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SOURCE:   Manuscript. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 7.
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"Golden Age" of the Russian Artistic Culture
Demchenko Aleksandr Ivanovich
1279-1287Historical Sciences and Archeology
Ardashev R. G. Irrationality of the Russians Public Consciousness. Moscow: RSSU Publ., 2021. 184 p.: Opinion Paper
Togusakov Osmon Asankulovich
1288-1289Historical Sciences and Archeology
"The Czechoslovak Detachment Will Continue to Fulfill Its Task of Liberating Our Echelons...": To the History of Battles for Nikolsk-Ussuriysky (Early July 1918)
Aleksandrov Petr Germanovich
1290-1296Historical Sciences and Archeology
Economic Life of Sevastopol during the Second Defence (1941-1942)
Baranov Alexey Gennadievich, Garmashova Elena Petrovna, Dmitrieva Viktoria Viktorovna, Mitus Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
1297-1304Historical Sciences and Archeology
Reflection of the Merchants Social Status Dynamics in Confessional Registers of Kolomna in the XVIII Century
Kirichenko Vadim Yurevich
1305-1314Historical Sciences and Archeology
Trade Unions and Social Protection Function Realization in the Period of New Economic Policy (by the Material of Don, Kuban and Stavropol Regions)
Kravchenko Galina Valentinovna
1315-1320Historical Sciences and Archeology
Transfluvial Districts of Yakutia during the Great Patriotic War: Socio-Economic Aspect
Makarova Agrafena Innokentyevna, Leontieva Elena Afanasyevna
1321-1325Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Russian Methodist Community in Manchukuo (1932-1945)
Rodionova Kseniia Igorevna
1326-1330Historical Sciences and Archeology
Historical and Architectural Features of the Ozono-Chepetsky Orphanage in Vyatka Province in the Early XX Century
Ryzhkova Natalia Viktorovna
1331-1335Historical Sciences and Archeology
Traditional Economy of Yakutias Anabar through Perspective of Time: From Characteristics of Economic Situation in the Early and Late XX Century
Sannikova Yana Mikhailovna
1336-1341Historical Sciences and Archeology
Scientific Community of the Soviet Historians during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
Smirnitskiy Aleksandr Evgenievich, Volkova Anastasia
1342-1346Historical Sciences and Archeology
Pacific Fleet Special-Purpose Underwater Rescue Party (EPRON): Shch-Class Submarine Rescue Operations as Contribution to Strengthening Defence Potential of the Soviet Far East in the 1930s
Usov Aleksej Vjacheslavovich
1347-1353Historical Sciences and Archeology
1917 Revolutionary Events in the Russian Literature Representatives Perception (by the Example of the Voronezh Writer E. M. Militsynas Creative Work)
Chikina Irina Ivanovna
1354-1359Historical Sciences and Archeology
The Italian Campaign of 1703. Struggle for Control over the Po River Basin
Kutishchev Alexander Vasilyevich
1360-1366Historical Sciences and Archeology
Processual Reconstruction of Assault on Oktyabrsky State Farm by the Soviet Troops on July 12, 1943 Using Mathematical Models of Lanchester Type
Aynbinder Roman Mikhailovich, Pavlov Kirill Vitalyevich
1367-1373Historical Sciences and Archeology
Genesis of the USA Foreign Policy: The American Historiography of the 1820-1850s
Dorofeiev Denys Vladimirovich
1374-1380Historical Sciences and Archeology
Turkeys "Soft Power" in Central Asia in the Late XX - Early XXI Century: Integrative Potential
Beloglazov Albert Vladislavovich, Nadyrov Rustem Nilevich
1381-1385Historical Sciences and Archeology
Role of Idiomatic Tourism in Spain in Implementation of the States Foreign Policy Strategy
Khimich Galina Aleksandrovna, Kurylev Konstantin Petrovich, Filimonova Ksenia Nikolaevna
1386-1392Historical Sciences and Archeology
Epistemological Foundations of Kantianism Pedagogical Model
Gushchin Yan Denisovich, Maslov Roman Vladimirovich, Friauf Vasiliy Alexandrovich
1393-1397Philosophical Sciences
Ontological Nature of P. A. Florenskys Theory of Cognition
Buzhor Evgeniya Sergeyevna, Buzhor Vadim Ivanovich, Naumov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
1398-1403Philosophical Sciences
Motherhood Philosophy: From Marxist to Consumer Society Values
Fakhrudinova Elmira Restemovna, Suvorov Valery Vladimirovich
1404-1408Philosophical Sciences
Ethnic Identity of the Indigenous Peoples of the North in Modern Conditions: Theoretical Foundations and Preserving Issue
Butenko Nadezhda Alekseevna
1409-1414Philosophical Sciences
Self-Image Formation in Narrative about Oneself
Knyazkina Evgeniya Aleksandrovna
1415-1419Philosophical Sciences
Reality and Religion from the Perspective of P. Bergers and T. Luckmanns Social Constructivism
Lisovskaya Alisa Vyacheslavovna
1420-1425Philosophical Sciences
Reappropriation. Postanarchism as Politics of Anti-Politics
Polyakov Dmitry Borisovich
1426-1430Philosophical Sciences
Human Dignity Notion: Origins, Meaning and Modern Interpretation
Sycheva Tatiana Mikhailovna
1431-1436Philosophical Sciences
Communicative Space of City: Challenges and Responses of Modernity
Tuliganova Irina Valeryevna
1437-1441Philosophical Sciences
Love as Embodiment of Gambling (by the Material of F. M. Dostoevskys Novel "The Gambler")
Zhuneva Ekaterina Sergeevna
1442-1447Philosophical Sciences
World in the Flow of Increasing Complexity: From Conflict Paradigm to Synergy Paradigm
Opolev Pavel Valeryevich
1448-1453Philosophical Sciences
Internal Barbarism as Factor of Civilisation Decline
Sulimov Stanislav Igorevich
1454-1460Philosophical Sciences
Theoretical Vectors of State Cognition: From Disciplinary to Interdisciplinary-Integrative One
Taranova Aleksandra Evgenievna
1461-1467Philosophical Sciences
Interreligious Dialogue in Cultural Environment of the Arabic-Speaking Countries of the Middle East in the VII-XIII Centuries
Arefev Dmitry Andreevich, Perova Ekaterina Yurievna
1468-1472Philosophical Sciences
Formation of the Venetian Folk Barcarole: Genre Origins and Typology
Nosoreva Elena Valentinovna
1473-1478Study of Art
Incorporation of Wedding Ceremony Tradition in N. A. Rimsky-Korsakovs Operatic Creative Work
Sorokina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna
1479-1483Study of Art
Current State and Prospects of Higher Education in Band Ensemble Class in China
Zhang Mingyi
1484-1488Study of Art
Verbal Text as Compositional Material in Georges Aperghiss Works
Yakovleva Tatiana Olegovna
1489-1494Study of Art
History of Relations between Russia Altai and Mongolia in the XX Century in the Field of Visual Arts: Chronology of Events
Peshkov Evgenii Yurievich
1495-1501Study of Art
Systemic and Structural Analysis of Works of Public and Land Art
Podolskaya Ksenya Sergeevna
1502-1506Study of Art
A. V. Khvastunovas Graphical Works: Art Nouveau as Means to Aesthetize Everyday Reality in the XXI Century
Popov Alexei Valentinovich
1507-1511Study of Art
Specificity of Studying the Traditional Chinese Ornament: From the Ming Epoch till the "Age of Reforms and Openness"
Chzhao Chen
1512-1516Study of Art
Furniture Complexes of Lecture Halls in Educational Institutions of St. Petersburg at the Turn of the XIX-XX Centuries
Budnikova Valeriya Vladimirovna
1517-1524Study of Art
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