-179 Philosophical Sciences
Specificity of Representing the "Sacred Grove" Concept as a Socio-Cultural Component of Watsdin Faith
Shizhenskiy Roman Vital’evich, Kocheganova Polina Petrovna
179-182 Philosophical Sciences
Folkloric Methods in Choral Miniatures from G. G. Vdovin’s Vocal-Choreographic Suite "Тейтерень Пия Кудо" ("Maiden House of Beer")
Gulaya Tatyana Nikolaevna, Kinyakina Lyudmila Viktorovna
183-190 Study of Art
Spatialization of Musical Time and Its Role in Modern Composers’ Creative Work
Krishtalyuk Olga Aleksandrovna
190-194 Study of Art
Images of Wales in K. Jenkins’s Creative Work: On the Issue of Cultural Memory Constructing
Chereshniuk Irina Rafaelevna
195-199 Study of Art
M. Mussorgsky’s "Boris Godunov" as It Is Interpreted by A. Tarkovsky and R. Lloyd
Zhang Hui
199-204 Study of Art
Romantic Element in Azon Fattakh’s Instrumental Creative Work (by the Example of the Korean Suite and the Lyrical Piece for the French Horn and the Piano)
Chistyakov Roman Vyacheslavovich
204-208 Study of Art
"Unique Monument" in Regional Architecture Study (by the Example of Vyatka Province Architectural Heritage)
Gildina Tatyana Aleksandrovna
209-215 Study of Art
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