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SOURCE:   Pedagogy. Theory & Practice. Tambov: Gramota, 2021. 1.
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Organising Experiential Activity in Preschool Classes: Theoretical Review
Gimaletdinova Gulnara Kamilevna, Sozinova Anastasia Andreevna
1-8Pedagogical Sciences
Origination and Development of Ideas about "Educational Environment" as Fundamental Unit of Education System: Theoretical Review
Lodde Olga Aleksandrovna
9-16Pedagogical Sciences
Meanings of Screen Culture as Pedagogical Phenomenon
Korshunova Olga Vitalievna, Korsenyuk Alexander Igorevich
17-27Pedagogical Sciences
Story-Making for School: Essence, Notion, Educational Potential
Mokshina Yuliya Lvovna
28-35Pedagogical Sciences
Methodology to Solve Definitional Tasks of Pedagogical Research
Churkina Natalya Ivanovna
36-40Pedagogical Sciences
Organising Military Students Scientific and Research Activity within the Framework of Studying Russian as a Foreign Language
Antipova Irina Alexandrovna, Sidorova Olga Yurievna
41-47Pedagogical Sciences
Linguo-Didactic Potential of Geo-Poetical Texts in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (2-1 Levels)
Vasilieva Taiana Vladimirovna, Puchkova Yelena Victorovna
48-54Pedagogical Sciences
Forming Students Linguo-Pragmatic Competence in Foreign Language Classes
Davydova Yulia Grigorjevna
55-61Pedagogical Sciences
Experience of Realizing the State Program of the Russian Federation "Development of Education" (by the Example of Teaching the Buryat Language in Pre-School Educational Institutions of the Republic of Buryatia)
Dareeva Oksana Alexandrovna
62-67Pedagogical Sciences
Teaching Language for Specific Purposes to the Chinese Student Musicians: Experience of Using the Textbook "Lets Talk about Music in Russian"
Zabuga Antonina Aleksandrovna
68-73Pedagogical Sciences
Evaluating Senior Teenagers Aesthetic Taste in Classes on History of Costume within Additional Education System
Krapivina Irina Aleksandrovna, Jasinski Lyudmila Vladimirovna
74-81Pedagogical Sciences
Special Linguo-Cultural Studies Course for the Japanese Students: Transformations under Conditions of Distant Learning
Krapivnik Liudmila Fedorovna
82-89Pedagogical Sciences
Developing Teenagers Interest in Domestic History at Secondary School Music Lessons
Ostrovskaya Galina Ivanovna
90-95Pedagogical Sciences
Model to Form Schoolchildrens Professional Self-Determination within Educational Environment "Secondary School - Military Higher School"
Pasynkova Marina
96-103Pedagogical Sciences
Dynamics of Academic Motivation and Professional Choice Motivation among Students of Linguo-Didactic Training Programmes
Atlanova Lidiia Alexandrovna, Korenev Alexey Alexandrovich
104-110Pedagogical Sciences
Reflection as Component of Professional Pedagogical Culture
Bateneva Elena Vladislavovna
111-115Pedagogical Sciences
Components of Future Teachers Readiness to Provide Pedagogical Care
Volodin Vladimir Vladimirovich, Lukina Elena Yurievna
116-122Pedagogical Sciences
Modelling Practical Training of Pedagogical Students against Backdrop of School-University Partnership
Zemlyanskaya Elena Nikolaevna, Bezborodova Maria Aleksandrovna
123-128Pedagogical Sciences
Communicative Component of Future Teachers Readiness for Organizing Online Communication
Kostikova Natalia Anatolyevna
129-134Pedagogical Sciences
Organization of Educational Practice of Students of "Land Management and Cadastres" Training Area
Fedotova Vera Sergeevna
135-146Pedagogical Sciences
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