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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 1.
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Modernity III (the Second Half of the Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1-8Study of Art
Founder of Nobelistics - Professor V. M. Tyutyunnik
Pirozhkov Gennadii Petrovich
9-13Historical Sciences and Archeology
Socio-Economic Status of Coachmen according to Population Census Data of 1721-1722 (by the Example of Nizhny Novgorod Province)
Balykina Mariya Igorevna
14-18Historical Sciences and Archeology
Influence of Modernization Processes of the End of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century on Clerical Life in Newly Established Eparchies of the Russian Orthodox Church (by the Materials of Omsk Eparchy)
Berkovskaya Zorina Nikolaevna
19-27Historical Sciences and Archeology
Socio-Economic Factors and Regional Peculiarities of Peasant Entrepreneurship Development in Moscow Province at the Beginning of the XX Century
Biryukova Anastasia Mikhailovna
28-31Historical Sciences and Archeology
Government Measures to Transform Family Life and Family Relations in the Russian Far East in the 1920-1930s
Vologdina Elena Sergeevna
32-36Historical Sciences and Archeology
Procurement of Agricultural Products in the Soviet State in 1917-1931
Zhevalov Sergey Anatol`evich
37-42Historical Sciences and Archeology
Everyday Life of Ishim Schoolchildren in the Years of the Great Patriotic War
Ivanov Konstantin Sergeevich, Sinegubov Stanislav Nikolaevich
43-49Historical Sciences and Archeology
Model of Forming the Kryashen Ethno-Confessional Identity
Iskhakov Radik Ravilevich
50-54Historical Sciences and Archeology
V. M. Zenzinovs Revolutionary, Scientific and Publicistic Activity
Nazarov Vladilen Viktorovich
55-59Historical Sciences and Archeology
Role and Significance of Sterlitamak Mayor Konstantin Dmitrievich Rostovtsevs Activity in Social and Economic Development of Sterlitamak and the Ural Region
Peresada Alexander Vladimirovich
60-65Historical Sciences and Archeology
Local Control over Streltsy and Cossack Units in Moscow State in the Second Half of the XVII Century
Puchina Tatyana Anatolyevna
66-70Historical Sciences and Archeology
Military Strategy of Y. Pugachevs Army during Siege of Orenburg
Sadykov Azamat Kamilevich
71-76Historical Sciences and Archeology
Marginal Notes on the Dagestanian Arabic-Language Manuscripts as a Source to Study Genealogy (by the Materials of Archaeographical Expeditions)
Khanmurzaev Ismail Ibragimovich, Osmanova Milena Nurievna
77-84Historical Sciences and Archeology
American Dream and Superheros Image in Comics Culture of the Golden Age
Gribovskaia Viktoriia Olegovna, Tukhvatullin Rustehm Rasfarovich
85-90Historical Sciences and Archeology
Fire Combat and Bayonet Charge in the System of Infantry Tactics at the Beginning of the XVIII Century
Kutishchev Alexander Vasilevich
91-97Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Great Manchurian Plague of 1910-1911: Epidemic with Chinese Specifics
Smertin Yuriy Grigorevich
98-104Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Traditional Even Costume as Sacred Text
Alekseeva Evdokiya Kimovna
105-110Historical Sciences and Archeology
Evolution of Notions "Volost" and "Ulus" among the Siberian Tatars in the XVI-XVII Centuries
Tychinskih Zaituna Aptrashitovna
111-115Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Hasmonean State in the Modern Russian Historiography (1991-2020)
Karanaev Mikhail Nikolaevich
116-121Historical Sciences and Archeology
Virtual Reality and Innovative Educational Environment
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna
122-125Philosophical Sciences
Status of the Notion "Measure" in Human Self-Determination: From Aristotle to the German Classical Philosophy
Pantaflyuk Kristina Anatol'evna
126-130Philosophical Sciences
Philosophy and Pedagogy: Aspects of Interaction
Beregovaya Oksana Aleksandrovna
131-136Philosophical Sciences
Issue of "Danger-Safety": Social and Philosophical Aspect
Klyuev Aleksei Aleksandrovich
137-141Philosophical Sciences
Regional Security Discourses in the Russian Federation
Kononov Sergei Viktorovich
142-147Philosophical Sciences
Modern Materialistic Theories of the Subject - between Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan
Livadnov Georgii Sergeevich
148-152Philosophical Sciences
Notion "Mental Content" in the Context of S. Hurleys Enactivism
Stanzhevskiy Fedor Alekseevich
153-158Philosophical Sciences
Place and Role of the Academic Islamic Studies in the System of Islamic Education
Yakhyaev Mukhtar Yakhyaevich, Baysaidova Gabibat Baysaidovna
159-163Philosophical Sciences
Use of the Russian Musical Folklore in Dramatic Performances as Form of Musical Folklorism
Vereshchagina Katarina Sergeevna
164-169Study of Art
Kornelije Stankovi?s Adaptations of the Serbian Folk Songs
Evdokimova Alla Alekseevna
170-175Study of Art
Ontological Dialogue as Synergetic Model of Musical Dramaturgy Arrangement (by the Material of L. Dychkos "Triumphant Liturgy")
Kuznetsova Alina Vladimirovna, Kurganskaya Olga Alexandrovna, Romenskaya Ludmila Anatolievna
176-182Study of Art
"Duende" Phenomenon in Flamenco Art
Magon Svetlana Alexandrovna
183-188Study of Art
Formation of Traditional Vocal Culture in Khvalynsk District of Saratov Region: Historical Prerequisites
Molchanov Mikhail Vladimirovich
189-194Study of Art
"Preceding Sats": N. A. Manykin-Nevstruev - Composer and Conductor of Moscow Art Theatre of the 1900s
Naumov Alexander Vladimirovich
195-201Study of Art
Dithyramb - Concert Romance in the Russian Chamber-Vocal Culture of the Second Half of the XIX Century: Characteristics of Chamber Romance and Problems of Performance
Stepanidina Ol'ga Dmitrievna, Demidov Viktor Anatol'evich
202-211Study of Art
Ensemble Features of Polyphonic Texture as Condition for Inter-Elemental Interaction
Shatov Alexandr Vladimirovich, Radelitsky Vasiliy Mikhailovich, Shatova Valentina Alekseevna
212-217Study of Art
V. A. Serovs "Girl with Peaches": Message of the Portrait Painting (Philosophical and Art Criticism Analysis)
Dmitrieva Natalya Yurievna
218-222Study of Art
Viktor Lazarev and the Soviet Art-Critical Tradition
Rykov Anatolii Vladimirovich
223-228Study of Art
Intercultural Activity of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage
Fidenko Yulia Leonidovna
229-232Study of Art
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