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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. 3.
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Post-Romanticism Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-15Study of Art
Interior Guard Escort of Prisoners in the First Half of the XIX Century
Akul'shin Petr Vladimirovich
16-20Historical Sciences and Archeology
Pudemsky Ironworks District Plan in Cartographic Sources of the First Half of the XIX Century
Vasina Tat'yana Anatol'evna
21-25Historical Sciences and Archeology
Activity of Military Technical Bureau to Organize the USSRs Purchase of Technical Novelties of Defensive Significance from Abroad in the Second Half of the 1930s
Dimitrenko Nikita Vladimirovich
25-30Historical Sciences and Archeology
Activity of the USSR Regional Tele-Radio Broadcasting Organizations in the Sphere of Labour Education and Professional Orientation of Youth in the 1950-1980s: Donbass Experience
Manzhula Evgenii Valerievich
30-33Historical Sciences and Archeology
Process of Forming the Regional Party and Political Elite of the Second Half of the 1960-1980s (by the Material of Orenburg Region)
Pakhomov Andrei Viktorovich
34-37Historical Sciences and Archeology
N. F. Annensky - Social and Political Figure of Liberal Narodnik Movement
Protasova Ol'ga L'vovna, Bikbaeva El'mira Vital'evna
38-44Historical Sciences and Archeology
Census Campaigns in Steppe Kazakhstan in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century: Specificity of Organization and Implementation
Skopa Vitalii Aleksandrovich
44-48Historical Sciences and Archeology
Militia Training Institutions in the Third Decade of the XX - at the Beginning of the XXI Century (by the Example of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk Region)
Shatskaya Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
48-51Historical Sciences and Archeology
French Conquest of Algeria in 1830 as It Is Viewed by the European Authors of the XIX Century
Zherlitsyna Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
52-56Historical Sciences and Archeology
Political Paradoxes of November Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany
Plenkov Oleg Yur'evich, Samylov Oleg Valer'evich
56-61Historical Sciences and Archeology
Political Realism in Russia-NATO Relations: Balance of Pragmatic and Declarative Interests
Smaglo Pavel Nikolaevich, Nebasui Maksim Sergeevich
61-64Historical Sciences and Archeology
Relevance of Political Modernization Problem at the End of the XX Century in Modern Japan
Shevchuk Ol'ga Mikhailovna
65-71Historical Sciences and Archeology
Adoption of Non-Traditional Warm Clothes (Topwear) in Dagestan in the First Half of the XX Century
Gadzhalova Fatima Amirbekovna, Magomedov Amirbek Dzhalilovich
72-76Historical Sciences and Archeology
Domestic Historiography on the Role of the Czechoslovak Corps in the Battle for Kazan in 1918
Valiakhmetov Al'bert Nailevich
77-81Historical Sciences and Archeology
Representation of Political Culture of the Siberian Social-Democrats in Publications of the Second Half of the 1930-1950s
Isachkin Sergei Pavlovich
81-87Historical Sciences and Archeology
"Art of Thinking" as Autodicy: L. Shestovs "Philosophy of Tragedy"
Petryk Yanina Yur'evna
88-92Philosophical Sciences
Sign Features of Audial Thinking
Kul'bizhekov Viktor Nikolaevich
93-96Philosophical Sciences
Topicality of "Methodological Problem" in the Modern Russian Philosophy of Science
Degtyarev Sergei Ivanovich
97-103Philosophical Sciences
Planetary Ecological Consciousness: Essence, Specificity of Formation
Smirnov Sergei Vladimirovich
103-107Philosophical Sciences
Social and Spiritual Prerequisites for Transformation of the Russian Culture in the Silver Age
Goncharova Yuliya Vadimovna
108-112Philosophical Sciences
Islamophobia in Russia and in the World as Representation of Migration Processes
Manapova Violeta El'darovna
112-116Philosophical Sciences
Autobiography in the Context of Mythological and Rational Conception of Existence
Raikh Kalina Gennad'evna
116-120Philosophical Sciences
Motherland and Foreign Land in National Mentality
Chikaeva Tat'yana Aleksandrovna
120-123Philosophical Sciences
Development of Human Language Ability in the Process of Anthroposociogenesis
Zadvornov Andrei Nikolaevich
124-127Philosophical Sciences
Ethics and Aesthetics of Posture
Osintseva Nadezhda Vladimirovna
128-131Philosophical Sciences
The European and American Feminism through the Eyes of the Russian Provincialist of the Beginning of the XX Century
Sobakina Anna Anatol'evna
131-135Philosophical Sciences
Stoic "Indeterminable Determination" as a Link in the Chain of Cause-and-Effect Relations in Polybius "Histories"
Tyzhov Andrei Yakovlevich
136-141Philosophical Sciences
Influence of Translated and Original English-Language Liturgical Hymns on the Russian Protestant Discourse
Tulyanskaya Yuliya Tikhonovna, Maksimov Vadim Vyacheslavovich
142-146Philosophical Sciences
On Fear, Freedom and Love: Philosophical Apologetics of Christian Ethics
Khomelev Gennadii Vladimirovich, Khomeleva Ramona Aleksandrovna
146-151Philosophical Sciences
Relevant Trends of Clarinet Performance Development in the XX Century
Liu Yang
152-155Study of Art
Dithyramb - Concert Romance in the Russian Chamber-Vocal Culture of the Second Half of the XIX Century: Transformation of Piano Part
Stepanidina Olga Dmitrievna
155-163Study of Art
Preservation of the Kobyz Heritage in the XX Century
Sharipbaeva Aknar Tatibaevna
164-167Study of Art
Innovation as a Debatable Problem of Leningrad Post-War Reconstruction
Bakhareva Yuliya Yur'evna
168-174Study of Art
Traditional Elements of the Modern Chinese Oil Painting
Wang Yunshang
174-178Study of Art
Decorative Ensemble of St Prince Vladimirs Church in Barnaul as an Example of Modern Sacral Artistic Space
Kreidun Yurii Aleksandrovich
178-183Study of Art
Fashion and Design Festival as a Component of Cultural Brand
Kotlyarevskaya Nataliya Vladimirovna
184-188Study of Art
A. A. Mylnikovs Influence on Chinas Artistic Environment
Wang Chao
189-194Study of Art
Monologue in Domestic Ballet Theater (the Second Half of the XX Century)
Katysheva Dzhenni Nikolaevna
195-198Study of Art
Saratov Modern Art: D. Bogatyrevs Creative Search of the 1990s
Kurilova Natal'ya Antonovna
199-203Study of Art
Trinity Image in M. V. Nesterovs Painting: Specificity of Artistic Language and Religious and Philosophical Interpretations
Skorobogacheva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
204-208Study of Art
Ontology of Liu Sanji Myth in Works of the Modern Chinese Researchers
Xiong Yingwen
208-211Study of Art
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