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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 9.
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Chinese-Russian Visual Dictionary with Transcription / N. N. Voropaev (comp.); Ma Tianyu (ed.). Moscow: AST Publ., 2019. 319 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2655-2656 Philological Sciences
Speech Segmentation during the Creation of an Oral Text Corpus
Burova Evgenia Evgenievna
2657-2663 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Means of Author’s Image Representation in Scientific Texts (By the Material of V. O. Klyuchevsky’s Work "A History of Russia")
Wang Lele
2664-2667 Philological Sciences
Xenonym "laobaixing" in Online Diaspora Discourse
Wang Yuanying
2668-2672 Philological Sciences
Techniques for Implementing Language Game in a Linguistic Joke: Lexical Level
Dokhova Zalina Ruslanovna, Urusov Ruslan Khataliyevich, Khashkhozheva Zagirat Talibovna
2673-2677 Philological Sciences
The Functioning of the Lexeme "Жар-Птица" (Firebird) in the Russian Language
Zubkova Elena Nikolaevna
2678-2682 Philological Sciences
Features of Implementation of the Concepts ONE’S OWN and ALIEN in the Discourse of the Russian-Speaking Diaspora in China (by the Example of the Online Community "A Laowai’s Tales")
Li Zhidan
2683-2688 Philological Sciences
Metaphor in the Political Discourse of Russian Printed Media as a Tool for Verbalising Linguocultural Realities (1991-2008)
Lonskaia Anna Yur’evna
2689-2694 Philological Sciences
Functional and Semantic Peculiarities of a Prepositional-Casal Lexicalized Word-Form "По Ходу" (Along the Way)
Petrochenko Tatyana Valentinovna
2695-2699 Philological Sciences
Representation of COVID-19 Pandemic in the Modern Polycode Advertising Texts
Ryabinina Alevtina Gennadevna
2700-2704 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as a Means of L. N. Tolstoy’s Literary and Artistic Creativity (by the Material of the Novel "Anna Karenina")
Cheresyuk Polina Andreevna
2705-2709 Philological Sciences
Representations of Siberian Landscape Evolution in the Evenk Ikenipke Ritual
Varlamov Alexander Nikolaevich
2710-2716 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Grammatical Peculiarities of Verbs Describing Downward Walking in the Kabardino-Circassian Language
Dzuganova Rita Khabalovna
2717-2721 Philological Sciences
Variability of Present Tense Verb Forms in the Khakass Language and Its Dialects
Medvedeva Marina Alekseevna
2722-2727 Philological Sciences
Phonetic and Lexical Features of Tatar Geographical Terms of Tyumensky District
Khisamov Oleg Rishatovich, Khusainova Alina Yamilevna
2728-2732 Philological Sciences
Names of Wild and Domestic Animals as a Part of the Phytonymic Vocabulary of the Khakass Language and Its Dialects
Chebodaeva Larisa Il'inichna
2733-2739 Philological Sciences
Translation Techniques to Recover Omitted Head of Noun Phrase Substituted by Words Attributed by Infinitive, Based on Material of English-Language Economic Discourse
Dyakonova Stanislava Arkadyevna
2740-2748 Philological Sciences
Thesaurus Modeling of English Text Typology Terminology (By the Example of the Term "Text Type")
Zhuchkova Irina Igorevna
2749-2753 Philological Sciences
Formation of Ecological Consciousness as the Basis for Ecological Worldview (by the Example of the Ecological Discourse of Germany)
Zaitseva Alla Valer’evna
2754-2761 Philological Sciences
Correlation of Static and Dynamic Components in S. T. Coleridge’s Poetical Texts
Zinovyeva Irina Viktorovna
2762-2768 Philological Sciences
Blending as a Productive Way of Word Formation in English-Language Chat Communications
Ibraeva Albina Farkhatovna
2769-2772 Philological Sciences
Media Image as a Set of Ideologemes (by the Example of the Media Image of Viktor Yanukovych Represented in the English-Language Mass Media)
Kotsyubinskaya Lyubov Vyacheslavovna, Kuzina Olga Andreevna
2773-2781 Philological Sciences
Issues of Terminology Translation and Harmonisation in the Field of Agriculture in Russia and Abroad by the Example of the Term "no-till"
Lysenko Natal'ya Evgen'evna
2782-2786 Philological Sciences
Use of Synonyms in Dictionary Definitions of Neologisms (by the Material of the German Language)
Melgunova Anna Vladislavovna
2787-2791 Philological Sciences
German Neologisms during the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Pandemic
Moskvitin Evgeniy Vladimirovitch
2792-2796 Philological Sciences
Neologisms in the Field of Education during the Coronavirus Pandemic (by the Example of the German Language)
Nagumanova Vera Aleksandrovna
2797-2801 Philological Sciences
The Problem of Translating Onomastic Realia (By the Material of the American TV Serial "Brooklyn Nine-Nine")
Nikolina Natalia Nikolaevna
2802-2806 Philological Sciences
Ambiguity as a Technique for Creating Comicality in a German-Language Internet Meme
Rokhlina Tatiana Alexandrovna
2807-2812 Philological Sciences
Sociolinguistic Mobility and Variability of New Zealand Prison Argot
Trifanova Svetlana Sergeevna
2813-2817 Philological Sciences
Ramzan Kadyrov’s Image in the British Mass Media (By the Material of "The Independent" Newspaper)
Filippova Sargylana Vasilievna, Filippova Varvara Vasilievna
2818-2822 Philological Sciences
Structure and Content of Associative Perception of Languages with Different Status (English, Russian and Khakass)
Borgoiakova Tamara Gerasimovna, Pokoiakova Karina Aleksandrovna
2823-2826 Philological Sciences
Theory of Phonovariant Functional Differentiation: Status Identification
Goncharova Oxana Vladimirovna
2827-2832 Philological Sciences
Verbal Aggression Manifestation in Internet Comments (by the Example of the Message Board "For People Over...", Part of the Portal "Ykt.Ru")
Ivanova Nurguyaana Ignatievna, Nikaeva Tatiana Mikhailovna
2833-2837 Philological Sciences
The Terms "Multimodality" and "Visual Linguistics" in H. St?ckl‘s Works
Kunitsyna Olesya Mironovna
2838-2842 Philological Sciences
Some Features of the Rhetoric of Diplomatic Discourse
Tkacheva Yulia Sergeevna
2843-2848 Philological Sciences
Literary Detail: Implicitness and Communicative-Pragmatic Functions
Trubkina Anna Ivanovna
2849-2855 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Infinitive Functioning in Banking Codes of Ethics (By the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Biryukova Evgeniya Viktorovna, Mukhortova Irina Igorevna
2856-2860 Philological Sciences
International Words in the Architectural Terminology of European Languages (Romanesque Architectural Style)
Kuznetsova Nadezhda Genievna, Stepicheva Olga Nikolaevna, Janowitz Philipp
2861-2870 Philological Sciences
Cultural and Linguistic Transfer in the Setting of Multiculturalism (by the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)
Khayrullina Raysa Khanifovna, So Tsyan, Khaydarova Safiya Mavletovna
2871-2875 Philological Sciences
International Russian Festival as an Efficient Form of Extra-Curricular Work with Foreign Students Studying Russian as a Foreign Language
Kovalenko Nadezhda Sergeevna
2876-2881 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Russian Vocabulary with Subjective Evaluation Suffixes to Chinese Students
Lidina Irina Yurievna, Fedoseev Alexandr Alekseyevich
2882-2886 Pedagogical Sciences
Assessing the Level of Foreign Language Pronunciation Culture among First-Year Pedagogical Students
Mirzoeva Elena Yurevna
2887-2892 Pedagogical Sciences
Concept Maps as a Method of Cognitive Learning in Foreign Language Classes in High School
Shmaraeva Anastasia Aleksandrovna
2893-2899 Pedagogical Sciences
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