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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 4.
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Post-Romanticism Epoch - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-15 Study of Art
Administrative and Ideological Influence of Power Bodies on Sevastopol Religious Communities (the Middle of the 1920-1930s)
Beloglazov Roman Nikolaevich, Osipovskii Semen Nikolaevich
16-23 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Problems of Crimea’s Integration into the Russian Economic, Legal and Cultural Space after Its Attachment to Russia in 1783
Zherebkin Mikhail Vasil'evich
24-28 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Source Base on History of Regional Party Structures in the 1990s (by the Example of Nizhny Novgorod LDPR Organization)
Zhuravleva Karolina Vladimirovna, Fomenkov Artem Aleksandrovich
28-31 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Formation and Development of Material and Technical Basis of Donbass TV and Radio Companies in the 1950-1980s
Manzhula Evgenii Valerievich
32-35 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Agitational-Propagandistic Activity as an Instrument to Form Soviet Ideology (the 1920-1930s)
Kharchenko Lyubov' Nikolaevna
36-40 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Scottish Protestants at the Onset of Catholic Reaction in the Polish Society of the XVII Century
Laskova Natal'ya Vasil'evna
41-44 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Poetry and Wine in Medieval China
Smertin Yurii Grigor'evich
45-50 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Siberian Village Image in Recent Memoirs of Tomsk Region Residents
Goncharova Tat'yana Aleksandrovna
51-55 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Regional Students’ Ethno-Cultural Identity: Attempt of Ethnological Monitoring
Medvedev Vladislav Valentinovich
55-60 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Memphite Sacerdotal Decree: Sources and Historiography
Panov Maxim Vyacheslavovich
61-67 Historical Sciences and Archeology
New Approaches to Understanding Dialectics of Objective and Subjective Reality
Kafarov Tel'man Emiralievich
68-71 Philosophical Sciences
Aristotle’s Conception of Cognition: From Aesthesis to Noesis
Kushnarenko Sergei Petrovich
72-75 Philosophical Sciences
Evolution of Notions of Determinism and Causality in Science and Culture
Sarkarova Naila Akhedovna
75-78 Philosophical Sciences
Russian Reminiscences of Kant’s Philosophy: P. A. Florensky
An Svetlana Andreevna, Nesterov Vitalii Igorevich
79-82 Philosophical Sciences
Relevance of Pedagogical Model of the Russian neo-Kantianism (S. I. Hessen and F. A. Stepun)
Gushchin Yan Denisovich
82-86 Philosophical Sciences
L. Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Pedagogy
Medvedev Nikolai Vladimirovich
87-92 Philosophical Sciences
Aesthetic Interpretation of Musical Composition as a Subject Area of Hermeneutics
Ushakova Dar'ya Alekseevna
93-97 Philosophical Sciences
Methodological and Ontological Foundations of Fear Heuristics in H. Jonas’s Ethics
Pugacheva Natal'ya Petrovna
98-101 Philosophical Sciences
Perception of Organicism in Global Evolutionism and Cosmism
Antyushev Ivan Igorevich
102-106 Philosophical Sciences
Protective and Rational-Transformational Activity as a Factor of Preservation and Reproduction of Biosphere
Smirnov Sergei Vladimirovich
106-110 Philosophical Sciences
Game and Sport in Consumer Society: Reality and Imitation
Beresnev Il'ya Mikhailovich
111-114 Philosophical Sciences
Specificity of Human Everyday Life in the Digital World
Ioseliani Aza Davidovna
115-119 Philosophical Sciences
Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities in Social Sciences
Platonova Svetlana Ipatovna
119-123 Philosophical Sciences
Tourist Potential of Urban Sociocultural Space
Tuliganova Irina Valer'evna
123-127 Philosophical Sciences
Origins of the Russian Conservatism: V. N. Tatishchev
Chestneishin Nikolai Vasil'evich, Chestneishina Diana Anatol'evna
127-130 Philosophical Sciences
Existential Choice of an Ethno-Modernist Human in the Yakut Theatrical Aesthetics
Pudov Aleksei Grigor'evich
131-135 Philosophical Sciences
P. P. Yershov’s Creative Work and Slavophilism Philosophy (by the Material of the Fairy Tale "The Humpbacked Horse")
Shakirova Tat'yana Vladimirovna, Erenchinova Evgeniya Borisovna, Chumanova Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
135-139 Philosophical Sciences
Religious Education as a Form of Socialization: Problem of Influence of Consumer Society’s Values on Teaching Orthodox Culture
Orlov Mikhail Olegovich
140-143 Philosophical Sciences
Repertoire Policy of Modern Amateur Theatre Groups: Attempt of Sociological Research
Rashina Tat'yana Olegovna, Mikhailova Ol'ga Aleksandrovna, Plekhova Veronika Vladimirovna
144-149 Study of Art
N. M. Sokolsky’s Impact on the Early Chinese Ballet
Zhang Tianjiao
149-155 Study of Art
Professional Guitar Performance as a Component of Academic Art
Ganeev Vitalii Rinatovich
156-159 Study of Art
Revival of the Ancient Mordovian Traditions in Modern Forms of Culture (by the Example of the Ritual Festival "Тейтерень Пия Кудо")
Gulaya Tat'yana Nikolaevna, Kinyakina Lyudmila Viktorovna
160-166 Study of Art
Conception of Time in Max Richter’s Re-Composed Version of Antonio Vivaldi’s Masterpiece
Izergina Alina Rashitovna
166-171 Study of Art
Role of War Songs in Formation of the Yakut Musical Variety Art (the 1940-1970s)
Indigirskii Vladimir Petrovich
171-178 Study of Art
Trombone Expressive Means in V. M. Blazhevich’s Concerts
Latyshev Nikolai Ivanovich
178-183 Study of Art
The Russian Composers in Repertoire of the Modern Chinese Pianists
Song Peng
183-189 Study of Art
Historical Role of Foreign Piano Schools in Development of the Chinese Pianism
Chen Yanan
189-193 Study of Art
Musical and Stylistic Peculiarities of the Siberian Mordovians’ Spring Calendar Songs
Shakhov Pavel Sergeevich
193-204 Study of Art
Specificity of Piano Schools of Europe and Russia
Yang Zhongguo
204-207 Study of Art
Attribution of Stamp-Mark "Д•Н•Д"
Bekker Al'bert Ottovich, Dubrovin Mikhail Feliksovich
208-212 Study of Art
Mytho-Plastics as a Relevant Design Technique
Molchanova Lyudmila Anatol'evna
213-217 Study of Art
Specificity of Visual Communication in Fine Art
Fedorovskaya Natal'ya Aleksandrovna
218-221 Study of Art
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