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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 1.
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Modernity III (the Second Half of the ХХ Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1-8 Study of Art
Founder of Nobelistics - Professor V. M. Tyutyunnik
Pirozhkov Gennadii Petrovich
9-13 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Socio-Economic Status of Coachmen according to Population Census Data of 1721-1722 (by the Example of Nizhny Novgorod Province)
Balykina Mariya Igorevna
14-18 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Influence of Modernization Processes of the End of the XIX - the Beginning of the XX Century on Clerical Life in Newly Established Eparchies of the Russian Orthodox Church (by the Materials of Omsk Eparchy)
Berkovskaya Zorina Nikolaevna
19-27 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Socio-Economic Factors and Regional Peculiarities of Peasant Entrepreneurship Development in Moscow Province at the Beginning of the XX Century
Biryukova Anastasia Mikhailovna
28-31 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Government Measures to Transform Family Life and Family Relations in the Russian Far East in the 1920-1930s
Vologdina Elena Sergeevna
32-36 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Procurement of Agricultural Products in the Soviet State in 1917-1931
Zhevalov Sergey Anatol`evich
37-42 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Everyday Life of Ishim Schoolchildren in the Years of the Great Patriotic War
Ivanov Konstantin Sergeevich, Sinegubov Stanislav Nikolaevich
43-49 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Model of Forming the Kryashen Ethno-Confessional Identity
Iskhakov Radik Ravilevich
50-54 Historical Sciences and Archeology
V. M. Zenzinov’s Revolutionary, Scientific and Publicistic Activity
Nazarov Vladilen Viktorovich
55-59 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Role and Significance of Sterlitamak Mayor Konstantin Dmitrievich Rostovtsev’s Activity in Social and Economic Development of Sterlitamak and the Ural Region
Peresada Alexander Vladimirovich
60-65 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Local Control over Streltsy and Cossack Units in Moscow State in the Second Half of the XVII Century
Puchina Tatyana Anatolyevna
66-70 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Military Strategy of Y. Pugachev’s Army during Siege of Orenburg
Sadykov Azamat Kamilevich
71-76 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Marginal Notes on the Dagestanian Arabic-Language Manuscripts as a Source to Study Genealogy (by the Materials of Archaeographical Expeditions)
Khanmurzaev Ismail Ibragimovich, Osmanova Milena Nurievna
77-84 Historical Sciences and Archeology
American Dream and Superhero’s Image in Comics Culture of the Golden Age
Gribovskaia Viktoriia Olegovna, Tukhvatullin Rustehm Rasfarovich
85-90 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Fire Combat and Bayonet Charge in the System of Infantry Tactics at the Beginning of the XVIII Century
Kutishchev Alexander Vasilevich
91-97 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Great Manchurian Plague of 1910-1911: Epidemic with Chinese Specifics
Smertin Yuriy Grigor’evich
98-104 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Traditional Even Costume as Sacred Text
Alekseeva Evdokiya Kimovna
105-110 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Evolution of Notions "Volost" and "Ulus" among the Siberian Tatars in the XVI-XVII Centuries
Tychinskih Zaituna Aptrashitovna
111-115 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Hasmonean State in the Modern Russian Historiography (1991-2020)
Karanaev Mikhail Nikolaevich
116-121 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Virtual Reality and Innovative Educational Environment
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna
122-125 Philosophical Sciences
Status of the Notion "Measure" in Human Self-Determination: From Aristotle to the German Classical Philosophy
Pantaflyuk Kristina Anatol'evna
126-130 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophy and Pedagogy: Aspects of Interaction
Beregovaya Oksana Aleksandrovna
131-136 Philosophical Sciences
Issue of "Danger-Safety": Social and Philosophical Aspect
Klyuev Aleksei Aleksandrovich
137-141 Philosophical Sciences
Regional Security Discourses in the Russian Federation
Kononov Sergei Viktorovich
142-147 Philosophical Sciences
Modern Materialistic Theories of the Subject - between Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan
Livadnov Georgii Sergeevich
148-152 Philosophical Sciences
Notion "Mental Content" in the Context of S. Hurley’s Enactivism
Stanzhevskiy Fedor Alekseevich
153-158 Philosophical Sciences
Place and Role of the Academic Islamic Studies in the System of Islamic Education
Yakhyaev Mukhtar Yakhyaevich, Baysaidova Gabibat Baysaidovna
159-163 Philosophical Sciences
Use of the Russian Musical Folklore in Dramatic Performances as Form of Musical Folklorism
Vereshchagina Katarina Sergeevna
164-169 Study of Art
Kornelije Stankovi?’s Adaptations of the Serbian Folk Songs
Evdokimova Alla Alekseevna
170-175 Study of Art
Ontological Dialogue as Synergetic Model of Musical Dramaturgy Arrangement (by the Material of L. Dychko’s "Triumphant Liturgy")
Kuznetsova Alina Vladimirovna, Kurganskaya Olga Alexandrovna, Romenskaya Ludmila Anatolievna
176-182 Study of Art
"Duende" Phenomenon in Flamenco Art
Magon Svetlana Alexandrovna
183-188 Study of Art
Formation of Traditional Vocal Culture in Khvalynsk District of Saratov Region: Historical Prerequisites
Molchanov Mikhail Vladimirovich
189-194 Study of Art
"Preceding Sats": N. A. Manykin-Nevstruev - Composer and Conductor of Moscow Art Theatre of the 1900s
Naumov Alexander Vladimirovich
195-201 Study of Art
Dithyramb - Concert Romance in the Russian Chamber-Vocal Culture of the Second Half of the XIX Century: Characteristics of Chamber Romance and Problems of Performance
Stepanidina Ol'ga Dmitrievna, Demidov Viktor Anatol'evich
202-211 Study of Art
Ensemble Features of Polyphonic Texture as Condition for Inter-Elemental Interaction
Shatov Alexandr Vladimirovich, Radelitsky Vasiliy Mikhailovich, Shatova Valentina Alekseevna
212-217 Study of Art
V. A. Serov’s "Girl with Peaches": Message of the Portrait Painting (Philosophical and Art Criticism Analysis)
Dmitrieva Natalya Yurievna
218-222 Study of Art
Viktor Lazarev and the Soviet Art-Critical Tradition
Rykov Anatolii Vladimirovich
223-228 Study of Art
Intercultural Activity of Mariinsky Theatre Primorsky Stage
Fidenko Yulia Leonidovna
229-232 Study of Art
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