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SOURCE:    Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 3.
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Formation of Personal Value Orientations in Younger Schoolchildren in Mixed-Age Group of Children’s Sports School: Theoretical Review
Melnichenko Nataliya Ur’evna
339-348 Pedagogical Sciences
Non-Formal Education for the Older Generation Representatives as Factor of Their Active Ageing
Gordina Olga Vasilevna, Gordin Aleksandr Innokentevich
349-356 Pedagogical Sciences
Change of Educational Paradigm Due to E-Learning Technologies Implementation in Higher Education
Shirokolobova Anastasia Georgievna, Larionova Ulia Sergevna
357-362 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of the Russian System of Additional Education - Historical Parallels
Dyachin Aleksey Sergeyevich
363-367 Pedagogical Sciences
A. S. Ginzberg’s Discursive Activity on Reforming Higher Pharmaceutical Education System in Russia in the Early XX Century
Vorobieva Svetlana Alexandrovna, Zavershinskaya Natal'ya Aleksandrovna, Stepanov Stanislav Vyacheslavovich
368-375 Pedagogical Sciences
Legal Writing as Legal Analysis Tool in the Anglo-Saxon Legal Culture When Teaching Law Students
Aleynikova Darya Viktorovna
376-381 Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Pupils’ Ethno-Cultural Competence by Means of Karachay-Circassia Visual Art
Batchaeva Zumat Suleimanovna
382-388 Pedagogical Sciences
Organising Distance Learning for Non-Linguistic Students in the Context of the Pandemic
Gramma Darya Victorovna, Sergienko Natalia Anatolievna
389-394 Pedagogical Sciences
Test for Determining Amount of the English-Language Verbal Receptive Experience and Formation of Listening Mechanisms in Secondary General Education Students and Undergraduate Students
Danilin Mikhail Vyacheslavovich
395-402 Pedagogical Sciences
Multimedia Educational Programmes in the Process of Teaching English: Implementation Experience at Secondary School
Karimova Anna Anatolyevna, Khasanova Oxana Vladimirovna, Zagidullina Gulnaz Foatovna
403-410 Pedagogical Sciences
Exercises for Mastering Means of the English Language by Primary School Children on the Basis of Non-Speech Activities
Kulikova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
411-418 Pedagogical Sciences
Film Review Competition as Form of Organizing Pedagogical Students’ Media Education
Marinchenko Irina Aleksandrovna, Vasil'eva Elena Vasil'evna
419-426 Pedagogical Sciences
Foreign Language Distance Education at Higher School Using the Microsoft Teams Platform
Mirzamova Anelya Suleimanovna
427-432 Pedagogical Sciences
Model to Form Professionally Oriented Foreign-Language Communicative Competence of Students in the Field of Training "Foreign Regional Studies"
Mushenko Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Mikaeljan Lusine Artakovna
433-439 Pedagogical Sciences
Formation of Students’ Communication Skills Using Video Materials during Russian Classes
Olesova Antonina Petrovna, Burtseva Dayaana Ruslanovna
440-446 Pedagogical Sciences
Web-Quest as Means to Raise Foreign Students’ Motivation for Studying Russian (by the Example of Web-Quest "Chief Editor’s Mysterious Text")
Pisar Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Rembolovich Janna Valerievna, Yurasyuk Natalia Vasilievna
447-454 Pedagogical Sciences
Monitoring Medical Students’ Residual Knowledge in Natural Science Disciplines on the Basis of Systemic Approach
Chudinsky Ruslan Michailovich, Sviridov Vladimir Vladimirovich, Kochukova Marina Viktorovna
455-461 Pedagogical Sciences
Studying Spatial and Visual Perception in Senior Preschool Children with Health Limitations
Baryaeva Lyudmila Borisovna, Krutetskaya Antonina Pavlovna, Tvorogova Anna Vladimirovna
462-467 Pedagogical Sciences
Assessing Lexical Richness in Spontaneous Speech of Pre-schoolers with Mental Retardation
Khodyakova Alexandra Sergeevna, Gruzina Elena Valeryevna
468-472 Pedagogical Sciences
Improvement of Higher School Interaction with External Professional Environment as Way to Increase Practical Orientation of Training within Master’s Program "Document Management and Archival Science"
Bondarev Dmitriy Yurievich, Sarkisyan Anna Pavlovna, Fedorova Anastasiya Nikolaevna
473-479 Pedagogical Sciences
Development of Special Education Software
Ivanov Andrei Valerievich, Olenchikov Alexei Dmitrievich
480-485 Pedagogical Sciences
Conceptual-Categorial Apparatus of Methodology to Ensure Quality of Professional Training of Foreign Military Specialists Studying at the Russian Higher Military Aviation School
Kuznetsov Yuri Nikolaevich
486-491 Pedagogical Sciences
Future Lawyer’s Discursive Skills Formation in Cross-Cultural Environment of Non-Linguistic University
Kurgaeva Olga Leonidovna, Sorokovykh Galina Viktorovna
492-498 Pedagogical Sciences
Non-Linguistic Students’ Satisfaction with Level-Based Foreign Language Teaching (by the Example of South Ural State University)
Levina Irina Alexandrovna, Kolegova Irina Alexandrovna, Kiryakova Elena Maratovna, Ponomareva Elena Pavlovna
499-504 Pedagogical Sciences
Quality Assurance System of Teaching Practice at the Chinese Pedagogical University
Li Bing
505-511 Pedagogical Sciences
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