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SOURCE:    Philology. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. № 6.
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The Phenomenon of Rumours as a Study Subject in Modern Russian Linguistics: A Systematic Review
Khakimova Gulnara
1705-1712 Philological Sciences
Functioning of the Lexeme ‘Зима’ ("Winter") in the Context of Aesthetic Resources of Language Units
Wang Xiaoxu
1713-1717 Philological Sciences
Features of Functioning of Stylistic Figures and Syntactic Forms in Vera Polozkova’s Poetry
Diupina Iuliia Vladimirovna, Yakovleva Anna Sergeevna, Stebunova Evgeniya Igorevna
1718-1724 Philological Sciences
Simile of Olfactory Mode of Perception in Modern Fiction and Perfume Internet Discourse
Ivanyan Elena Pavlovna, Ivanova Polina Sergeevna
1725-1731 Philological Sciences
Functioning of Lexeme "Духовность" ("Spirituality") in the Russian Language
Kalugina Irina Vladimirovna
1732-1736 Philological Sciences
Emotive Potential of Lexical Units in Conflictogenic Media Texts (by the Material of Television Talk Shows)
Kiseleva Larisa Ayratovna, Ibragimova Elvina Radikovna
1737-1742 Philological Sciences
Secondary Ideologization of the Soviet Nominations
Mamonova Iuliya Olegovna
1743-1749 Philological Sciences
Discourse Transcription of Oral Dialogic Speech
Mikhaleva Olga Leonidovna, Chekmez Ulyana Eduardovna
1750-1757 Philological Sciences
Typological Classification of Eastern Borrowings in the Modern Russian Language
Mukhina Natalya Nikolaevna
1758-1762 Philological Sciences
Interjections as Relevant Component of Emotive Vocabulary of the Adyghe Languages
Afaunova Angela Anatolievna
1763-1767 Philological Sciences
Names of Historical Figures in Written Sources of the Tatar Language (by the Material of the XVII-XVIII Centuries)
Valieva Mileusha Zakievna
1768-1771 Philological Sciences
Specificity of Prototypical and Non-Prototypical Causative Constructions in the Buryat Language
Dadueva Elena Aleksandrovna, Kharanutova Darima Shagdurovna
1772-1777 Philological Sciences
Toponymic Appellatives in the Tuvan Chastushka
Koshkendey Igor Mikhailovich
1778-1783 Philological Sciences
E. M. Shilling and the Kubachi Language (Foreign Inclusions in Ethnographic Works on Dagestan)
Magomedov Amirbek Dzhalilovich, Gadzhalova Fatima Amirbekovna
1784-1789 Philological Sciences
Durative and Iterative Verbs in the Khwarshi Language: Representation in the "Khwarshi-Russian Dictionary"
Khalilov Madzhid Sharipovich
1790-1793 Philological Sciences
Sacred Vocabulary in the Tatar Language as Language and Cultural Code
Yusupov Ayrat Faikovich, Mukhametova Ilkhamiya Ilyazovna
1794-1798 Philological Sciences
Role of Text Dominants in Translation of the IMF’s Analytical Reports (by the Material of the Russian and English Languages)
Alexandrova Galina Nikolayevna, Cherkunova Marina Vladimirovna, Starostina Julia Sergeevna
1799-1804 Philological Sciences
Gender-Specific Features of Translating English Literary Texts into Russian
Aleksandrova Elena Sergeevna, Sytina Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
1805-1812 Philological Sciences
Interpreting Phenomenon of Politeness in British Linguist Geoffrey Leech’s Works
Batalov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
1813-1817 Philological Sciences
Verbal Markers of Utterances Containing Threat in the English-Language Internet Discourse (by the Example of the Social Network Twitter)
Belova Lyudmila Valerievna
1818-1822 Philological Sciences
Metaphor in Headline of Online English-Language Media Text
Varzapova Viktoriya Yuryevna, Khrusheva Tatyana Valeryevna
1823-1828 Philological Sciences
Tendencies of Venture Capital Terminology Development in the English Language
Ivina Liudmila Valerievna, Perlova Olga Vladimirovna, Chelikova Alexandra Vladislavovna
1829-1833 Philological Sciences
Evaluative Semantics of Compound Nominations of Person in the German Language (by the Example of the Neologism ‘der Russlandversteher’ "Russia-Friendly Person")
Melgunova Anna Vladislavovna
1834-1839 Philological Sciences
Dynamics of Terminology in the Field of Information Networks: "Grid"
Mironova Galina Vladimirovna, Mironov Alexandr Leonidovich
1840-1845 Philological Sciences
Speech Strategies of Contemporary English-Language Political Discourse
Sukhomlina Tatyana Alexandrovna
1846-1850 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Field ANGER in the English Language
Khazieva Marina Faritovna, Abdyusheva Svetlana Azamatovna
1851-1854 Philological Sciences
Lexical Meaning of Anthroponyms in the English Language
Yuyukina Lyudmila Viktorovna, Mamysheva Elena Petrovna
1855-1860 Philological Sciences
Language and Cultural Identity of Phraseological Units with Proper Names in the Italian Publicistic Discourse
Shapovalova Elena Olegovna
1861-1865 Philological Sciences
Fictive Interaction Phenomenon in Social Advertising Discourse
Alekseenko Natalia Vadimovna
1866-1871 Philological Sciences
Pre-Translation Analysis of Audio Described Performance (by the Example of Works by Marina Abramovic)
Belozertseva Natalia Vasilyevna, Bubnova Alla Ivanovna
1872-1877 Philological Sciences
Feminisation of Profession Names (by the Example of the French Language)
Bogdanova Elena Alexandrovna
1878-1882 Philological Sciences
Composition Features of the American Speech for the Defence in the Late XIX Century (by the Material of the Defence Case at Susan B. Anthony’s Trial)
Korobova Ekaterina Andreevna
1883-1888 Philological Sciences
Ways of Organising Pedagogical Discourse
Kostushkina Galina Maksimovna, Rybalko Svetlana Alexandrovna
1889-1894 Philological Sciences
Lexical and Grammatical Features of the Japanese Dialectisms in Fairy Tale Texts (by the Material of the Yamagata Prefecture Dialect)
Rufova Elena Stepanovna, Ignatieva Yuma Leonidovna
1895-1899 Philological Sciences
Ethnocultural and Linguistic Stereotypes: Features of Interaction
Kholomeenko Olga Mikhailovna, Kolycheva Alina Sergeevna
1900-1905 Philological Sciences
Certain Features of Synonymy in the English-language Terminology of Ecology
Buzinova Lyudmila Mikhailovna, Chernikova Elena Olegovna
1906-1910 Philological Sciences
Problem of Lexical Innovations Qualification in Related Languages (by the Example of the Russian and Bulgarian Economic Terminology)
Kiseleva Larisa Ayratovna, Pleshanova Mariya Alexeevna, Todosienko Zarrina Vladislavovna
1911-1915 Philological Sciences
Types of Phraseological Unit Transformations in the English and Russian Languages (According to A. V. Kunin’s Classification)
Mirgalimova Liliia Marselevna
1916-1920 Philological Sciences
Interactive Alignment and Inferencing in Interpreting
Rykova Pelageya Andreevna
1921-1926 Philological Sciences
Evolution of Noun Declension Category in the Russian and Armenian Languages
Chilingaryan Kamo Pavelovich
1927-1933 Philological Sciences
Lexico-Semantic Features of Toponymic Nomination in the Russian and Chinese Languages (Comparative Analysis)
Shi Jialu
1934-1937 Philological Sciences
Gamification in Educational Discourse in the Aspect of Foreign Language Teaching
Novikova Larisa Valeryevna, Tsys Anton Valeryevich
1938-1943 Pedagogical Sciences
Mastering Abstracting Means in Russian as a Foreign Language Classes (Scientific Style of Speech): By the Example of Teaching How to Write an Abstract
Sitsyna-Kudryavtseva Alevtina Nikolaevna
1944-1949 Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology of Using Grammar Exercises When Teaching the Russian Grammar to Foreign Students
Farkhetdinova Gulnaz Dautovna, Gataullina Luiza Kiramovna
1950-1954 Pedagogical Sciences
Scholarly Peer Review of the Academic Edition: Kulpina V. G. Linguistic Colourology: From History to Modernity of Colour Conceptual Spheres / ed. by V. A. Tatarinov. Moscow: MAKS Press, 2019. 288 p.
Izotov Andrey Ivanovich
1955-1956 Philological Sciences
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