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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 7.
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Folklore of the Volga and Ural Regions: Genres, Poetics, Study Problems / compiler and editor G. G. Il'ina. Cheboksary, 2021: Opinion Paper
Myshkina Albina Fedorovna, Rodionov Vitaly Grigorievich
2067-2069 Philological Sciences
Tao Universal in O. E. Mandelstam’s Early Works
Buraia Mariia Anatol’evna, Shi Yuchen
2070-2074 Philological Sciences
The Early NEP Culture in N. Lukhmanov’s Perception (Based on the Poem "Corns of Moscow")
Kozlov Dmitry Alexandrovich
2075-2079 Philological Sciences
Representation of Theme of Developing New Forms of Social Life in F. I. Panferov’s Book of Essays "In the Early Morning" (1927): By the Example of the Essays "Markel" and "In the Early Morning"
Kultysheva Olga Mikhailovna, Rashchupkina Olga Stanislavovna
2080-2085 Philological Sciences
Pontifical Power as Roman Catholic Idea Realization in F. M. Dostoevsky’s Perception in the 1860-1870s
Murzina Svetlana Vladimirovna
2086-2091 Philological Sciences
Christmas Theme in N. P. Wagner’s Story "Telepen"
Norina Natalia Viktorovna
2092-2099 Philological Sciences
Lloyd George’s Satirical Image in the Russian Diaspora’s Periodicals in the First Half of the 1920s
Sviridov Vladislav Yurievich
2100-2104 Philological Sciences
Tsar David’s Image Evolution in the Russian Poetry of the 17th-20th Centuries. Features of the Psalmist’s Image Perception by Russian Poets
Khimich Galina Alexandrovna
2105-2110 Philological Sciences
Structure and Genre-Thematic Features of R. Gamzatov’s Poetic Collection "In the Midday Heat in the Valley of Dagestan"
Nabigulaeva Marjanat Nabigulaena
2111-2118 Philological Sciences
Naki Isanbet’s Media Image in the Aspect of His Creative Work Interpretation
Khabutdinova Mileusha Mukhametsyanovna
2119-2123 Philological Sciences
Symbolism vs Expressionism (by the Example of D. B. Khetagurov’s Poem "Арв?нг?с" ("Skylike"))
Khetagurova Dzerassa Kazbekovna
2124-2130 Philological Sciences
A. I. Yatsimirsky - Researcher of W. Sieroszewski’s and A. Szymanski’s Creative Activity
Emelianov Igor Stepanovich
2131-2136 Philological Sciences
Children’s Images in Manuel Rivas’s Works about the Civil War and the Francoist Dictatorship
Ivanova Nina Vladimirovna
2137-2142 Philological Sciences
Gender Stereotypes in Ayn Rand’s Novels
Mirasova Kamila Naeelovna
2143-2148 Philological Sciences
Features of the Gothic Tradition Interpretation in H. P. Lovecraft’s Creative Work (Based on the Material of "The Outsider" Story)
Morshchinskiy Vladislav Sergeevich, Cheresyuk Polina Andreevna
2149-2153 Philological Sciences
Biographical Foundations of Jeffrey Eugenides’s Creative Worldview
Petrova Anna Alekseevna
2154-2158 Philological Sciences
Genre Code of "Terrible Short Story" in I. S. Turgenev’s "Klara Milich"
Pogadai Elena Vladimirovna
2159-2163 Philological Sciences
Bekasova E. N. A Learner’s Guide to the Old Slavic Language. Brno: Tribun EU, 2021. 119 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2165-2166 Philological Sciences
Expressive Syntax of the English Language: A Systematic Review
Vorobyova Yelena Nickolaevna
2167-2173 Philological Sciences
The Ability of Russian Particles to Communicate the Semantics of the Extreme: An Analytical Review
Klyushina Alena Mikhailovna
2174-2182 Philological Sciences
Author’s Reconsideration of Phraseological Units in M. Zoshchenko’s Prose
Kabanova Svetlana Aleksandrovna
2183-2188 Philological Sciences
Structural Characteristics of One-Lexeme Nominations as a Fragment of Typological Passports of Medical Terminology Systems
Kazarina Svetlana Georgievna, Gulyaeva Tatyana Urevna
2189-2193 Philological Sciences
Work on a New Spelling Code (Based on the Use of Capital Letters in Official Names)
Ponomareva Natalya Ivanovna
2194-2198 Philological Sciences
DREAM Concept in the Novel "Ladoga" by O. Grigorieva
Usacheva Olga Alexandrovna, Chernyavskaya Nadezhda Anatolievna, Makunina Daria Sergeevna
2199-2204 Philological Sciences
Linguistic Representation of Maslenitsa Rite of Roping Blocks in the Kuban Tradition
Finko Olga Sergeevna
2205-2209 Philological Sciences
Compound Adjectives of Subordinating Type in the Hungarian Language
Ariskina Tatyana Pavlovna
2210-2213 Philological Sciences
Locative Meanings of Words with ‘пурэбэ’ and ‘албэ’ Components in the Tundra Yukaghir Language
Kurilova Ladina Gavrilovna
2214-2218 Philological Sciences
Semantics of the Verb ‘Touch’ in the Ob-Ugric Languages
Nakhracheva Galina Leonidovna
2219-2223 Philological Sciences
Cognitive Understanding of the Semantic Field "Й?ш" / "Age" in the Bashkir Language (by the Material of Monosyllabic Stems)
Nigamatova Albina Alfredovna
2224-2227 Philological Sciences
Features of Word Formation in the Modern Udmurt Language
Strelkova Olga Borisovna
2228-2231 Philological Sciences
Colour Triad "Black - White - Red" in the Adyghe Worldview and Its Functioning in Artistic Discourse
Haraeva Larisa Hanbievna, Ezaova Madina Yurievna, Shugusheva Dzhuleta Habasovna
2232-2238 Philological Sciences
Contextual Implementation of Sound-Descriptive Words of the English Language
Alkenova Sayazhan Nikolaevna
2239-2244 Philological Sciences
William Morris’s "The Wood beyond the World": Possibilities of Reading and Translating from English into Russian
Aristov Aleksei Yur’evich
2245-2250 Philological Sciences
Phraseological Units with Zoonym Components in the Australian English Language
Badmaeva Elena Sodnomovna, Shaglanova Elena Andreevna, Burtseva Elvira Vitalyevna
2251-2257 Philological Sciences
Non-Trivial Types of Semantic Derivation in Colloquial and Youth Vocabulary of the Modern German Language
Bojkova Irina Borissovna
2258-2266 Philological Sciences
Synsemantic Exponents of Category of Cause in the American Political Discourse
Butenko Tatiana Anatolievna
2267-2271 Philological Sciences
Role of Food and Clothes Names in Creating the Russians’ Image in English-Language Travel Notes about Russia in the 19th Century
Gladkova Olga Khvtisovna
2272-2278 Philological Sciences
Verbalisation of Acoustic Images in P. Pabst’s Novel "Ich sehe das, was ihr nicht seht. Eine blinde Strafverteidigerin geht ihren Weg" / "I See What You Cannot See. Blind Female Criminal Defense Lawyer Goes Her Own Way"
Ladosha Oksana Mikhailovna
2279-2284 Philological Sciences
Theoretical Foundations of the Grammatical System of English for Radiotelephony Communication in Aviation
Lysenko Sergey Vladimirovich
2285-2290 Philological Sciences
Borrowings as a Part of Phraseological Units of Insular Russian-German Dialects
Moskalyuk Larisa Ivanovna, Moskalyuk Olga Sergeevna
2291-2294 Philological Sciences
Proper Names as Lexical Means of Implementing BUSINESSMAN Concept in Charles Dickens’s "Dombey and Son"
Nesterova Tatiana Gennadievna, Remizova Valentina Fyodorovna
2295-2300 Philological Sciences
Linguistic and Socio-Cultural Features of Hedging in Scientific Discourse (by the Material of Texts of English-Language Scientific Articles on Economics)
Svetaylov Boris Vladimirovich
2301-2306 Philological Sciences
Communicative Aspect of Modified Proverbs Translation from German into Russian
Shitikova Anzhelika Vladimirovna
2307-2311 Philological Sciences
Thematic Sphere "Computer Technologies" at System-Linguistic Level by the Materials of Non-Special Dictionaries of the Russian and English Languages
Balashova Darya Yurievna
2312-2318 Philological Sciences
Virus Metaphor in Marketing Communication
Borodulina Natalia Yurievna, Makeeva Marina Nikolaevna, Kopelnik Vladislava Igorevna
2319-2322 Philological Sciences
Linguo-Cognitive Representation of Oppositive Concepts RUSSIAN WORLD - CANCEL CULTURE
Zdanovskaya Lidiya Borisovna
2323-2327 Philological Sciences
Polysemy in Computer Linguistics Terminology
Polshchykova Olga Nikolaevna
2328-2332 Philological Sciences
Plato’s Linguistic Personality and "Cave" Idealism
Sedykh Arkadiy Petrovich, Kugan Ekaterina Ivanovna
2333-2340 Philological Sciences
Neologism Emotivity in the Coronavirus Period
Semerdzhidi Valentina Nikolaevna, Resepova Victoria Konstantinovna
2341-2344 Philological Sciences
Discursive Specificity of Modal and Evaluative Meanings Manifestation in Texts of Regulatory Legal Acts (by the Material of the English and Russian Languages)
Shashkova Valentina Nikolaevna
2345-2351 Philological Sciences
"Rule - Example" Correlation in Time Category Description in the French Grammars of the XVI-XVIII Centuries
Shcherbinin Andrei Yurievich
2352-2357 Philological Sciences
Determination of Adequacy Degree of Poetic Text Translation by the Example of Interpretation of M. Yu. Lermontov’s Poem "I Come out to the Path" into English
Gasanova Farida Rauf kizi
2358-2363 Philological Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Translating Socio-Cultural Component of the English Literary Text into the Russian Language (by the Example of Ch. P. Snow’s Novel "Corridors of Power")
Epifantseva Natalia Glebovna, Tsepeleva Alina Nikolaevna
2364-2368 Philological Sciences
Creative Neologisms as a Result of Hybrid Word Formation in the German and Russian Colloquial Speech
Zavalishina Liia Viktorovna, Nefedova Lyubov Arkadyevna
2369-2374 Philological Sciences
Case Form of Substantives of Aspectual Semantics of Initial Phase in the English and Russian Languages
Lutfullina Gulnara Firdavisovna
2375-2379 Philological Sciences
Linguocultural Specificity of the Speech Act of Apology in the Chinese Language
Selezneva Natalia Victorovna
2380-2384 Philological Sciences
Voice Category in the Course of the Russian Morphology for Turkic-Speaking Philology Students
Kurbanova Zukhra Rashidovna, Fatkhutdinova Venera Gabdulkhakovna
2385-2390 Pedagogical Sciences
Using Video Advertisements as a Means of Sociocultural Competence Formation in Students of a Language University When Teaching French
Ostroumova Olga Fedorovna, Ostroumov Alexandr Ivanovich
2391-2396 Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Foreign University Students to Write a Library-Research Review Paper in Russian as a Foreign Language Classes (Scientific Style of Speech)
Sitsyna-Kudryavtseva Alevtina Nikolaevna
2397-2402 Pedagogical Sciences
Inclusion of Internet Services in the System of Teaching the Russian Language Grammar to Foreign Students
Skobelkina Natalia Mikhaylovna, Zakharova Yekaterina Vasilievna, Pulyaevskaya Alexsandra Mikhaylovna
2403-2408 Pedagogical Sciences
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