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SOURCE:    Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2020. № 6.
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Modernity I (Early ХХ Century) - Artwork Directions
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
9-15 Study of Art
Demographic Processes under Severe Environmental Conditions. Norilsk in the 1950-1960s
Gonina Natal'ya Vladimirovna
16-20 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Seventh-Day Adventists of Western Siberia in the 1940-1960s
Konev Evgenii Viktorovich
20-25 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Participation of the Ukrainian Regional TV and Radio Companies in Realization of Goals and Tasks of the Komsomol Organization in the 1960-1980s (by the Example of Luhansk Region)
Manzhula Evgenii Valerievich
25-29 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Landing at Latoshinka - Tragic and Heroic Page of the Battle of Stalingrad
Opalev Maksim Nikolaevich
29-33 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Consumer Cooperation and Shareholders in the Period of Social Transformations in the Russian Countryside (1990-2010)
Romanchenko Valerii Yakovlevich, Nozhkina Irina Aleksandrovna, Shmygina Oksana Nikolaevna
33-38 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The NATO’s Balkan Policy in the 1990s through the Eyes of the American Researchers
Badretdinova Svetlana Anatol'evna
39-43 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Cultural Hybridity and Diaspora in the Context of the Chinese and American History (by the Example of the USA Chinatown Area)
Meshcheryakov Aleksandr Yur'evich, Antropov Oleg Konstantinovich
44-52 Historical Sciences and Archeology
In the Stream of Digital History: Multimedia Historical Parks "Russia - My History" in the Context of Digital Epoch
Andreicheva Marianna Yur'evna
53-59 Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Czechoslovak Legionary Historiography on the Role of the Czechoslovak Corps in the Battle for Kazan in 1918
Valiakhmetov Al'bert Nailevich
59-63 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Memphite Sacerdotal Decree: Translation
Panov Maxim Vyacheslavovich
63-69 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Role of the USA Public Diplomacy in Hungary’s Political Transformation in 1989-1990
Zagarskaya Yuliya Sergeevna
70-76 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Modern Public Diplomacy of the USA: Issues and Developmental Characteristics
Fedorova Izabella Vladimirovna
77-81 Historical Sciences and Archeology
Limits of Rationality Types Applicability in Legal Activity
Zykov Dmitrii Valer'evich
82-89 Philosophical Sciences
Ways of Overcoming Ontological Instability of the Concept of a Subject in Modern Philosophy
Khnykin Denis Antonovich, Krasnoperova Anna Sergeevna, Morozov Konstantin Evgen'evich
90-93 Philosophical Sciences
Philosophical Interpretation of Relevant Problems of Interethnic Interaction in Domestic Education
Chashchin Elisei Vladimirovich, Kamyshev Konstantin Dmitrievich
94-97 Philosophical Sciences
Problem of Anthropological Ideal in P. L. Lavrov’s Philosophy
Vyazinkin Aleksei Yur'evich
98-101 Philosophical Sciences
Interpretation of Marital and Family Problems by Representatives of Kazan School of Academic Theism in the Second Half of the XIX - at the Beginning of the XX Century as Subject of Historical and Philosophical Analysis
Kozhevnikova Oksana Nikolaevna
102-105 Philosophical Sciences
Comparative Analysis of Philosophy of History by N. A. Berdyaev and S. L. Frank
Khamidulin Artem Maratovich
105-108 Philosophical Sciences
Ethical Content of the Term "Care" (in the Context of the Comparative Analysis of Religious and Feminist Ethics)
Volodin Vladimir Vladimirovich
109-113 Philosophical Sciences
A. Schweitzer’s Reverence for Life as Principle of Modern Environmental Ethics
Gorbunov Svyatoslav Sergeevich
113-117 Philosophical Sciences
Medical Secrecy in Russia at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries: Origins of Ethical Analysis
Nemerov Evgenii Nikolaevich, Pyzhova Olesya Vladimirovna, Simonova Zhanna Gennad'evna
117-122 Philosophical Sciences
Corruption in Ancient Athens - "Betrayal" of Democratic Values or Social Norm?
Vezlomtsev Viktor Evgen'evich
123-128 Philosophical Sciences
Russian Everyday Life as Form of Society’s Mobilisation State: the Past and the Present
Tsigvintseva Galina Leont'evna
128-132 Philosophical Sciences
Simulation Identity of Media Subject
Andreeva Ol'ga Vladimirovna
133-137 Philosophical Sciences
Peeping Is Essential Need in Life of Man and Society
Yushkova Nataliya Anatol'evna
138-141 Philosophical Sciences
Influence of Molokan Ideology and Discourse on Formation of the Russian Protestantism in the XIX Century
Matushanskaya Yuliya Grigor'evna, Samatova Valeriya Anatol'evna, Tulyanskaya Yuliya Tikhonovna
142-145 Philosophical Sciences
Missionary Work as Conditioning Factor of Religious Cult in Orthodox Worldview
Nazaryan Artem Levaevich
146-151 Philosophical Sciences
Interpretations of Sophia the Wisdom of God’s Image in the Russian Religious Philosophy
Nazaryan Debora Artemovna
151-156 Philosophical Sciences
"Book of Lamentations" by Gregory of Narek: Anthropological Aspects
Nazaryan Esfir' Artemovna
157-161 Philosophical Sciences
Study of Problematic Discourses of the Pre-Abrahamic Ossetian Faith (by the Material of Internet Sources)
Pepelyaeva Sof'ya Valer'evna
161-165 Philosophical Sciences
Robert Sturua’s Stage Production of "King Lear": Structure and Content
Mal'tseva Ol'ga Nikolaevna
166-171 Study of Art
Specificity of Interpreting F. Chopin’s Music (by the Example of Etude Op. 10 № 5)
Baibikova Galina Valentinovna, Kuznetsova Alina Vladimirovna, Sokolova Irina Viktorovna
172-176 Study of Art
The English Consort Culture: History and Stages of Studying
Smirnova Tat'yana Vyacheslavovna
177-182 Study of Art
The European Compositional Techniques and the Chinese Colour in the Piano Suite "Duo Ye" by Chen Yi
Xu Qingling
182-187 Study of Art
Sayn?te "La Revoltosa" ("The Troublemaker") by Ruperto Chap? as Realization of Synthesis of Arts Principle in the Spanish Musical Theatre
Khamenok Vera Ivanovna
187-192 Study of Art
Religious Subject-Matter of Artworks from the Collection of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich as Representation of His Personality
Reutova Elena Mikhailovna
193-200 Study of Art
Decor Peculiarities in Iran’s Muslim Architecture
Daroudi Aysan
201-208 Study of Art
Scientists’ Images in Gerrit Dou’s Creative Work
Liu Sijia
209-213 Study of Art
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