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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 3.
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S. Lvova’s Poetry: Modelling Secular Sacredness on the Basis of Transposed Religious Motifs
Bolshakov Andrey Alexandrovich, Balashova Elena Anatolevna
635-640 Philological Sciences
"A Little Hero" by F. M. Dostoevsky in the Context of the Writer’s Creative Work: Traditions of the Chivalric Romance
Zavgorodnyaya Galina Yur’evna
641-647 Philological Sciences
Leitmotif of Water as a Way of Cycle Formation in Mikhail Kuzmin’s Lyric Poetry
Kapustina Yulia Alexandrovna
648-652 Philological Sciences
Reinterpretation of Chekhov’s Traditions in D. Krymov’s "Kostik"
Kirichenko Dmitrii Arturovich
653-657 Philological Sciences
Manifestation of the Chivalric Romance Chronotope in Russian Fantasy (by the Material of Max Frei’s Novel "Chimeras’ Nests. The Chronicles of Ovёtganna")
Knyazeva Alina Aleksandrovna, Osmukhina Olga Yurievna
658-662 Philological Sciences
Nikolai Brusilov’s "My Journey, or One-Day Adventures": Tradition and Parody in "Mass Sentimentalism" Prose
Kublitskaya Ol'ga Viktorovna
663-667 Philological Sciences
Worldview Contexts of the Development of Russian Adventure Prose in the First Third of the XX Century
Negrash Sergei Vyacheslavovich
668-672 Philological Sciences
Women’s Images in A. P. Platonov’s Novella "The Ethereal Tract": An Experience of Typology Creation
Heidari Marzieh
673-677 Philological Sciences
Ethnoculture of the Ingush in Boris Kharsiev’s Russian-Language Creative Work
Bittirova Tamara Shamsudinovna, Izmailova Tanzila Salmanovna
678-683 Philological Sciences
The Issue of Historicism in the Reflection of Reality in Bashkir Prose in the First Half of the XX Century
Gareeva Gulfira Nigamatovna
684-688 Philological Sciences
Imaginative Interpretation of National History in Tatar Romantic Poems of the Early XX Century
Nadyrshina Leysan Radifovna
689-692 Philological Sciences
Literary Interpretation of the Theme of Man’s and the Nation’s Fate in Mansur Gilyazov’s Monodrama "Mikulai"
Sharipova Alsu Samigullovna
693-697 Philological Sciences
New Language of Experimental Prose or the Blurring of Boundaries of the Literary Genre: As Exemplified by Michel Butor’s "Description of San Marco"
Vasileva Olga Anatol’evna
698-702 Philological Sciences
Europe in Search of a Universal Encyclopaedia as a Literary Genre (XIII-XVII Centuries)
Gerasimova Svetlana Anatolievna
703-711 Philological Sciences
A Criminal and "Natural Evil" in H. P. Lovecraft’s Short Stories
Razumov Igor Alexeevich
712-717 Philological Sciences
Poetics of Saygin Ersin’s Fantasy Prose
Repenkova Mariya Mihaylovna
718-725 Philological Sciences
Importance of the "Human Factor" in Joseph Conrad’s Works
Safarova Zera Adil-Gareevna
726-730 Philological Sciences
"Eastward March" through E. M. Remarque’s and H. G. Konsalik’s Eyes
Frolov Dmitry Mikhaylovich
731-734 Philological Sciences
Plot-Forming Themes in Anthony Trollope’s Novel "The Eustace Diamonds"
Shamsutdinova Nellie Zefarovna
735-739 Philological Sciences
Genre Diversity of Modern News Agencies Texts
Stogova Evgeniya Sergeevna
740-744 Philological Sciences
Discrepancies in the Slavic Text of The Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach (by the Example of Chapters 44-50 in the Gennady’s Bible, the Ostrog Bible and the Elizabeth Bible)
Khangireev Ilya Alexandrovich
745-750 Philological Sciences
Veterinary Discourse as Reflected in Modern Scientific Research: A Systematic Review
Abrosimova Ekaterina Alexeevna, Madzhaeva Sanya Ibragimovna
751-758 Philological Sciences
Support of the Activity Plan for "The Concept of Teaching the Russian Language and Literature in the Russian Federation": An Analytical Review of 2017-2022 Academic Materials
Gats Iren Yurievna
759-767 Philological Sciences
Man and His Discourse - 6: Digitalisation of Communicative Practices: A Joint Monograph / M. R. Zheltukhina (ed.-in-chief). Moscow - Volgograd: PrinTerra-Dizain, LLC, 2020. 384 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
768-770 Philological Sciences
Modus Meanings in Linguistic Image of Woman-Politician: Temporality Actualization Aspect
Boguslavskaya Olesya Vladimirovna
771-775 Philological Sciences
Factors Influencing the Anaphoric Third-Person Pronoun Use after the Indefinite Pronoun "Someone"
Burov Eduard Evgenievich
776-781 Philological Sciences
Speech Errors as a Factor of the Destructive Dialogue in Business Speech
Zimina Lyudmila Olegovna
782-786 Philological Sciences
Stereotype Image of Military Man in Russian Non-Professional Linguistic Consciousness (by the Material of Associative Experiment)
Kuks Anna Victorovna, Prokudina Irina Sergeevna
787-794 Philological Sciences
Lexical Specificity of the Far Eastern Regiolect
Mikhajlyukova Natalya Vladimirovna
795-799 Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Features of "Plasma Physics" Terms (on the Basis of a Limited Volume Source - English-Language Academic Paper)
Smolina Andzhella Nikolaevna
800-811 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Ways of Representing Author’s Modality in M. A. Bulgakov’s Novel "The Master and Margarita"
Stepanova Yuliya Victorovna, Ilnickaya Tatyana Olegovna
812-818 Philological Sciences
Realia Names as a Qualitative Parameter of Text Complexity (by the Material of the Unified State Examination in the Russian Language)
Sungatullina Dilyana Damirovna, Gorelova Yuliya Nickolaevna, Latypova Liliya Agzamovna
819-824 Philological Sciences
Transformation of Functions of the Phrase "таким образом" ("thus") in the Linguocreative Space of the Internet
Tyurin Pavel Michailovich
825-829 Philological Sciences
Names of Details of the Riding-Horse Harness in the Khakass Language
Abdina Raisa Petrovna
830-836 Philological Sciences
Lexical-Semantic Field with the Key Lexeme "Wealth" (by the Material of Written Sources in the Tatar Language)
Valieva Mileusha Zakievna
837-841 Philological Sciences
Anaphoric Complex Syntactic Unities in the Tatar Language
Giniyatullina Liliya Minnullovna, Shakurova Muslima Magesumovna
842-846 Philological Sciences
Structural and Semantic Features of Causative Constructions with the Meaning of Coercion, Order in the Buryat Language
Dadueva Elena Aleksandrovna
847-851 Philological Sciences
Social and Speech Portrait of the Tatar Merchant Class in the Late XIX - Early XX Century
Mirkhayev Rifat Firdinatovich
852-856 Philological Sciences
Rhythmic-Syntactic Parallelism in T. E. Smetanin’s Prose
Prokop’eva Alena Kirillovna, Arkhipova Aisaana Andreevna
857-862 Philological Sciences
Influence of an Attitude on the Perception of the Meaning of an English-Language Text during Its Ordinary Reading and Translation into Russian
Algina Olga Vladimirovna
863-870 Philological Sciences
Quasi-Realia in William Morris’s Late Novels: Issues of Translation from English into Russian
Aristov Alexei Yur’evich
871-875 Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Particularities of Nominative Units of the English-Language Linguocultural Scenario "Stock Market"
Belyakova Ol’ga Vladimirovna
876-880 Philological Sciences
Linguostylistic Means in Slogans of English-Language Social Advertising
Ilduganova Gulnara Minshakirovna, Garaeva Leila Mirzanurovna, Nurieva Guzel Rashitovna
881-886 Philological Sciences
Linguoculturological Comparative Analysis of Legal Terminology in Judicial Practice in the USA and Canada
Mikheeva Natalya Fedorovna, Dmitrieva Elena Aleksandrovna
887-892 Philological Sciences
Multimodal Aspects of Linguistic Creativity in Political Poster (by the Material of German Language)
Filatova Alena Grigor'evna
893-898 Philological Sciences
Feminine Agioanthroponyms in Spanish Paroemias
Zakharova Liudmila Borisovna, Zakharova Elena Valerievna
899-903 Philological Sciences
Ambiguous Transliteration of Spanish Letters [t] and [c/q] in Early Aljamiado Manuscript "Poema de Yusuf"
Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna
904-908 Philological Sciences
Features of Using the Complex Gerund in the Italian Language of the XVI Century (by the Example of F. Guicciardini’s Treatise "The History of Italy")
Furtsev Roman Vitaljevic
909-913 Philological Sciences
Professional Communication Online (by the Material of the French Language)
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Ilina Irina Evgenievna, Makeeva Marina Nikolaevna
914-919 Philological Sciences
The PATRIOT Concept in the Focus of Lexicographic Sources in Chinese
Eremkina Ekaterina Sergeevna, Gofman Tatiana Victorovna
920-924 Philological Sciences
Discursively Oriented Study of Impoliteness in Intergenerational Communication
Ikatova Inna Ivanovna, Selifonova Elena Dmitrievna, Khrabrova Ekaterina Sergeyevna
925-929 Philological Sciences
Modelling of Text Worlds as Dynamic Knowledge Formats
Ogneva Elena Anatolievna, Gusakova Natalia Leonidovna, Markov Alexandre Vladimirovich
930-935 Philological Sciences
Film Discourse Study in Foreign Linguistics at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Pokrovskaia Natalia Vladimirovna
936-941 Philological Sciences
Term Formation by Means of Grammatical Words (by the Example of the Military Terminology of the Vietnamese Language)
Serbin Vladimir Alekseevich
942-946 Philological Sciences
Authorial Popularization Strategies in Popular Science Texts of Different Genres
Shevchenko Yuliya Vladimirovna
947-953 Philological Sciences
Structural-Semantic Features of Plasma Physics Terms (by the Material of a Limited Volume Source - an English-Language Academic Paper)
Nikolaeva Nataliya Sergeevna, Fufurina Tat’yana Alekseevna
954-959 Philological Sciences
Secondary Naming in English-Language and Russian-Language Botanical Terminological Names (by the Material of Eponymic Species Names of Representatives of the Genus Agave)
Razduyev Aleksey Valeryevich, Simonova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Khakiyeva Zalikha Usmanovna
960-965 Philological Sciences
Features of Using Andative and Venitive Verbs of the Tatar and Japanese Languages by the Examples of Translations of Ch. T. Aitmatov’s Novella "Jamila"
Khaliullina Alina Ayratovna
966-970 Philological Sciences
Relation between Epistemic Modality and Evidentiality in Turkish and Japanese
Khafizova Ilseyar Ilgamovna, Khabibullina Elmira Kamilevna
971-975 Philological Sciences
Corpus-Based Analysis of Eurysemic Pairs of English Phrasal Verbs with Satellites ‘on/off’
Grekhovodov Vladislav Aleksandrovich
976-981 Philological Sciences
Differentiation of Text Types with Incentive Modality in Applied Aspect
Makhina Liudmila Alekseevna
982-988 Philological Sciences
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