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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2022. № 9.
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Linguistic Manipulation in the Works of Domestic and Foreign Scientists: Theoretical Issues of Terminology
Ashrapova Alsu Khalilovna, Yilmaz Elvira Rafilovna, Mavlyautdinov Ildar Safiulovich, Mankova Liana Ilnurovna
2771-2778 Philological Sciences
Bekasova E. N. The Language Space of the Orenburg Region. Brno: Tribun EU, 2022. 254 p.: Opinion Paper
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
2779-2780 Philological Sciences
Suicide in the Light of N. A. Nekrasov’s Poetry Axiology
Wei Xinyi
2781-2786 Philological Sciences
Thematic Originality of the Young Writers’ Creative Work in the Harbin Magazine “Rubezh”
Novokreschenova Irina Nikolaevna
2787-2793 Philological Sciences
The Spy Novel Genre in Russian Literature of the XX Century: Historical and Literary Theoretical Aspects of Study
Prikazchikova Olga Alexandrovna, Osmukhina Olga Yurievna
2794-2799 Philological Sciences
A Book of Essays and a Historical Novel by I. I. Vinokurov-Tagus: Modes of Artistic Merit
Khazankovich Yulia Gennadievna
2800-2807 Philological Sciences
Allusive Potential of Toponymy in J. Fowles’ Novel “The Magus”
Beletskaya Alla Yur’evna
2808-2813 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as a Means of Creating the Illusion of Credibility of Fantastic Images (by the Example of S. King’s Short Story “Uncle Otto’s Truck”)
Petrov Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Morgun Elena Anatolievna
2814-2819 Philological Sciences
“Ode on Literature” by Lu Ji as a Technology of Poetic Reflection
Semenenko Ivan Ivanovich
2820-2832 Philological Sciences
Features of the Classical Greek Tragedy in the Play “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia” by E. Albee
Smetanina Natalia Alexandrovna
2833-2837 Philological Sciences
Discursive and Aesthetic Paradoxes of Modern Russian Original Rock Poetry (Based on S. Kalinin’s Creative Work). Article Two
Loktevich Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna
2838-2844 Philological Sciences
Specifics of Interpretation of the Flora Image “Snowdrop” in Symbolist Poetry (K. D. Balmont, F. K. Sologub, A. I. Tokayev)
Khetagurova Dzerassa Kazbekovna
2845-2850 Philological Sciences
Provincial Man vs Provincial Woman: Semantic and Pragmatic Aspect
Bychkova Valentina Sergeevna
2851-2859 Philological Sciences
The National Corpus of the Russian Language as a Tool for Studying Precedent Signs of High Culture with the Source Sphere “Russian Classical Literature”
Kuzmina Luiza Aleksandrovna
2860-2869 Philological Sciences
The Internal Word Form in Russian Linguistics of the XX-XXI Centuries: A Review of the Term Formation and Use
Lysova Olga Yurievna
2870-2876 Philological Sciences
Functional and Semantic Features of the Textual Connector “In This Sense”
Petrochenko Tatyana Valentinovna
2877-2881 Philological Sciences
The Pragmatic Marker "Eto Samoe" in the Multimedia Corpus
Sun Xiaoli
2882-2888 Philological Sciences
Interference Phenomena in the Speech of the Crimean Tatar Youth
Koroglu Lenura Ablyamitovna
2889-2893 Philological Sciences
German Verbal-Nominal Combinations: An Attempt at a Typological Description
Boguslavskaya Irina Vilenovna
2894-2899 Philological Sciences
Gender-Neutral Language in the University Environment in Germany
Doynikova Marina Igorevna
2900-2904 Philological Sciences
Explication of the Elliptical Infinitive in the Function of Auxiliary Adverbial Modifiers by the Material of the English Economic Discourse
Dyakonova Stanislava Arkadyevna
2905-2913 Philological Sciences
Suggestive Impact of Stereotypes (by the Material of Modern English-Language Media That Create the Image of Russia)
Zyryanova Irina Nikolaevna, Kosyakov Vitaly Aleksandrovich
2914-2919 Philological Sciences
The Semantic Field of Deviation in the Cycle “The Call of Cthulhu” by H. Lovecraft
Ptashkin Alexander Sergeevich
2920-2926 Philological Sciences
Problems of Language Variability (Based on the French Language of Switzerland)
Pavlenko Nadezhda Borisovna
2927-2933 Philological Sciences
The Role of Term-Formation Elements of Latin Origin in the Formation of the French Terminological System of Electric Vehicle Construction
Sakharov Yury Alexandrovich
2934-2939 Philological Sciences
Recordings on Alhamiado in Toledo’s Quran (Ms. T 235, State Library of Castile-La Mancha)
Tikhonova Oxana Viktorovna
2940-2945 Philological Sciences
General Patterns of Linguocognitive Representation of the Conceptual Opposition of the HUMAN SHIELD Concept (by the Example of the US - THEM Dichotomy
Zdanovskaya Lidiya Borisovna
2946-2953 Philological Sciences
Metatext in Postmodern Artistic Discourse: Cognitive-Pragmatic Aspect
Kudryavtseva Mariya Igorevna
2954-2959 Philological Sciences
Proprietary Names in Tyumen Commerce and Business (Commersonyms) Formed with English Borrowed Components
Mekheda Marina Ivanovna, Moskaleva Svetlana Sergeevna
2960-2965 Philological Sciences
Metaphor as a Means of Describing the Heart Muscle Work in Scientific Medical Discourse
Russkaya Tatyana Nikolaevna, Tretiakova Evgenia Valeryevna
2966-2971 Philological Sciences
Value Concept LOYALTY/ПРЕДАННОСТЬ in the English and Russian Linguistic Cultures (by the Material of Modern Media Texts)
Abdulkadyrova Asiyat Bagautdinovna
2972-2978 Philological Sciences
Structural, Genre-Content and Linguistic Specificity of the Texts of the Central Banks of the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America
Biryukova Evgeniya Viktorovna, Mukhortova Irina Igorevna
2979-2983 Philological Sciences
“Motherland” by M. Yu. Lermontov Translated by E. de Saint-Albain: the Concept Factor in Genre Aberration
Pinkovskiy Vitaly Ivanovich
2984-2989 Philological Sciences
Non-Derivative Terms of Ecology as a Subject of Comparative Anthropocentric Analysis
Chernyshova Larisa Anatol'evna, Chernikova Elena Olegovna
2990-2996 Philological Sciences
Implementation of the Socio-Cultural Orientation Principle in Teaching Foreign-Language Pronunciation at the University
Mirzoeva Elena Yurevna
2997-3003 Pedagogical Sciences
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